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Shake Ya Tail feather..... Today in the News 5/23/2014:

Shake Ya Tail feather..... Today in the News 5/23/2014:

Opening Statement:
As graduation season starts to heat up I am reminded of a couple of things. One thing was a year ago my niece graduated from Sheldon High School, continued her education at Oregon State and has almost completed year 1. Just a few weeks ago she and 2 other girls signed paperwork to rent a home next year. It seems like just yesterday she was playing with toys on floor like my brother and I did. They grow up so fast. I couldn't be more proud of her.

The other thing I am remembering is teens will like to have fun and that is okay. JUST DON'T drink and drive. 1. You;ere not old enough to drink so don't. Lets not lose anyone and lets make sure all them get to experience what my niece has this year at college.

What is taking place Today in the News....

Special Announcements:
Please Like Mark at the Movies on Facebook #QuestFor3000  mattm logo 1

Throwdown Challenge May 25th - Biscuits and Gravy

Grub Run is BACK Enter for a chance to win lunch for your office from Panda Express. Enter now - May27, 2014 at 10am PST on  grub

Queen of Dating Event June 10th  summar luau

El Camino Fundamental High School’s ALL CLASS Reunion – 2014. Please join us for a casual, (BYOB/BYOF) picnic style reunion this year at Ancil Hoffman Park on June 28th, 2014 from 12-6pm. $5 Cover

News You Can Use... Today's Top Headlines:
Fatal Accident in Natomas overnight

Big Rig vs. Ped in Woodland turns deadly

American River Alcohol Ban this weekend - Monday

41st Annual Sacramento Music Festival & Jubilee!
The Sacramento Music Festival kicks off today! We’re live as crews prep for the big event.
$99 (4-day event badge when purchased in advance)
$110 (4-day event badge once the event begins)
Free shuttle service

Viewers Voice: It's Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial kick-off to summer. Our Viewers Voice question: How will you be spending your long holiday weekend?

NASA Scientist joins to talk about Meteor shower tonight.  nasa fox

Sacramento Music Festival Preview

Bethany: Red Bull Ride Day in Rancho Cordova. These rider take this course to prepare for Hangtown.
11-3pm Today
13300 White Rock Road
Rancho Cordova, CA

Elk Grove Car giveaway  car giveaway fox

Porter Brooks was in the Fox40 Kitchen talking Parties and Celebrations Cookbook
$10 Discount for Fox40 Viewers

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Fox40 TV
Photos: Fox40

Good Day Sacramento:
Show&Tell: Marianne: What people google the most by state. California - Meat is murder. Cody: Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own AutoBio.

#Questionoftheday: What are you most proud of at graduation.

5am Club Member: Francesca Rodriguez

Marianne's Daily List: 3 Breakfast Mistakes You Might Be Making
A healthy breakfast can set the tone for nutritious choices all day long. And on the flip side, a breakfast mistake can make you pay all day long! On the Daily List this morning, a couple of breakfast mistakes you might be making! Low or no fiber cereal. Cup of Non-fat yogurt. Glass of juice.

Show us your: Graduate  grad 1

Mark: News of the Weird: Pope Francis will not Facebook. Tyler TX Boy takes truck for joyride. London Zoo gets a Sloth.

Fun at the Airport with Tina and Dave.

Mel: Tips for Wearing White Jeans from Macy's

Your Daily Joe: State by State Google Map Search. Marriage proposal that's been planned for 4 years. Cody the Parrot plays Peek a boo

Mark/Cody/Marianne: Meteor Shower Preview
Skywatchers all across North America are in for a real treat in the early morning hours Saturday (11pm-1am) Dr. Michelle Thaller from NASA had all the details.

Courtney: Soul Line Dance Class
Stribley Community Center
1760 E. Sonora St.
Stockton, CA
Thursdays 5:30pm-7:00pm
SAAR Productions Soul Line Dance  soul line 2 soul line soul line 1 soul line 3

Mel: Spanx for Eyes
Doctors are calling it “Spanx for the Eyes” A brand new product has hit the market that claims to look years younger without surgery AND YOU CAN DO IT AT HOME! Melissa was live at the Center for Dermatology and Surgery in Sacramento with a before and after you wouldn't believe!
Center for Dermatology and Surgery
5601 J St
Sacramento, CA
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8am- 5pm

Marianne: Comedy Warriors
As any comedian will tell you, the most poignant comedy comes from pain. And no one knows this better than a service member with a life-changing injury. The documentary features five severely wounded service members; four men and one woman – with injuries ranging from burns to amputations. They told their stories from the moment they decided to enlist, to their experiences in combat, their struggles in coming home to heal, and the role that humor plays in their rehabilitation.
Tommy T’s
12401 Folsom Blvd.
Rancho Cordova, CA

Mark: Elk Grove School Districts Students Win a new car or $20,000 for a new car.

