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Wet Weather....Today in the News 2/28/2014:

Wet Weather....Today in the News 2/28/2014:
Opening Statement: Before we get to the day ahead in Today in the News please allow me to flash back to 11 years ago on this day. This day holds and will always hold special meaning to me because my life changed on 2/28/03. At the time I was working in the Foster Care system. On this day I had an hour to kill before my next appointment and thought I felt thirsty. So I drove to quench my thirst but it was the Surprise I got that would change my life forever.This is the day I met my Best Friend. I swore she was an Angel but not just any Angel, No, she was a Princess too. When we introduced ourselves to each other my first words out were "Are you Asian" She is and was thank goodness or I would have been extremely embarrassed, but it was those 3 words that would help change my life forever thus starting an amazing 11 years of friendship with one of the BEST friends a person could ask for.  (2003)
Now onto this Friday Edit…

The Results Are In.... Today in the News 2/27/2014:

The Results Are In.... Today in the News 2/27/2014:

Opening Statement:
Today the wind and rain hit and hit hard overnight. They say this storm could run through the weekend so please take care of yourself and make it back safe.

Today's post is late due to a busy day that ended with a dead car battery... Sorry for the late post

My 58 did make it back on today so with that said Here is what is taking place Today in the News......

Special Announcements:
Sac Comic Con
Meet Stan Lee March 7-9, 2014

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