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Today in the News 5/31/2013:

Folsom Lake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) English: Owen Wilson at the Cannes film festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Vince Vaughn in Knoxville, Tennessee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Today in the News 5/31/2013:
Top Stories:
Kings hire Coach Mike Malone from Golden State
49'ers QB Colin Kaepernick surprises old high school graduation (Pittman)
Arizona woman freed from Mexican prison after it was proven she did not bring 12lbs of pot on her bus.

Viewers Voice:
What's your favorite summertime activity?
Took show on road to Folsom Lake, For Big Wake Weekend
Wild Bill brings out his floating car.
Unbaked Lemon cheesecake sugar free with Michelle Irwin.
CHP explorer  program

My58 7-9:
Big Wake Weekend
Kaepernick returns to Pittman HS
Grape Escape Preview

Good Day Sacramento:
Show & Tell: Cody: New money in Canada smells like Maple Syrup
5am question: What should we ask Kardashian sisters?
5am Club Member: Alana & Elisa
NASA man comes out of retirement for 1 story. Love …

Today in the News 5/30/2013:

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers on the sideline (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Today in the News 5/30/2013:
Top stories:
Weather: Storms in East and Midwest, hot temps in California
Hanging clothes on sprinkler floods apt. 20 people displaced

My58 7-9:
New $.99 store selling 40" Big Screen to first 9 people. I'm not sure I want to buy a TV for $1 how well is quality?
New judge Americas Got Talent judge Mel B... Tell me what you want what you really really want...

Viewers Voice: how long would you wait in line for a good deal?

Good Day Sacramento:
Show & Tell: Ken: meet Vernon Davis at Golf Tourney in Stockton elk horn golf club Saturday June 8
5am question: What band do you admit to liking
5am Club Member: Daniel & Max
Mark: NowSplash: June 22, 2013, Rodeo Park, Folsom, CA
The Fonz Henry Winkler joins Good Day Sacramento to promote getting word out of new tool to help stroke victims.
Bear in a tree... Up…

Today in the News: Special Report: Media Vs. Social Media: The Good, Bad, & Ugly:

Buffalo Bills logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Today in the News: Special Report: Media Vs. Social Media: The Good, Bad, & Ugly: The early years News outlets only had a small amount of ways to release Breaking News. It was either special break ins on TV, Radio, or even Newspapers. As time went on and technology changed the news adapted but still kept it close to the old. When my parents where kids the family all huddled around their black & white (some had color) small screen TV's and radio for breaking news. When I was a kid growing up in Upstate NY (Syracuse /Buffalo) area the paper came twice a day. In the morning & an updated version in the afternoon. When the Internet came into the picture it meant the media could also use that as a tool to extend stories, Breaking stories etc. A few years ago Facebook changed the world. Every media, non-media person had an account. But with change also comes the bad & ugly because now the public could voice their opinions and …

Today in the News 5/29/2013:

Catfish (SS-339) underway, during her visit to the Far East, 1956. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Today in the News 5/29/2013:
Top stories:
Rain falls over night/chilly temps
Police search for robbery suspect
Hwy50 closing overnight for road repairs.
Flint MI suffers tornado

Viewers Voice:  Does the fact some businesses will be forced out to build new arena change how you feel.
Obama gets lipstick on shirt blames Jessica Sanchez aunt.
Snap Chat: a new iPhone app that takes pics & then u & friends can chat about it. Don't we do that already on Facebook, twitter and Instagram?
Can you spare a square? Buy an extra pack while shopping, donate it to charity at @UnitedWayCCR & @FOX40 #TPDrive at Cal Expo on June 13

My58 7-9:
Teens stopping others from texting & Driving
Shakira talks Voice

Good Day Sacramento:
Show and Tell: USS Catfish pics of city in
1956 SF through periscope SFgate Blog
5am question: I'm weak when it comes to...
5am Club member: Christian and Kalite (Spelling)

@cambibrown Update

A couple of weeks ago I talked about Cambi Brown of @gooddaysac / @gooddayweekend would be leaving Good Day. That has become true as of today. You can now see Cambi on CBS13 at 5/6/10 Weekdays and Weekends at 5/10. Let's hope Cambi comes back to Good Day but at least she did not leave altogether and she is still in the family. Good Luck on the other side Cambi. You are going to be GREAT as always.
Matt D

Today in the News: 5/28/2013:

Vin Diesel at the Fast & Furious premiere at Leicester Square. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Captain America and The Avengers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today in the News: 5/28/2013:
Top Stories:
New info on death of suspect that was beaten by police
2 shot/Killed in Foothill Farms apt complex Monday

