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Battles.... Today in the News 4/30/2014:

Battles.... Today in the News 4/30/2014:

Opening Statement:
Today is only Wednesday and it has already been draining with so much news this week from the NBA, to the storms in the south. So today I decided Wednesday will be FunDay and I will only be covering Good Day today.

Yesterday I had a different Opening Statement until learning that it was Tina Macuha's 5th Anniversary of being Breast Cancer FREE so I cancelled the original Opening Statement about Late Late Show Craig Ferguson leaving in December. If the show continues my short list for his replacement should be Tina, Fey, Chelsea Handler or my go to answer for everything because he should have his own show, Cody Stark live from Sacramento.

What is taking place Today in the News.....

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I'm A Survivor.... Today in the News 4/29/2014:

I'm A Survivor.... Today in the News 4/29/2014: 

Opening Statement:
I had a completely different opening written but after hearing news today that didn't seem as important as "Life" in general. We take a lot of things for granted but we as Cinderella (The Band) states We don't know what we got til it's gone. Which is the case of "Life" We have our remotes to change to our favorite shows, we have our cars to get us from point A to B. We have our phones to connect with friends and family and keep us updated on news but when we lose someone we think about them. Today we didn't lose anyone but we get to celebrate "Life" with someone we could have lost but instead we celebrate 5 years of new "Life" with them. So in Final Thoughts look for a complete story with comment.

I will have more on this as well as much more of all the goings on Today in the News.....

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Jump... Today in the News 4/28/2014:

Jump... Today in the News 4/28/2014:

Opening Statement:
The Box Office this week had a shake up in the top spot. The Other Woman starring Cameron Diaz, Lesley Mann, and Kate Upton bested Captain America Winter Soldier. which fell to the #2 spot. Rounding out the top 5 at #3 Heaven is for Real for Greg Kinnear with yet another nice showing. Followed by Rio 2 at the 4th spot and Brick Mansion which stars the late Paul Walker in the 5th spot. I am no professional when it comes to predicting but it is my guess The Other Woman soared to the top spot after everyone watched the interview from Rachel on this weeks Mark at the Movies when the trio broke into song, singing Jennifer Lopez I Luh Yo Papi.

Box Office Winners:
1. The Other Woman $24,700.000 
2. Captain America Winter Soldier $16,048.000
3. Heaven is for Real $13,800.000
4. Rio 2 $13,650.000
5. Brick Mansions $9.600.000

Today also marks National Superhero Day with the pending release of Spider-Man 2 on May 2nd 2014. Look for cas…

The Other Woman is Better at Box Office & @Markatthemovies Episode 239 Highlights

The Other Woman is Better at Box Office & @Markatthemovies Episode 239 Highlights
Week of 4/26/2014 - 4/27/2014

Other Women of Mark at the Movies  Heather, Brooke, Rachel (Left to Right)

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Mark and Heather fight over Frozen book. Rest of cast argues with Mark, Brian breaks up however camera goes away from shot and Mark falls to floor after loud bang.
Portion of the fight....

Ben Stiller Insults

Retro Reel Review:
Captain America - Mark and Rachel team together for this segment after 2 weeks of Mark solo.

Julian talks to Samuel L. Jackson

We met him once before watching via AFN Soldier Lupe Duarte from Afghanistan who loved the movie

The Other Woman:

Rachel Sits down with Cameron Diaz, Lesley Mann and Kate Upton about the movie. (GREAT INTERVIEW)

Scarlett asked a viewer …