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Father/Son Bond... Today in the News 7/31/2014:

Father/Son Bond... Today in the News 7/31/2014:

Opening Statement:
As we hit the end of July today NFL Training Camps are in full effect and Preseason Games start this Sunday but I will have more on that later.

Summer is almost over but today on Good Day Cody and son Colin headed down to the SF Giants Game yesterday so that they could be a part of the #ATTSlumberParty Today on Good Day Cody will be reporting live from AT&T Park and all the things that took place during the game and after the game while at the Slumber Party 

So lets see what takes place Today in the News....

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Zen Master.... Today in the News 7/30/2014:

Zen Master.... Today in the News 7/30/2014:

Opening Statement:
As we get toward the end of July I look back at how my summer has gone so far and realize i still have to learn about and plan to learn about.

Yes I made my annual Good Day Weekend trip thanks to Cody and the weekend crew but I still have other things i want to accomplish so that I can write about it.  

I still want to learn what each person does the the control booth during Good Day. I am completely fascinated with this and though this may not happen right away I want it to happen in my life. 

I want to go behind the scenes of Make-A-Wish to see what it takes from a child's wish, how they are decided, what it takes from once the wish is granted and finally what all goes into the wish to make the child smile. Ever since Chloe's Tiger Surprise, Jon Jon with the train through the Summit, Faith with the Mini Farm and countless other stories including those recently featured on ESPN's My Wish I really want to learn abo…