Fox 40:
Viewers Voice: did rain change your Memorial Day plans?
Obama wants to raise airline taxes. The Tax would raise prices about $14 per flight because airline prices are so low already.... Says no one EVER!  (all stations carried this story)
Plastic Bag ban. City of Sacramento looking into banning Plastic Bags at Grocery Stores. (all stations carried this story)
Tia Ewing reported A group keeping kids of streets and out of trouble named Alpha Academy

My58 7-9
Cell phone theft on the rise
Roseville Grad Even Artica gives his Make a wish to give back to a 5 year old boy (heart condition) to make his wish come true to go to Kennedy Space station instead of him taking his own wish (On all stations)


Today in the News 5/27/2013:

Saving Private Ryan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. --CJKpi 18:58, 10 June 2007 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Today in the News 5/27/2013:
Top Stories:
Memorial Day Events
Rain on the way for the Memorial Holiday

Viewers Voice: Who are you honoring!
Much of the same stories were shown on the 3 networks just some have more fun doing it and or tell it with more interesting ways of telling the story. This by no means slamming Fox40.

Rise of prices over beef
Sacmusicfest Recap
25,000 guest wedding.... Who knows that many people
My58 question: What are you grilling today

Good Day Sacramento:
Show & Tell: Amy fed the Sloth Eddy at zoo.
5am question: How do you remember loved ones?
5am Club Member: Megan & Justin
Clip of Saving Private Ryan was shown... One of my FAVORITE Movies
Mark: Breakfast at your place... Camping: Stockton KOA
Color Me Rad 5k run with Amy to benefit Special Olympics had …

Today in the News 5/26/2013 @gooddayweekend Edition:

Today in the News 5/26/2013 @gooddayweekend Edition:
Show us your hero: Viewers send pics of those who served. To post photos of your heroes

#justcurious question of the day: Morning after a party food...

Alan: Stockton Auto Show & Swap Meet Sunday, May 26, 2013  6am — 3pm (gates open at 5am for vendors, car entries)  Located at: The San Joaquin County Fairgrounds  1658 S. Airport Way — Stockton, CA 95206  Admission $5.00 — Kids 12 & Under FREE!!  Parking is FREE!!
Mel: Sacramento Shakespeare festival at Land park Amphitheater Group takes Soft Kitty Challenge. Raising money after vandals destroyed their area June 28-July 28
Eleanor: Brittany Spears wants to marry 3rd, have girl, Marie Osmond sick of brother Donnie & performing together, Mike Douglas & Catherine having issues, Barbara Walters daughter arrested for possession
Cody: Ride Ataxia NorCal  Veterans Memorial Center  203 E 14th St.  Da…

Today in the news 5/25/2013 @gooddayweekend Edition

Today in the news 5/25/2013 @gooddayweekend Edition
Good Day Sacramento Weekend Report
National Cookie Day.... Send pics of Cookie Monster in your house. 7am Hour:
Alan Sanchez: Modesto Memorial 5k run 1198 Tioga D Modesto, CA 1 mile or 5k run or walk
Tina Macuha: Bacon Maple flavored cappuccinos at Edwin's coffee & Tea 2600 Sunset Blvd. Rocklin, CA 9166329753
Drunken Noodles: Thai Dish from Thai Basil 2431 J Street Sacramento 9164427690
Michael Marks Produce Man: Watermelon tips. Cementrical (spelling)  in shape, find a yellow color, black ring around stem, vibrate.
Star Trek figure Picard in space update with Logan. Got to hang out with stars at movie premiere
Cambi Brown: Sacramento County Fair. Cal Expo: 12 under FREE. Adults $5. 1600 Exposition Drive, Sacramento, CA 10-10pm
8am Hour:
Tap Dance Day: Dance Gallery 2. Tap dance on Good Day Sacramento stage.
Tina: workout Shake machine workout. Get Fit in 10. 10271 Fairway Drive 110 Open 7 Days a week.
Alan: Modesto May-Day Memori…

Today in the News 5/24/2013

Today in the News 5/24/2013:
Top Stories:
Northern California rocked by 5.7 earthquake in Plumas County and felt over a large area including by this writer
Bridge collapse in Washington state after being hit by a truck sends cars falling into the Skagit river No deaths

My58 7-9:
Sugar to help knee pain also causes diabetes
Gas prices up/down: Again why is this always going on around holiday's? Enough is enogh
Nuts in diet...  Yes if unsweetened and unsalted

Feel Good Friday.... 9am. So the hour is all about feel good stories but what they miss is the show is still just as boring.
Viewers Voice: Did you feel it?
Sabrina Rodriguez makes twisty bread... That was exciting. :(
Flowers being sold at Sleep Train Arena for graduation ceremonies   Saving money tips for Disney. Free water then fill water bottle, bring own snacks, pizza delivery to park. These tips sound so ghetto.

