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#Yoga #Gardening #Grease #CardinalCity #RCubed #HairWars #HomeTour #TechTuesday #JobFair #GoFresh and More Today in the News

#Yoga #Gardening #Grease #CardinalCity #RCubed #HairWars #HomeTour #TechTuesday #JobFair #GoFresh and More Today in the News 4/24/2018

Today's Recap:
Cambi was at Woodland Christian School where they are once again taking part in the Cardinal City. This is the 15th year the 3rd Grade Class took part in this project where they learn how to handle their finances by opening their own business, paying bills and more. Cambi was Mixing The Soil at one Elementary School as the students plant a New Garden in the EGUSD. 

Courtney was getting a preview of Friday's April 27th 6th Annual Hairwars taking place at Morgan Creek Golf Course to benefit Heartsong and Norcal Bully Dog. Ryan from Nerds on Call joined Courtney to talk about Camp Edmo and other Summer Camp For Kids.

Bethany was getting a preview of the 1-year celebration for R Cubed Lifestyle taking place Saturday, April 28th, 9a-5p.

Julissa was with Randy at Emigh Hardware learning how to make Gardening Easy.

Marianne Julissa and Cody t…
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#Cheese #Kitchen #BellyDance #DanceParty #Tulips #Lipstick #BowTies #GardenTour and More Today in the News

#Cheese #Kitchen #BellyDance #DanceParty #Tulips #Lipstick #BowTies #GardenTour and More Today in the News 4/23/2018

Today's Recap:
Cambi was with Nancy checking out the Tulips at Crystal Hermitage Garden

Courtney was getting a preview of Jack & Jill Sac  Black Party at The Urban Ballroom on Saturday at 7 PM – 11:30 PM that benefits Local High School Students. Courtney tested the crew Belly Dance Terms or Ballroom Dance Terms. Courtney was with Folsom Garden Club tl learn more about their tour 4/28 & 4/29 11am – 4pm.

Julissa was with Rebecca Lujan Lovelace at City Kitchen Sacramento who delivers hot meals to you door. Julissa and Courtney talked with Karen Ross to learn more about where Milk comes from at the California State Fair through the California Dairy Council

Linda was at Hilmar Cheese who turns 20 with a special deal. Linda was at Agape Flow Studio where they are offering Beginner’s Belly Dance, Champagne & Shimmy Sunday Nights at 6p.m.

Bethany Ballroom Of Sac getti…

#AQuietPlace Finds Itself Back On Top At The Box Office / Box Office Report April 20-22nd

#AQuietPlace Finds Itself Back On Top At The Box Office / Box Office Report April 20-22nd
After falling a week ago A Quiet Place has found its way back to the top of the Box Office beating out Rampage with an estimated $22,000,000. Rampage will take the #2 spot with an estimated $21,000,000. Coming in at #3 this week will be I Feel Pretty with an estimated $16,220,000. Taking the 4th Spot will be Super Troopers 2 with an estimated $14,700,000. Rounding out this weeks Top 5 will be Truth or Dare wit an estimated $7,910,000.

Box Office Winners:
1. A Quiet Place $22,000,000
2. Rampage $21,000,000
3. I Feel Pretty $16,220,000
4. Super Troopers 2 $14,700,000
5. Truth or Dare $7,910,000

All totals are estimates and will be updated Monday.

New Next Week:
1. Avengers: Infinity War


#EarthDay #PancakeArt #JellyBeanDay #Cupcakes #Drones #Zumba #Mural #Fitness #AsparagusFestival and More Today in the News

#EarthDay #PancakeArt #JellyBeanDay #Cupcakes #Drones #Zumba #Mural #Fitness #AsparagusFestival and More Today in the News  4/22/2018

Today's Recap
Linda was at Shades of Color Paint where they are doing Pancake Art Today. Linda was at The Lodi House getting a preview of the Stockton Lambs Women's Group Fundraiser taking place Saturday, April 28th at 6 p.m. at Stockton Civic Auditorium. Linda was checking out the final day of the San Joaquin Asparagus Festival

Cambi and Tina talked with Patrick Harbison at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services who have teamed up with Girl Scouts Heart of Central California and Wide Open Walls 916 to paint a New Mural at the Food Bank. Cambi was checking out Vessel Bags for a unique gift idea this year. Cambi and Tina talked with Steve getting a preview of the Drone Access Event FPV Drone Race taking place today at Saugstad Park. Cambi was learning more about Foothill Dog Rescue. Cambi was checking out Cupcakes in a jar from Yummy Cupcakes. C…