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#FireSafety #Eggs #Jewelry #Arts #Travel #Swimwear #Music and More Today in the News

#FireSafety #Eggs #Jewelry #Arts #Travel #Swimwear #Music and More Today in the News 6/27/2017

Today's Recap:
Cambi was with Randy and Shawn from Fire Code who showed how to check your extinguisher. Cambi was with Nick and Ryan getting a preview of both today. They both have a similar theme with God and one has a puppet that is possessed by the devil. Cambi was meeting Will and Grace Twin Foals in Wilton

Wendy was checking out Stage Two Clothing that offers practical affordable and comfortable exercise apparel.

Courtney had 2 Minutes of Mayhem. Courtney had today's Hollywood Headlines. Courtney was with Sac Fire PIO Chris Harvey learning Firework Safety.  Courtney was with Craig Evan of Small Estate and Antique Jewelry along with Warren from California Loan and Jewelry to check out high-end wrist and pocket watches at the pawn shop.

Tina was at Davis Ranch in Sloughhouse picking strawberries. Tina was out getting a look at the Good Day Garden. Tina was with Corey Peterson from Kahu…
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#Golf #Surf #4thofJuly #Wilderness #Technology and more Today in the News

#Golf #Surf #4thofJuly #Wilderness #Technology and more Today in the News 6/26/2017

Today's Recap
Cambi was with Wayne Harmer The Float Master. Every year he has to go bigger and better as he known in Rancho Cordova for his great floats during the parade and this year he is doing a Flintstones Party Bus.  Cambi was with Dr. Selene who just got a new machine MiraDry that will make it so you will never sweat again. Cambi was at Granite Bay Country Club with members of the Kings and the Community as they got set to take part in Kings Golf Invitational.

Krystle was checking out “Galt Old Time Diner.” the family owned restaurant serves breakfast and lunch and has a high approval rating on Yelp. Krystle was getting a preview of the Surf Xtreme’s Day Camp so kids can beat the heat and have fun indoors. The camp offers Paintball Indoor Surfing Arts and Craft. Indoor Trampoline and more.

Courtney had 2 Minutes of Mayhem. Courtney had today's Hollywood Headlines. Courtney took a look at a n…