Good Day Sacramento:
5 am Club Member: Jeff Label & family
Disneyland open from 6-6am to kick off Memorial Day …

Today in the News Special Report: Kings:

Today in the News Special Report: Kings:
Today marks the official new era of the Sacramento Kings and it is sure to be one crazy night at the #LLTKRally at Cesar Chavez Park in Sacramento. As recently as last week the NBA BOG voted 22-8 to keep the Kings in Sacramento and not allow them to move to Seattle. Just about 36 hours later the team was sold to a new ownership group from the old Maloof brothers who ran the franchise into the ground over recent years. But the past is now behind us and its time to look forward to a new beginning but I write with some disappointment because earlier today Grassroots effort creator Carmichael Dave made his way to the media outlets of Sacramento. In fact he hit all the outlets but 1. About a year ago Dave was in my opinion wrongfully fired from his DJ job at Sports1140 a part of CBS Radio and home of the Kings for fighting for them to stay. The local CBS news station CBS13 didn't exactly warm of the Kings staying in the early part of …

Today in the News 5/23/2013:

Today in the News 5/23/2013:
Top Stories:
Kings Rally Cesar Chavez Park 5-9
Terror attack in broad daylight in London
Apartment fire in Vallejo. Several units burn all made it out safely

My58 7-9:
Playing to win tour with Slamson & Carmichael Dave
Grilling tips... Best grill.... Weber... I've seen so many
grill tips this week I should be able to be the best griller ever.... No
Disney to stay open 24hrs for Memorial Day weekend
Target sells wedding dresses.... Really is Wal-Mart going to sell Tux for men

Playing to win tour with Slamson & Carmichael Dave
Viewers Voice: who are you most looking forward to hearing from at Kings Rally

News10 at 9:
Playing to win tour with Slamson & Carmichael Dave  Can this show be anymore boring..  I'd rather have my teeth pulled than to watch this show. It is the worst hour of TV EVER! The show is boring, slow, and not at all entertaining. On the positive the show does have a run down of what's currently being talked about and what'…

Today in the News 5/22/2013:

A Dolphin Show at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Justin Bieber at the 2010 White House Easter Egg roll. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Courtney Dances during Teens Tune
Today in the News 5/22/2013:
Top Stories:
Tornado Relief: Celebs step up
to raise money for Oklahoma
Fires breakout along river and high winds don't help
Windy conditions return... Gust up to 25mph

My58 7-9
Airline Ratings: Spirit, United American Us Air rate low. Jet Blue Virgin & Southwest rated high.
My58 Now has a Facebook page:
Oklahoma relief telethon with Red Cross 7am-8pm 8005133333

Viewers Voice: Worst habit you have?
To party with Justin Bieber you sign waiver of  know pics or video and if u do its $1 million... Really? When is your 15 minutes up again.
Photo Resume. Don't add a fun photo but a current photo from present position and dress nice. Says Sandy Lamba from Heald College
Paul Robbins attempt at humor gets no laughs awful joke. I don't …

Today in the News: 5/21/2013

Sacramento Kings logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Today in the News: 5/21/2013
Top stories:
Deadly tornados Update: The National Weather Service reported the one to hit Moore, OK was an EF-5
Sacramento Kings Season Tickets starting at 9am $200 deposit. June 24 to pick seats per Jeff David
Viewers Voice: Worst natural disaster you’ve been through. I’m not sure this was the BEST question you could ask following the day we lost so any children in OK.
Garden Pollinators tips
Good Day Sacramento
5am Club Member: Lou & Nikki
5am Question: Favorite food/drink at sporting event
Duct tape Amy to wall on National Duct Tape day. Amy Carabba is such a GREAT sport.
Golf & guitars: Haggin Oaks Golf Course 3665 Fulton Ave. Sacramento. Mark S. Allen hung out with Country Stars playing Golf for Charity all morning long
Free self defense classes: Riverbank Black belt academy 3342 Santa Fe Street Riverbank, ca 208692854
Modesto Bee Kids Day Paper for $1
Truck Tracker with Jason “…

