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Cody's Low Budget PreShow... Today in the News

Cody's Low Budget PreShow... Today in the News Saturday Edition 1/31/2015:

Favorite / Stories of the Day:
We've reached the final day of January and today Tina learns about Numerology. Cambi heads to a brewery. Tina does lunch. Morgan is with cheerleaders and takes a Polar Bear Plunge. Plus we get food ready for tomorrow's game and talk with Football Nuns. All this and more in... Cody's Low Budget Pre Show... Today in the News...

Numbers in your life? What do they mean?
Today on Good Day Tina was with numerologist, Judy Wright to find out what this year is going to bring for us. Numerology is the study of numbers specifically your birthdate numbers and the relationship to events in one’s life. 
Contact Judy Wright, Numerologist by calling 9165059158

Spending time with Football Nuns
Football Nuns
Today on Good Day Sister Linda Campbell of Monastery of Lady of Guadalupe joined to talk about them renting ro…