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#WineryDogs #SurvivorMakeover #SleepPosition #ToyDrive #Makeup #ChurchOfJedi and More Today in the News

#WineryDogs #SurvivorMakeover #SleepPosition #ToyDrive #Makeup #ChurchOfJedi and More Today in the News 12/11/2017

Today's Recap:
Cambi was at St Supery Winery learning about their Winery Dogs. Cambi was checking out Winery Dogs at Honig Winery. and learning what they do. Cambi was at Tres Sabores learning more about their Winery Dogs. Cambi was at Porter Family Vineyards learning about their Winery Dogs.

Courtney shared the story of 3 women of Survival and who will be getting makeovers from It's My Hair. Jessica, Lori, and Shirley. Courtney was with Mia'sha Helton at It's My Hair Salon for another makeover edition of Survivor Makeover with 3 deserving women. Jessica, Lori and Shirley.

Julissa Ken and Courtney talked with Jeff Bangerter from Bangerter Financial who offered tips on Holiday Tipping. Julissa was getting Holiday Party Hacks from Whitney Bond

Linda was learning more about the Holiday Toy Drive for Foster Youth of Stanislaus County. Linda was with Alice who has a…

#Coco 3-Peat at The Box Office / Box Office Report 12/8/2017 - 12/10/2017

#Coco 3-Peat at The Box Office / Box Office Report 12/8/2017 - 12/10/2017

A Long Time Ago It was the Box Office Report the Week before #StarWarsTheLastJedi and on this report the #1 Movie at the Box Office was Coco once again this week with an estimated $18,303,000. In fact you can just Wash-Rinse-Repeat from last week because though the Numbers have changed the order has not. Coming in at #2 Justice League with an estimated $9,595,000. Taking the 3rd spot will be Wonder (2017) with an estimated $8,450,000. Rounding the Top 5 will be #4 The Disaster Artist with an estimated $6,435,514. and Thor: Ragnarok with an estimated $6,291,000.

Box Office Winners:
1. Coco $18,303,000
2. Justice League $9,595,000
3. Wonder (2017) $8,450,000
4. The Disaster Artist $6,435,514
5. Thor: Ragnarok $6,291,000

All totals are estimates and will be updated Monday.

New Next Week:
1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
2. Ferdinand


#ToyDrives #Science #ChocoateSale #Chanukah #Bullying #Plants #BathAndBody and More Today in the News

#ToyDrives #Science #ChocoateSale #Chanukah #Bullying #Plants #BathAndBody and More Today in the News 12/10/2017

Today's Recap:
Linda was at Ghirardelli Chocolate Outlet & Ice Cream Shop where they held a Ghirardelli Chocolate Sale  Linda was with Modesto Rocks learning about a Scavenger Hunt taking place.

Cambi was checking out Canvas on Demand.  Cambi and Tina talked with Deborah Getz about the 10th Annual Military Children’s Toy Drive that took place today at The Folsom Veterans Hall.  Cambi and Tina learned about a Care Package Packing Event Dec 17th. Cambi talked with Pepper Von from Step One who are celebrating 30 years. Cambi and Tina talked with Allison mother Brooklyn Stein who is opening her 4th Mini Library at Delta Shore Starbucks. Cambi talked with Sherry Anne at Sacramento's Children's Museum that takes place on Sunday's. Cambi  was with Tiffany from Vixen's of Vinyl to talk about Boulevard Skate Shop will be having a Toy's for Teen's Benefit…