Today in the News Special Report: EP Search

Today in the News Special Report: EP Search
On Sunday Good Day Sacramento Weekend lost one of the BEST Executive Producers in the business of Morning News when they lost Heather Picou. I'm am sure the search for her replacement is underway and the BEST candidate will be named but if I may throw my two cents in this is my short list of potential replacements.
1. Morgan Stuart. If memory serves me correctly she has been producing the 9 and then the 10am hours for at least 3-4 years. In my opinion she is one of the finest producers in the business and would be perfect. One con for Morgan not being named however is she is pregnant with her first child and therefore would need the proper time off for her and her new child and would not be able to fulfill the job at this time.
2. Adam. Adam was at one time the EP for the highly popular Car Czar Show that was once live and now Prerecorded. He may not want to do it.
3. My next choice is Cody Stark. Since Cody took over the weekend show …

Today in the news: 5/20/2013:

Today in the news: 5/20/2013:
Top stories:
Deadly tornados in Midwest. Update the latest storm to hit has caused much devastation and if you want to help go to....
Uc Davis pending nurses strike has surgeries being cancelled.
Business: Yahoo purchasing Tumbler for $1.1 billion
Dallas loses a firefighter in a large fire. Thoughts & Prayers go out to his family and all his brothers who serve.

Good Day Sacramento:
Mark gets bit on lip by a spider over the weekend and goes to ER.
5am Club member: Linda Hienrick Holton To be a member email photo and info to Tina at
Geek squad computer tips
Pintristing tips with Ju
Belly button tattoo art fun weird or worth it. Oh my goodness (see pic)
Mark wake boarding in Pleasant Grove for Free. Tuesday Free for ladies. Wake Island 7633 Locust road 9166553900
Fun in the Sun pics Viewers sent photos of their weekend
Barber art with Amy. Upper Kutz Barbershop 8011 Watt Ave antelope 9167522794 This was coo…

Today in the News Special Entertainment Report / Mark at the Movies

Mark at the Movies a movie show seen on @reelzchannel Armed Force Network and CW31 in Sacramento, CA. The show first airs on Thursday Morning and repeats itself throughout the weekend on (Check your Local Listing). Normally Mark S. Allen (Host) does not have a House band but this week the show featured Warp 11 performing on stage. This is a band that dresses like Star Trek and performs Star Trek like songs with dirty lyrics. Each week Mark has an actor/actress insult the show and this Week Guy Fieri issue the insult. New Cohost Anna Wesselman adds a much needed edge to the show and is very good with her Chemistry with Mark. This weeks Movies that they talked about in the segment "Retro Reel Review" was both Great Gatsby and Iron Man 3. But most of the show was spent talking about Star Trek Into the Darkness.
@tvbrittanyyoung also fills in at host and is a very good interviewer. Also on this weeks edition from the movie Star Trek into the darkness Mark sa…

Today in the news Sunday 5/19/2013

Today in the news Sunday 5/19/2013
Breaking News:
Heather Picou  one of the finest people you could meet in addition to being one of the BEST Excutive Producers in the Business is leaving for a new adventure to LA. The Good Day staff gave her a trophy and a cool TV cake then holds a Good Day favorite Press Conference and reveals why she moving to LA :(. On a personal note this is not the first one to leave Good Day for LA. Eric S. Jackie T, Chris B, Yalda, and fan favorite Ashley Williams. You take our water STOP taking our news people.
Melissa previewed synchronized swimming in Rocklin at Sierra College. Team competition to get to Nationals
Alan showed a Farmers Market: Grilling your veggie tips from Denise's Farmers Market 16569 E Hwy.  120 Ripon, CA 2095992171
Ask Eleanor Gossip Queen: Kristi Alley vs Abercrombie Fitch over comments made over large people. Demi & Ashton fighting over
divorce. Young Restless to tribute fallen on Thursday. Lindsey Vonn ready to marry Tiger
Big J…

Today in the News Weekend update: 5/18/2013

Today in the News Weekend update: 5/18/2013
Inside look at Dr. Who Finale it was a bit of a disappointing segment but really only technologies fault because the Live Video feed of the Skype was not working properly so Cody and Amy only had audio similar to a phone conversation but still relayed good information.
Hangtown motocross preview 2 young brothers Ryan & Tyler race
Jwoww w/Tina MTV's reality star in town to promote her new tanning lotion
line. At California Sun in Natomas w/Roger Tina plays get to know you. (Pic)
Snakes in studio Yuck yuck yuck. I hate snakes All about reptiles with Herpetological Society 2099230174
Dave Russell band performs on Good Day Sacramento stage and at Pow Wow Days. The band Takes Soft Kitty challenge
Cambi at Meat Market in Woodland. Cracchiolo's Market. Great deals on meat 1320 Main Street Today/tomorrow
Alan at large yard sale in Modesto Downey High 1000 Coffee Rd, Modesto, CA 95355
Tina at Grand Opening of Madworks Dog Bakery specializes i…