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#ThankYouAudrey #Apps #Music and More Today in the News

#ThankYouAudrey #Apps #Music and More Today in the News 6/30/2016

Today's Recap:
Morgan was with Sac Metro Fire as they gave a SAFE and SANE Fireworks displayed. Morgan was  with Sacred City Derby Girls checking out what the Pretty in Pink Skate Night is all about tonight. Morgan was at Two Rivers Cider Company who is holding its 20th-anniversary party this evening while celebrating the grand opening of their tasting room.

Melissa was at Voice Academy getting a preview of their studio before their grand opening tonight. Melissa  was at Rainsville Farms which is an urban farmer in Rancho Cordova can get it from plant to plate in less than 24 hours. Rainsville Farms is using LED lights to create organic lettuce from seed to harvest.

Julissa was with Tamica Michelle a local mom is starting up a mommy group – that focuses on MOM. Julissa had her Mommy Moment getting tips on kids eating with Michelle Sutherland of Sprouts Feeding Therapy.

Tina teamed up with food truck chef Keith Breedlove…