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#OscarRecap #Fashion #LeapYear #Art and More Today in the News

#OscarRecap #Fashion #LeapYear #Art and More Today in the News 2/29/2016

Today's Preview:
It's Leap Year and on today's show last night the Oscars finally gave Leo an award and it didn't come without controversy leading up to it with people of color being wrongly shutout and Star Wars too but we have a full recap with The Insiders and then later with Courtney's Fashion Forum. Who wore it better and who shouldn't have worn that at all.  In 1989 Stockton had a bad School Shooting, today it's an Art Exhibit to remember those we lost. We'll get a look at Art Against Violence Cleveland School Remembers. Melissa is checking out Veg Midtown a new restaurant Downtown. We are meeting the local teen selected to be the  9th Annual Disney Dreamers Academy at Walt Disney World Resort. If today is your birthday Good Day is having a party in your honor with all kinds of activities taking place. We are checking out and learning more about  Delta Chapter School which is a…