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#NewYearsEve and More Today in the News

#NewYearsEve and More Today in the News 12/31/2016

Today's Recap:
Look Fabulous for New Year's Eve with the help of Carrie of Carrie B Mac salon. She and her team of The Hair Nerds were ready to do your hair and makeup for FREE all morning long. Plus if you need an Outfit Cambi was at Krazy Mary's who are getting you looking good.
Carrie BMac Hair Studio 3330 Folsom Boulevard Sacramento Ca 95816 916-542-2616
Hair Nerds:
Krazy Mary's: 3230 Folsom Blvd Sacramento, CA (916) 442-6279
Cambi continued from Krazy Mary's as Free Hair and Makeup Continued from Carrie BMac and outfits …

#NewYearNewYou #Comedy #Arts #Yoga #NerdFood and More Today in the News

#NewYearNewYou #Comedy #Arts #Yoga #NerdFood and More Today in the News 12/30/2016

Today's Recap:
Nha was at Colour Bar as they get you ready for New Year's Eve 

Cal Fit wants to help find the fit you in 2017 with a FREE promotion for NEW Members. Today on Good Day Melissa was at California Family Fitness 10th and K Street with the cardio queen trainer Suzanne Cardenas who has done full Ironmans to help Melissa once and for all say goodbye to the mama muffin top as well as got great tips if you’re lacking motivation to get your workout. Melissa was in Elk Grove with No Excuses Mom with secrets to staying slim and sexy as well as the debut of the 2017 calendar featuring Northern California parents.

Dave showed his flexibility or lack thereof at Zuda Yoga while learning more about their unique New Year’s Eve event. Dave was at Carol Restaurant celebrating Bacon Day.

Courtney was checking out  Snap Skull and PURE QUOSA CLEANSING BODY SPRAY.  Courtney was out at the She Shed with Inter…