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#Comet #PumpkinFest #WalkOfStars #Museum #Reptile and More Today in the the News

#Comet #PumpkinFest #WalkOfStars #Museum #Reptile and More Today in the the News  9/28/2017

Today's Recap
Julissa App Of The Week was the UnGlue that allows you to End screen time battles and start better habits.  Julissa was checking out The Tranquilo Mat which is a portable vibrating mat that soothes baby in the crib, stroller, or on the go.

Alisa was with Ruthie Bolton and Nicholas Sparks at the unveiling of this year’s Sacramento Walk of Stars honorees.

Tina and Ken were getting a preview of this weekend's Sacramento Reptile Show at the Sacramento Convention Center.   Tina was getting a preview of the Lincoln Creek Fest that will feature Chando's Tacos.

Bethany was at Sacramento’s first The Dry Bar blowout lounge.  

Kristine Hanson shared her memories of meeting Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner and her time at the Mansion as we celebrate the 91 years of his life.  

Ken Julissa and Tina talked with actors Jeremy Piven and Richard T. Jones from the new CBS drama “Wisdom of the Crowd…

#MakeADeal #MexicoRelief #CrimnalMinds #SkyDiver #RedRover and More Today in the News

#MakeADeal #MexicoRelief #CrimnalMinds #SkyDiver #RedRover and More Today in the News 9/27/2017

Today's Recap:
Cambi was with Simon at Davis Fencing Academy where they will be having a Fundraiser this Saturday after a member of Team USA Pentathlon was at a study abroad program in Mexico when the earthquake hit Sept 20. Cambi was with Todd checking out his Cool Car Collection

Julissa had Hollywood Headlines.

Alisa was at Sactown Union Brewery with Red Rover who are celebrating 30 years. 

Bethany was at Flower Farm Inn who uses items from their garden to feed their guests.

Tina talked with author Hoang Chi Truong to learn more about her amazing story. Tina was Dishin with Tina at Serpentine Fox 2645 El Camino Ave. Sacramento, CA

Michael was at the Farmers Market at Cesar Chavez Park

Ken and Tina talked with Criminal Minds actors Daniel Henney and Kirsten Vangsness before tonight's Season 13 Premiere. Ken was with Sacramento resident Scott Robinson who won the gold medal in the advanced-…

#Oktoberfest #Pizza #SealTeam #PawnShop #Reading #Veggie and More Today in the News

#Oktoberfest #Pizza #SealTeam #PawnShop #Reading #Veggie and More Today in the News 9/26/2017

Today's Recap:
Cambi was at The Dollar Thrift a family owned Thrift Shop. Cambi was at Pizzarev Taproom who is opening its doors and its beer taps in Sacramento. Cambi was getting a preview of Next week's is California’s Bicycle summit that will highlight ways to keep cyclists safe.

Courtney was with Warren The Pawn Shop Insider at California Loan & Jewelry who is hosting Antique Roadshow for a few days.

Tina was at the Monk’s Cellar who will be celebrating Oktoberfest on September 29th and 30th this year.

Bethany was with Taka from Ju Hachi is one of Sacramento’s oldest sushi restaurants who is always creating inspired dishes and drinks including his newest creation: the green tea ice cream root beer float. 

Alisa was at Olive Grove Elementary in Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District where they had a Hero's Welcome to celebrate the H.E.R.O.

Linda was with El Concillo and WELLS …