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Congratulations in your Accomplishment.... Today in the News 5/22/2014:

Congratulations in your Accomplishment.... Today in the News 5/22/2014:

Opening Statement:
Sorry for the delay in posting this today. I had a horrible day and fell behind.

Couple of things to talk about in today's Opening Statement. The New American Idol was announced and it was Rocker Caleb Johnson. I felt like he was the best of the season however Jena was very, very good so either way they both deserved to win.

In case you missed it from yesterday I was able to visit friends at Good Day Sacramento and Mark at the Movies yesterday. I want to thank Don Smith and the rest of the Good Day Sacramento Art Department, Cody Stark, Mark S, Allen, Tina Macuha Ken Rudulph, Julian Soto, Dale as well as Rachel, Anna, Brooke, Brian, Big Al, and Heather. Your hospitality goes a long way and I appreciate all of you.

Special Announcements:
Please Like Mark at the Movies on Facebook #QuestFor3000  mattm logo 1

Throwdown Challenge May 25th - Biscuits and Gravy

Grub Run is BACK Enter for a chance to win lunch for your office from Panda Express. Enter now - May27, 2014 at 10am PST on grub

Queen of Dating Event June 10th  summar luau

El Camino Fundamental High School’s ALL CLASS Reunion – 2014. Please join us for a casual, (BYOB/BYOF) picnic style reunion this year at Ancil Hoffman Park on June 28th, 2014 from 12-6pm. $5 Cover

News You Can Use... Today's Top Headlines:
Arizona Residents being forced out due to Wildfires

Sac State Face lift to track will be revealed today  sac state track

Sac County Fair opens today

Hot Temps to return

My58 7-9:
Entire West Sacramento school proud of student's achievement

Tips for finding the right internship

Best last minute vacation spots

Glamping' at the Sacramento County Fair

Consumer Reports: Hack-proof your passwords

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: KCRA 3/My58 TV:
Photos: My58

Viewers Voice: A recent eBay hack could go down as one of the biggest data breaches in history with 145 million records accessed. This on the heels of data breaches at Target, Michaels, and Neiman Marcus. Our Viewers Voice question: How secure are you from online crime?

Want to Act? Studio24 has all the tools
Studio 24, Inc.
771 Oak Avenue Parkway, Suite 2
Folsom, CA 95630
Phone 9163589915
Fax 9163589925

Therapy Thursday with Erin Ambrose - Dealing with a Diagnosis

Sac County Fair. Animals and Food

Sabrina: SPCA Pet of the Week - Buttons

Idol Recap - Caleb Johnson Wins.

Whistle GPS App for missing dogs.

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Fox40 TV
Photos: Fox40

Good Day Sacramento:
Show&Tell: Ken: Malcolm gets first Lego sets Walt Disney Family Museum in SF Mary Blair exhibit and prototype of It's a Small World dolls. Marianne took picture of the California sign at Cal Expo

#Questionoftheday: What reality TV show would you like to be on?

5am Club Member: Judy Knowles from Galt

Marianne's Daily List: 3 Foods That are Keeping You Up at Night
We know a cup of coffee right before bedtime probably isn’t the best idea for a restful night’s sleep. But there are other less-obvious foods and drinks that might be the culprit! On the Daily List this morning, three foods that might keeping you from sleeping. Tomato sauce. Aged foods. water

Show us your: Throwback Thursday Old Friends  old friends 1

Mark: News of the Weird: Ride on Curlin's dog showed up missing with new hip. Gnome had a Jesus figurine inside. Woman arrested in Rob Ford SUV.

Ken: California Chrome Update  cal chrome 3

Mark/Ken/Marianne: Talked with Rachel from SMUD about SOLART Exhibit
Opening Reception Tonight 4pm-7pm
Exhibit Open Until July 31
SMUD Customer Service Center
6301 S Street
Sacramento, CA,

Your Daily Joe: Grad Caps that are decorated to stand out. Baloo the Bear friends with Lion and Tiger. Frostie the goat given a wheelchair

The Car Czar
Doug the Car Czar
The Car Czar Auto Repair
2301 El Camino Ave, Sacramento, CA
and Corner of San Juan & Greenback, Citrus Heights, CA
The Car Czar Show
Sunday Mornings at 11am
Following Good Day Sacramento
Today's Topic: He helped solve some simple repairs you should never say “yes” to, along with answered some viewer questions!
1. Air Filter 2. Shock and Struts. 3. Tune Ups

Courtney: Check this Out: Schwinn Biking Game. Cody, Ken, Mark, Doug and Courtney give this educational game a try during National Bike Month.
Retails for $25

