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Naked Dancing On A Monday.... Today in the News 6/30/2014:

Naked Dancing On A Monday.... Today in the News 6/30/2014:

Opening Statement:
The Box Office numbers are out and Transformers 4 CRUSHES it's competition. The other movies were no match for these Autobots as they found their way to the top spot with $100,000,000. The Transformers dominated so much the #2 movie, 22 Jump Street only made $15,400,000. Coming in at #3 was How To Train Your Dragon which maintained this spot from last week at 13,100,000. Rounding out the top 5 was last weeks #1 falling 4 spots Think Like A Man Too and Maleficent staying at the 5th spot from last week.

Box Office Winners:
1. Transformers Age of Extinction $100,000,000
2. 22 Jump Street $15,400,000
3. How To Train Your Dragon 2 $13,100,000
4. Think Like a Man Too $10,400,000
5. Maleficent $8,237,000 

Tonight on CBS Under The Dome Season 2 kicks off. Like last year a group of people led by and under the direction of Cody Stark tweeted about the show during the show. I cannot remember everyone who twe…

Transformers CRUSHES at Box Office / @Markatthemovies Episode 248 Highlights

Transformers CRUSHES at Box Office / @Markatthemovies Episode 248 Highlights

Week of 6/28/2014 - 6/29/2014

Cast enters through elevator. 

Mark says something in Dariany's ear and gets punched by Dariany.

Opening Insult:
Shia LaBEouf

Retro Reel Review:
Think Like A Man Too

Rachel / Big Al talk with Kevin Hart and men of the movie. 

Role Call:
Dariany, Mike, Heather, Anna, Big Al... Rachel on vacation.   


Shawn Edwards joins via Skype on vacation. Loves the movie thinks it's too long.

Cassidy on red carpet talks to stars. Talks with Imagine Dragons after they performed the Theme song for the movie. Also talked to Mark, Kelsey and Stanly.

Mark: Sat down with the previous stars of the the franchise Megan Fox, and Shia who are now both out of the films.

Cassidy is back with more from her sit down interviews with Mark Wahlberg, Kelsey Grammer, Jack Reynor, and Nicola Peltz 

Aaron Negrete joins via Skype 

Cassidy is back with Michael Bay

Mike Mechan…

Farmin' With Nina... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2

Farmin' With Nina... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2 6/29/2014:

Opening Statement:
Leading off today's Opening Statement is the end of an era.

For 20 years CBS13/CW31 new one News Director. That has come to an end officially on Saturday with the retirement of Brent Baader.

Brent is one big reason why we the fans of Good Day Sacramento watch it over an old tired broken down 3 hours old Today Show.

It was the vision of Brent that brought Good Day Sacramento to us 19 years ago in August.

Brent has made some tough decisions in his 20 years but some of his best include Marianne, Mark, Cody, Tina, Courtney, Lori, Sean, Cambi, Audrey, Kristin, Julissa, Ken, Amy, Melissa, Laura, and all the great men and women behind the scenes at Good Day Sacramento.

We the fans should be forever grateful to Brent and his work and vision at Good Day Sacramento.

As Brent starts his new chapter in life I wish him nothing but a happy healthy and of course restful retirement. May he spend…

Dinosaur Eats TV's Heather Brent.... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1

Dinosaur Eats TV's Heather Brent.... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1 8/28/2014:

Opening Statement:
Lots of TV News To talk about today in this Opening. First the announcement came down yesterday afternoon that the NEW Doctor Who will begin August 23. The new doctor will be played by Peter Capaldi for Season 8.

As a reminder Season 2 of Under The Doom is Monday at 9pm on CBS 13 in Sacramento. Out of this market look on your CBS Networks for the time. I will have much more on this show Monday.

The other day I said the Season Premier was Thursday for Girl Meets World. I was incorrect in that because the actual premier was Friday night. It is simular to Boy Meets World but it is also very different. Because I want the show to work I am giving it a chance because if I based it off of last nights show the network has some fixing to do. The 2 girls are good but the new Shawn (Maya) is trying to hard to rebell. The new Corey (Riley) is him but she does a good job. My B…

Kids With Courage.....Today in the News 6/27/2014:

Kids With Courage.....Today in the News 6/27/2014:

Opening Statement:
Last Night the Sacramento Kings looked to fill their shooting void by taking perhaps the best marksman available in the draft when they selected Michigan guard Nik Stauskas with the eighth overall pick. This marks the second straight season the Kings used a top 10 pick on a shooting guard. But Stauskas is a much more accomplished shooter than last year’s seventh pick Ben McLemore, who shot 38 percent from the field and 32 percent from long range as a rookie. The 6-foot-6 Stauskas became one of the nation’s most well-rounded offensive players, averaging 17.5 points last season on the way to winning Big Ten player of the year honors. Stauskas shot 44 percent from 3-point range in two years in college and improved his ball handling and defense considerably in his second season when he took over a big share of the playmaking role with departure of star point guard Trey Burke to the NBA.
Source: http://sacrame…