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Breathin'.... Today in the News 5/20/2014:

Breathin'.... Today in the News 5/20/2014:

Opening Statement:
Before I talk about the Billboard Music Awards from Sunday I just want to say that Christina Grimmie from Team Adam on the Voice should win the Voice. She is beautiful and amazing. I also thing Josh from Team Blake should come in second he is a true Country Star.

Sunday Night was the Billboard Music Awards. I admit I am not much into the music today because it all sounds the same and made with computers rather than real life voices. (Auto Tune) But with that said I am really into Arianna Grande right now, Imagine Dragons sound pretty good but it's the old classics that I still like. I didn't much care for the JLo song but her Award speech spoke volumes telling people to follow their dreams. But it was some of the presenters, and announcers who caught my eye most. First though I can't stand her Nikki Minaj looked amazing even with her risque dress that you could see under the breast area. Kylie Jenner I have one message for you. "Hooked on Phonics" If your going to read something learn how to read it before you look, sound and act stupid.

Needing its own paragraph was the Michael Jackson performance. I started out hating it. I ended with loving it. I know it was no more than a computer image but it was innovative. The song not sucking helped too. Monday afternoon really solidified my feelings toward the performance when sister Janet tweeted out this message Janet Jackson ‏@JanetJackson My brother, Michael, was, is and always will be a genius. I love you, Mike. Janet

What is taking place Today in the News....

Special Announcements:
Please Like Mark at the Movies on Facebook #QuestFor3000  mattm logo 1

Throwdown Challenge May 25th - Biscuits and Gravy

Grub Run is BACK Enter for a chance to win lunch for your office from Panda Express. Enter now - May27, 2014 at 10am PST on  grub

Queen of Dating Event summar luau

El Camino Fundamental High School’s ALL CLASS Reunion – 2014. Please join us for a casual, (BYOB/BYOF) picnic style reunion this year at Ancil Hoffman Park on June 28th, 2014 from 12-6pm. $5 Cover

News You Can Use... Today's Top Headlines:
City Council vote on Arena tonight

Actor Michael Jace arrested in connection of shooting death of his wife

Ex Cal Fire Chief heads to court today to face murder charges.

Conn. Teen asked VP Biden to her prom and though he declined he sent her a corsage and invite to White House.

Good Day Sacramento:
Show&Tell: Courtney: Schwinn Bike Board Game retails for $25

#Questionoftheday: What makes a party to you.

5am Club Member: From Cairo Egypt Dina Darwish joined via Skype

Marianne's Daily List: We all know supermarkets are out to make money. And once your inside a supermarket, there are a lot of things they do to get you to buy just a little more. Here are three tricks we still fall for. Smells. Size of shopping cart. Product Placement

Show us your: Golf and/or Guitars / Nasal Strips  Golf Guitars 1 nasal 1 nasal 4 nasal 5 nasal 6 nasal 7 nasal 2 nasal 3

Mark: News of the Weird: Man sues for more money than exists in NY. Burning bread crumbs force plane to return. Conn University had to delay graduation after a student called in a bomb threat after she learned she was not graduating.

Ken: California Chrome Update.

Ju: App of the Week ShutterSong FREE!!!

Amy: Viewer/Homeowner in Citrus Heights, Terry Ryan collects Patriotic Antiques and more.

Ken: California Chrome update

Mark: Surf Camp Recap from Monday

Amy: Continues with Terry Ryan - Massive collector. - This collection of items is very impressive.

CNet - Brian Cooley - Better Cellular calls.

Mark: Talks Blended with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler

Amy: Continues with Massive Collector Terry.