Mark/Ken: Memorial Mike Day Tomorrow in Roseville. Celebrating well Mike

Doug: A look back at The Car Czar Show as they get set to start Season 4 following Good Day Weekend Sunday's at 11am

Marianne: 3 Steps to Fight Pet Cancer
One in four dogs will develop some type of cancerous tumor during their lifetime, and pet cancer is the number one disease-related killer of both dogs and cats. Just like with humans, detecting cancer early and being healthy enough to fight the disease means this diagnosis doesn’t have to be a death sentence. With May being Pet Cancer Awareness Month, Marianne with Rachel from Petco showed three preventative steps you can take to help fight cancer in your family pet.
Step 1: Regular Grooming
Step 2: Proper Nutrition
Step 3: Perform Checks at Home

Ken: California Chrome Update.

Video of Pittman High School Student performing Michael Jackson's Bille Jean

Marianne/Ken: Talked with Hugh Jackman from X-Men Days of Future Past which opens Friday in Theaters everywhere.  Hugh Jackman

Mark: ROTC Captain Kevin Burkes from River City HS got accepted to Air Force Academy. River City getting ready to surprise follow student Sufia Mehmood who is going to Harvard

Doug answers viewer questions

#9amtopic: What do you do when you're feeling lonely?

Lori: Unhealthy vs. Healthy Fair Food
The most unhealthy, crazy foods can be found at the fair – but healthy foods are also there! Check out these foods you should avoid, and the ones you should eat!
1.) Dill Pickle corn dog NOTE: Milo Franks-owner of Milo and Sons for more 40 years showed how to make the pickle corn dog
2.) Grilled pork belly drizzled in caramel and sea salt
3.) California Burrito – a burrito with French fries
1) Cauliflower sandwich (with avocado)
2) Steamed Artichokes
Sacramento County Fair
Admission: $5
Kids 12 and under: Free

Mark: Sufia Mehmood student at River City HS gets surprise for going to Harvard.

Courtney: Hans from Ikea Small Space Makeover for viewer Chelsea

Ken: Jimmy Pailer and the Prophets perform on the Good Day Stage

Lori: Checks out the animals at the Sac County Fair

Laura: Gina from Thrift Town...
5005 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 9164540435 Open till 9 PM
Thrift Town 6328 Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael, CA 95608 Corner of Marconi & Fair Oaks 9164800312 Today's topic Turning old books into new by making them into a journal

Jimmy Pailer and Prophets perform another song.

Tina: Networking Nexus
Today 3:30pm – 7:30pm
Sacramento Convention Center
Member $10
Non-member $20
Learning Job Interview Skills.

Courtney: Small Space Makeover continues.

Ken's Manly Minute: The First Impression
Never underestimate the importance of making a good first impression. “If you don’t take how you appear seriously,” he says, “how can you expect anyone else to take you seriously?” How to walk into a room, like a boss!! Being able to enter a room with confidence begins long before you ever cross the threshold of the door. Getting in the right mindset before you get to an event will prepare you to put your best foot forward once you get there. Here’s how. Create a dressing ritual. Practice Power pose. Reset your emotional steps. Know before you go. Smile.

Final #Questionoftheday: You prefer to be along so you can___?

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

Quick Thought:
My58 Internship, Fun at the Fair, HS Student honored

Fox40 Acting out at Studio 24, Whistle App, Pet of the Week. Fun at the fair.

Good Day: Michael Jackson at Pittman High School Turlock, Good Day Art gets honored. Doug turns 4, It's a Small world, Legos, Fun at the fair, DIY

My58: Today on My58 they headed out to River City High School as they honor one student, gave tips how to find the best internship and checked out the Sac County Fair.

Fox40: Today on Fox40 talked about a couple of things first getting acting lessons at Studio 24 for your kids. and talked American Idol recap with Caleb winning.

Good Day Sacramento:
In this hour Show and Tell had a 3 for 1. Ken's song Malcolm wanted to go to Legoland Water Park but settled for his first sets of legos for now. Cody talked about It's a Small World Prototype dolls on display in SF. Marianne took a picture with the California sign at Cal Expo. Rob Ford saw a woman arrested in his SUV and yes that was part of News of the Weird. The 5am Club Member was introduced. Today's California Chrome update was given. Today's Question of the Day was What Reality Show would you like to be on. Today's Show us Yours was Old Friends for Throwback Thursday.