Marianne: Rub with Love with Tom Douglas teaching how to make a perfect BBQ with his rubs.

Mark: Franklin High School, Elk Grove School District Teen Won a NEW CAR!!!!

Marianne/Cody: Talked with Jon Favreau about Chef opening today in theaters.

Teens Tunes: 70's

Marianne: Chef Battles between Tom Douglas, Chef Randall, and Chef Patrick

#9amtopic: I'd be better off without___

Marianne/Cody: Cupid Up for Adoption
She was found roaming the streets of Stockton with an arrow in her head, now the adorable kitty that was given the name “Cupid” by the Stockton Animal Shelter is up for adoption!! “Cupid” was brought into the shelter last week and after a surgery to remove the arrow, she’s made a full recovery! Today we met this brave cat and show you how to make her a part of your family.
Stockton Animal Shelter
Closed Sundays
1575 South Lincoln Street
Stockton, CA

Lori: Dorothy and Estelle talked about Tour de Cluck Bicycle Coop Crawl
Saturday, May 24, 2014 9:00am to 5:00pm

Tina: Talks with Legendary Radio Host Kat Maudru about Me-One Camp Challenge 2014
Me One Foundation Camp for families dealing with cancer is at the end of June and there’s still room for campers to sign up. The Me-One Foundation is singular in its focus. We are all about the perfect place for adult cancer patients to disconnect from their diagnosis and recharge their relationships. AT NO COST.
June 27, 28 & 29
Mission Springs Conference Center
9167842267 (CAMP)

Lori: More from Tour De Cluck.

Psychic Nancy Bradley
Our favorite psychic Nancy Bradley is back answers viewer questions.

Nancy Bradley is back for more Q&A

Mel: Free Cancer Garden
A Roseville man Ed is offering free vegetables to the cancer community. He started growing organic vegetables in his backyard to help his wife Christina battling stage 4 bladder cancer eat better.

Courtney: Dog Safety in Folsom. Jason the Dog Guy with Rosie the Dog learn about Dog Bite Prevention.
Folsom Dog Resort
525 Levy Road
Folsom, CA

Mark: Talks to Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore about Blended. Also talked to Kevin Nealon and Wendi McLendon-Covey

Kids from Markofer Elementary School, Elk Grove Tour the studio.

Final #Questionoftheday: Best Place to eat breakfast.

Dance Party Song/Artist: Come Get it Bae Pharrell Williams

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

Quick Thought:
Fox40 Music Fest Red Bull Ride, New Car,

Good Day Tour De Cluck, Cancer Garden, Cancer Camp, Cupid, New Car, Chef Smack, Soul/Dance Party

The Fox40 crew also covered the new car giveaway in Elk Grove plus the 41st Music Fest. Plus Porter Brooks was in the Fox40 Kitchen talking Parties and Celebrations Cookbook

Good Day Sacramento:
Ken is off today so Mark and Cody took the desk while Marianne is at News Island. With that said Marianne led off Show and Tell with a Google Search map by state. California Google's Meat is Murder most - Weird. Speaking of Weird a sloth was born at the London Zoo in Mark's News of the Weird. The 5am Club member was introduced. Marianne's Daily List talked about breakfast mistakes. Today's question was What are you most proud of when you graduated. Today's show us yours was Graduate.

In this hour Melissa was at Macy's Downtown for tips on how to wear white. Don't for get about VPL (Visual Panty Line) Courtney talked with SAAR in Stockton about Soul Line Dancing with the girl leading the class (Tonya) who looked like LaToya Jackson. Marianne, Cody, Mark talked with Michelle Thaller from NASA about the Meteor shower tonight. Marianne had her Daily Joe talking about the Google Search map once again from Show and Tell Arizona likes conjugal visits. Dave and Tina hung out at the Airport for Airport Theater. This is so funny to watch.

