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Today in the News 7/31/2013:

Today in the News 7/31/2013: Stories I found interesting yesterday were the sky in our area are hazy because of fires burning in Portland. The Sacramento Kings have decided on Turner Construction to build the new sports arena downtown. The other story is a bit of a homer story. On Monday Mark S. Allen asked the viewers of Good Day Sacramento to view We're the Millers with him but with 1 catch... Your last name must be Miller.... 247 Millers showed up and 1 Allen. Good Day Sacramento Viewers You ROCK! THIS JUST IN: +Annalee Penny  Formally of Fox40 News is back on air. No it's not in Sacramento but she is back nonetheless. Here is the complete story and Ms. Penny's Facebook Page/Twitter... @annaleepenny Top Stories: 3 acre  2 alarm fire burned along American River overnight. San Diego student locked up mistakenly forgot about for 5 days receives $4.1m United no longer offerin…

Today in the news 7/30/2013:

Today in the news 7/30/2013:
My notes for today's show have once again been deleted so I will be going off memory again. Ugh.... I pray for all those injured & effected by the Blue Rhino Propane fire in Florida. The story of the Paris jewelry heist over the weekend amazes me. How could 1 person make off with all that under so much security? Inside help? Hmm? Top Stories: A West Sacramento home was destroyed by fire this morning However the owners made it out safe.  Foot sucker arrested in Sacramento after going in a woman apartment. Perhaps creepiest part was him laughing and smiling during jailhouse interview.  Big Rig carrying Burger King fries caught fire in Auburn near the Applegate exit when his breaks got to hot. I guess the road wanted fries with that.  My58 7-9: Nancy Signature Hair style: face shape. Skin color & tone. Lifestyle & career.  Laguna Softball champs.  Would you buy stock in Twitter? Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake pops.  Fox40: Viewers Voice: Shouk…

Today in the News 7/29/2013

Today in the News 7/29/2013
As we near the close of July an arsonist appears to be heating up. With 3 fires in or around the same area the neighborhood is on edge. Updated 4:30am: @tvseanb: Firefighters and neighbors are on high alert as an arsonist remains on the loose near the El Manto area of the American River Parkway.This is one story I'm following Today in the News....
Top Stories:
Bus crash kills 40 in Italy after it left the road.
Train operator in Spain charged with death of 79 people.
State Fair vendors not happy with sales
Big Rig Loses Wheel

My 58 7-9:
Google rolls out new gadgets. Including remote control tablet.
8% people try to stretch diaper use when dirty to save money.  Gross.
Tricks to stay trim on trip. Hotel kitchen. Treat to new music. Don't forget sneakers. Pack resistant bands and jump rope. Workout early

Fox 40:
Viewers Voice: Favorite part of fair, what would you change?
Paul Robbins returns from vacation.
CHP Adrian Quintero talks about safe lane changes as…

@Markatthemovies Week of 7/25/2013-7/28/2013 Highlights:

 @Markatthemovies Week of 7/25/2013-7/28/2013 Highlights:
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& cast on twitter/Facebook:
@tvmarksallen Host/Producer
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@msaliciadlgarza Producer
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Opens show talking about 200th show. Cast insults with signs & looking angry.
Insults through the years.
Retro Review:
The Conjuring.
Producer Alicia who hates scary movies interviews cast from film.
Derek from 94.7FM Washington DC joins via Skype in to talk about it. For being Skype guest he receives a Way Way Back Beach Ball and shirt.

Wolverine: Mark sits with Hugh Jackman.

Way Way Back:
Jim & Nat talk about film.

Blue Jasmine
Directed by Woody Allen st…

Mark at the Movies: Behind the Scenes of Episode 200

Mark at the Movies:
Recently I was invited to go behind the scenes of Mark at the Movies as they celebrated their 200th episode. The show originally aired on October 1, 2009 who stared Mark S. Allen and young up and coming host Ashley Williams.
From that first episode the show has evolved into a Giant in the entertainment industry now being seen in over 38 million homes on Reelzchannel, Arm Forces Network and select CW Networks the show can be seen throughout the weekend. Through the years Mark at the Movies has won 3 Emmy's and still going strong. Back in 2010 I wrote this review of the show on
Review of the show I wrote of Mark at the Movies on 9/24/2010: on the Reelzchannel Website:
If you have not seen Mark at the Movies you are totally missing out. With Host Mark S. Allen and Co host Ashley Williams these 2 bring a
different feel to each movie they review. From amazing interviews to the fun they make the show it is a must see. Ashley …

Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2 7/28/2013:

Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2 7/28/2013:
Today marks the final Sunday in July meaning the California State Fair will be closing for another year. At last report they said attendance was up from last year. Lets hope they raised the roof to go see Cody Stark's neighbor Bonnie's award winning quilt.
Today is as always a great day because Nina, Eleanor, and even though she was here Saturday she is still a Sunday staple Lori Wallace is here. Good Day Sacramento has a big show planned so let's see what is happening Today in the News....