In this hour Rachel from SMUD joined to talk about their new Solar Art exhibit. Doug the Car Czar gave tips to NOT do while at the repair shop including falling for a "Tune up" Translation just give them your wallet. Also we first saw the Schwinn Bike game in Show and Tell the other day. Today Courtney, Mark, Ken, Doug, and Cody played a round. This educational game retails for about $25. A Pittman High School Student is taking Youtube by storm with his Michael Jackson performance. Good Day is attempting to book him. Marianne had her Daily Joe that included a Bear, Lion and Tiger all living together as friends.

Celebrate all things Mike tomorrow in Roseville. Are you Mike? You have a day for that as seen in this our of Good Day. Marianne got tips to try and prevent cancer in your dogs. Doug the Car Czar is getting ready to start his 4th season of the Car Czar Show. See the show every Sunday following Good Day at 11am on CW31. Ken had his California Chrome update.

In this hour X-Men Hugh Jackman joined in on the GREAT Brady Bunch debate as well as talked about his new movie opening Friday. Mark was at River City HS in West Sac as they honor 2 of their own students. One going to Air Force Academy the other going to Harvard. Lori ate Fair Food including a dill pickle corn dog. Doug answered viewer car questions. Jimmy Pailer and the Prophets performed on the Good Day stage prior to taking the Sac Music Fest. Courtney was with Hans from Ikea making over one local woman's backyard. The #9amtopic was introduced. A New trend is starting up at schools called the buddy bench. When someone is sitting there other kids come over to hang out with them so they are not lonely. So today's #9amttopic was What do you do when you're lonely.

In this hour Mark, Laura and Ken covered the hour along with today's #9amtopic. Jimmy Pailer and the band performed another song. Lori was checking out the sights at the county fair. Tina was getting interview tips. Courtney was making over a small space backyard. Ken's Manly Minute talked about good first impressions. Gina from Thrift Town had more great DIY ideas.

Final Thoughts:
Two stories that caught my eye on My58 today were How to protect your password from Hackers. With the recent attack on Ebay it is important you change your password every so often. A few places even make you change it every 3-4 months. Also today with Summer coming up they gave great places to go for vacation.

You could make a case that Fox40 went to the Animals today because of so many animal segments. First they hung out with the animals at the Sacramento County Fair, Then it being Thursday it was time for Pet of the Week. Button is a little Chihuahua who needs a home. But once you get this little guy home he might need a Whistle to inform you where he is if he comes up missing. Good news There's an App for that. Whistle GPS helps you find your dog however it is a bit pricy but at least you can check its whereabouts.

As you know 49'ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is from Pittman HS in Turlock but now he has company. Today on Good Day this current student took Michael Jackson's Billie Jean and perfected it so well it is flawless during a recent school talent show. However reports say this teen thinks he could do better. I don't know how he could do it better than he already did. You be the judge.

As I stated in the Opening today I got to meet the talented Art Department at Good Day yesterday. Earlier today Don Smith who leads this great department posted this message "Three Emmy nominations and now THREE National Promax Award nominations!" I am so proud of all of these GREAT people and having meeting them yesterday and always admiring their work these accomplishments are well deserved and they better win or it's fixed. Here is just some of the artwork they do each day.   GoodDay Crew family 1 old friends 1 nasal 1 Golf Guitars 1 cartoon

In today's Show and Tell Ken bought son Malcolm Legos and Ken will soon be in the club of stepping on them at 3am. Cody talked about It's a Small World Dolls being on display in San Francisco.

Also today on Good Day Sacramento last week we met Sufia from River City High School. She was accepted to Harvard and Princeton and announced live on the show she would be attending Harvard. Today she and fellow classmate Kevin Burke who will be attending Air Force Academy and the 2 were honored with an assembly at school and Mark was there to take in the ceremony.

Lori was out at Cal Expo checking all things County Fair which opens today through Monday. She even ate fair food because Cody can't and Mark was at River City HS. Lori is such a team player.

Sacramento Music Fest is this weekend and Jimmy Pailer and the Prophets stopped by to perform 2 songs for the Good Day Sacramento audience.

Today is Thursday so that meant Gina from Thrift Town had another GREAT DIY project idea to take an old book and make it into journal to give to a teacher and/or student to write in. She even took the old pages to use as a decoration type bow.

Nice job for a Thursday on all 3 shows. Tune in tomorrow for a Dance party Friday and more fun.

Today in the News Schedule:
Friday - Fox40, Good Day

Sat/Sun - Good Day Weekend

Looking Ahead To Good Day Sacramento:
Dance Party Friday

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Melissa (Amy Off)

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Lori (Amy Off)
Ask Eleanor
Dishin With Tina at...
Nina's Day

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