In this hour Melissa was checking out a new eye treatment that you can do at home. Mark was in Elk Grove for one lucky teen getting ready to win a new car or $20,000 for a new car. Marianne was out back with Tom Douglas checking out his BBQ rubs. Rub With Love will make your BBQ better. Marianne was also with 2 Vets who tell their story through comedy and performing at Tommy T's Tonight.

To start the hour off a Franklin High School teen in the Elk Grove School District won a new car or $20,000 toward a new car. Also in the hour Lori was in Davis as they get ready for Tour De Cluck. Marianne was back outside with Chef Tom Douglas and brought two local chefs with her and then it was chef smack talk. Teens Tunes was played. Keeping with the Chef Director of Chef the movie Jon Favreau joined Marianne and Cody to talk about the movie. Tina was with legendary Radio host Kat Maudru talking about their FREE cancer camp. Cody and Marianne talked with Stockton SPCA about Cupid the Cat who is doing much better and needs a new home since being shot with an Arrow. The #9amtopic was introduced. With the Pope refusing Facebook what would you be better off without.

In the final hour of the show before we head into the weekend Mark and Laura took us through the hour and today's #9amtopic. Lori continued from Tour De. Cluck in Davis, Melissa was in Roseville as one man is giving back to Cancer patients with free vegetables from his garden and to also raise awareness for his wife who has Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Mark talked with stars from the film Blended including Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore and Kevin Nealon. Kids from Markofer Elementary School came in for a tour. Today final question of the day was Best place to go to breakfast. Dance Party closes the show.

Final Thoughts:
Hangtown Motocross is next weekend and today on Fox40 Bethany was out in Rancho Cordova for the Red Bull Ride taking place today. Many of these riders will be taking part in the heart pumping edge of your seat racing next week as well.

Today on Good Day Sacramento it was about giving back as well as starting the weekend off right with some great music at the Sacramento Music Festival and Jubilee. This is the 41st year for this event that brings thousands from miles around to hear great music including the traditional jazz.

Today the GREAT Kat Maudru was in studio to talk about the Me One Organization and its FREE cancer camp for folks battling and beating the odds to just get away from it for a few days at the end of June.

Staying with the giving back to cancer a local couple from Roseville are also giving back to those with cancer. They are giving free locally grown vegetables away. For more on this story tune into the CBS13 news at 5pm on Saturday with Maria Medina as Melissa will talk about it.

Looking for something fun to do Saturday? How about a bike crawl in Davis looking at chicken coops. Tour De Cluck takes you around town looking at all things chicken. No word if Egg Boy from the driving challenge will make an appearance saying nothing but cluck cluck.

Chef Tom Douglas was in town as he will be doing a demo on his rubs at Nugget Market in El Dorado Hills today from but before that Tom showed how to Rub with Love and that's just the fish with his own brand of BBQ rubs. Later he was teamed with 2 local chefs and that was when the Chef Smack Talk began. I pretty sure like Seattle where Tom is from he won that like the Seahawks won the Super Bowl.

In Stockton Cupid the cat is ready for a new home. This little guy was shot in the head with an Arrow and had to be nursed back to health and is now ready to go home. If you are interested see the info above and let Good Day Sacramento know if you are the new home to Cupid the cat.

Tradition continues each school year. 10 students in Elk Grove School District with perfect attendance are picked to try and win a car. One lucky teen from Franklin High had the lucky car. She can keep the car or get $20,000 toward a different car of her choice.

Mark talked Blended the movie starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. For a full review on this movie as well as Godzilla, X-Men and more check out Mark at the Movies on CW31 Saturday at 430am Sunday at 11pm and 8am PST Saturday on Reelzchannel.

This morning Courtney talked with Tonya from Saar Studios in Stockton who teaches Soul Line Dancing for beginners to experienced. Cody, Mark, Tina, and Courtney all joined in on the fun getting Dance Party Friday started early.

Now that we have danced into the weekend we can get ready for Flashback Good Day Sacramento with Amy off this weekend Cody will be joined by former co-host Melissa and Lori all weekend. So tune in at 7am each day for the BEST show on the weekend.

This weekend will include
Dishin with Tina
Ask Eleanor
Jenn Brian aka Queen of Dating
And that is just on Sunday plus so much more all weekend long.

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Melissa (Amy Off)

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Lori (Amy Off)
Ask Eleanor
Dishin With Tina at...
Jenn Brian. will be appearing in the 9AM hour discussing upcoming The Queen of Dating events and all things dating related so tune in and/or set your DVR NOW!!!
Nina's Day

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