Show us your...: Hang 10

#justcurious: If they named a drink after me it would be called...

 Tina Macuha @tvtina_ju is Dishin’ with Tina: Rainbow's End Cafe 364 Florin Road Sacramento, CA 9164222711

Ask Eleanor:
Matt Lauer sending messages to his hot intern. Jessica Simpson fiancé going out partying. Diane Carol has dementia. Fabio Is a good hugger :)

Nina: Pear Fair 180 Primasing Ave. Courtland, CA 9-6pm
Mel: Dinger competition. www.r…

Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1 7/27/2013:

English: Studio publicity portrait] (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1 7/27/2013:
We made it to the weekend and this is not only the final weekend of July but it is also the final weekend without the NFL. Yes starting next Sunday August 4, 2013 football is back with the Annual Hall of Fame game between the Dolphins vs. Cowboys. But we can't get
too far ahead of ourselves we have a full weekend to go this week so lets sit back and see what is taking place Today in the News Weekend Edition.

Show us your.... Camping photos

#justcurious: What do you want to accomplish before end of Summer?

Tina: Kohl's ChildSpree event with 100 Elk Grove School kids and families to help them prepare for the upcoming school year. Included is a pancake breakfast. Families allowed to attend breakfast but not shopping that is done with a chaperone 
Alan: Camping with Stockton Ports danced in a hot dog suit at last nights game.
Lori: FREE Mama Bootcamp with…

Today in the News 7/26/2013:

Today in the News 7/26/2013:
Today in the News a 55 acre grass fire burned along the American River near Cal Expo Thursday. The UC Davis Police officer who
pepper sprayed non violent students in 2011 is seeking worker's comp. stating he was suffering from mental health issues from the emotion he had to go through after the incident. Funny it didn't bother him at the time of spraying people like a can of raid though. But these are just 2 stories I'm following Today in the News....

Top Stories:
Fire along American River grows to 100 acres overnight.
Early morning fire destroys home in North Highlands.
Lincoln Memorial vandalized in Washington, D.C.
Sig alert issued after big rig overturns on HWY37 in Vallejo
Fatal crash in Patterson.
BREAKING: Cleveland kidnapping suspect Arial Castro accepts Plea deal and will not be put to death.  Gets life no parole plus 1000 extra years.

My58 7-9:
Planting a tree at Grant HS project.
What makes a good breakfast burrito.
Clips Beer & Film…

Today in the News 7/25/2013:

Today in the News 7/25/2013:
Longtime News Man turned Radio host, Walt Gray was released from his job at the Eagle 96.9FM on Wednesday. Entercom stated several changes would be taken place company wide. Walt stated he would like to return to his love in TV news. I'll keep you posted.
The death toll in a Spain train derailment stands at 77 at the last update I received.
A flint traffic reporter drew a map and well you be the judge of what it looks like.
These stories and more coming up Today in the News....
Top Stories:
2 Alarm fire on Mill Brook Court in Vacaville
ATM theft suspect arrested on Elk Grove Blvd at Grantline and Bradshaw from a theft at Sunrise & Douglas Blvd. from Walgreens store in Rancho Cordova.
My58 7-9:
Michael B. Jordan of Fruitvale  Station: talks about his role as Oscar Grant. 98% of film is actual event of his tragic day.

Today in the News 7/24/2013:

Hugh Jackman at the X-Men Origins: Wolverine premiere in Tempe, Arizona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Today in the News 7/24/2013:
We saw the baby for the first time yesterday as the Royal family left the hospital. Such a cute baby. The news of the 2 men killed in the Monday fire took another turn yesterday when 1 other person was found dead along with the suspect in Huntington Beach CA. These are just 2 stories we are following Today in the News...

Top Stories:
Pope Francis visiting Brazil
CHP: I-80 challenge to keep motorist safe.
Water Main clean up/repair continues in Natomas.
Soldier returns home to surprise family at last nights River Cats Game
Starbucks to start selling Greek Yogurt.

Filtered Drinking water from your sweat. A new machine takes sweat from clothes and filters into drinking water.
Lisa: Arleen Scavone Sweet Arleen's won Cupcake Wars.
Subway Fashion Show in Japan.

Viewers Voice: Should we ditch the dollar bill?
Finance expert Keith Springer answers viewer…