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#HappyHalloween ... Today in the News 10/31/2014:

#HappyHalloween ... Today in the News 10/31/2014:

Favorite Story / Story of the Day: Good Day Halloween, GraveDiggers Ball, What was Ken, Mark as Joan.
Today is Halloween and if anyone knows how to celebrate it's the cast and crew of Good Day. Everyone dressed in GREAT costumes that included Star Trek characters from Cody and Courtney, a return to the 70's and 80's TV Shows, a great performer of our time, a Snowman and a cell phone. 

One of the BEST costumes of the year goes to Mark who in tribute dressed and was made up from Federico's to look like the late Joan Rivers going around town celebrating Halloween cheer with kids. Mark was not trying to be rude he did it as a tribute to someone he know's someone he's met and someone he respected despite their one difference of opinion. I think Mark won the costume contest this year but they all looked great.

Many have asked me What is up with Ken not participating in dressing up. I have no true answer for that other th…