Marianne: Finances Stuck in the 90s?!!
You’re probably not wearing stirrup pants or rocking the grunge look, but your finances may still be stuck in the 90s! Old-fashioned finances can add frustration, but more importantly, cost you money! Financial advisor Jeff Bangerter from Bangerter Financial Services is here with signs you are behind the times. Autopay is mystery. Cell phone doesn't help you shop. You don't know your score (Credit) Think your job will fund your retirement. Managing your money is someone else job

Ken; California Chrome Update - Arrived in New York.  cal chrome 1 cal chrome 2

Marianne/Ken: Escalon FFA
We’re hanging out with the Escalon FFA team!! A local student shows off her prized hen turkeys!! Their names are Stuffing, Cranberry and Ambrosia!! Fifteen-year-old Julia Orlando showed and will be selling her hen turkeys at next month’s San Joaquin County Ag Fest!! Julia inspires to become a Vet.
Ag Fest
June 17-21
***Junior Livestock Auction will be Saturday June 21st starting at 8am
San Joaquin County Fairgrounds
Stockton, CA

Amy: Continues from Terry's home - Visits backyard.

Mark: KNCI Golf & Guitars
KNCI’s annual Golf & Guitars fundraiser takes over Haggin Oaks! All of the proceeds from the event benefit the Morton Golf Foundation and the Artist’s Charity of Choice. We’re live with Pat and Tom who are broadcasting live from the course! Plus, we’ll talk to some players as they check in for the tournament. Golf & Guitars is SOLD OUT but public is welcome to come out to Haggin Oaks and meet artists for free! Mark talked with Chuck Wicks.  chuck wicks

Marianne/Ken: More from Escolan FFA - Lamb and Pig

#9amtopic: The dad who kicked his 6 year old down a skate ramp says he has lost his job and is relocating due to public outrage after the video went viral. Do you think he deserves all the backlash?

Mark: Continues from Golf and Guitars

Dave Builds a Snowman  snowman 2 snowman 1

Cambi Air Conditioning Tune-Up
Temperatures are warming up and it’s a good time to test your air conditioning unit and make sure it’s working. Calls to Bell Brothers usually triple after the first hot day, but it’s good to know ahead of time if it’s working before you have to wait while you sweat!
Bell Brothers Heating & Air

Courtney: ODD Pawn Finalist
916 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Mark: Golf and Guitars - Talks to Swon Brothers who appeared on the voice.

Cambi with more AC Maintenance with Bell Bros.

Ju: Trending Topics: Russian man divorce settlement $4.5 Billion in cash and $100 Million plus in property. McDonald's new mascot with a face on a box is scaring kids. Scariest Runway landings.

Ken: California Chrome Update - Ken will be reporting live from Belmont

Courtney: Odd Pawn Continues - Winner is..... Gary. Gary is the one who had the fire grenade

Final #Questionoftheday: Which celebrity would you like to car shop with?

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

Quick Thought:
California Chrome can breath and so can the Good Day Crew

Down at the Pawn Shop

Golf and Guitars

Trending Topics

Massive Collection

Do you want to build a Snowman - In May?

All this and more in Today in the News....

Good Day Sacramento:
May is Bike month so today on Show and Tell Courtney showed the new Schwinn Bike Board Game. The Daily list today talked about Supermarket secrets including the smells to make you buy more. Mark's News of the Weird talked about a New York man suing for more money than exists. Ken gave the daily California Chrome update. The question of the day was What makes a good party? Today's Show us Yours was a triple. Nasal Strips, Golf, Guitar. Today we had a very special 5am Club Member of the Day. Joined via Skype from Cairo Egypt Dina Darwish. Dina said she joined the club by mistake when her boss told everyone to join a 5am club to exercise. Dina has never seen the show because the time difference was sent clips of some favorites. This was pretty cool seeing.

In this hour Ken gave his hourly California Chrome update and all of the cast and crew continue their support with their nasal strips. Mark recapped his day at Surf Camp from yesterday. Amy was at a local woman's house who has a collection so massive I was impressed with all she has from Paint brushes, to patriotic items to bird cages and more. Julissa had another cool app of the week that allows you to load music to your pictures called shuttersong.

California Chrome is in New York! In this hourly update from Ken live pictures of his arrival came in. Staying with the animal theme 15 year old Julia from Escolan will be selling her Prized hens named Stuffing, Ambrosia, and Cranberry. After High School this teen wants to become a Vet. Mark sat down with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore to talk Blended opening Friday. Marianne got financial advice from an expert. Mark and Ken talked with Brian Cooley about the future of better cellular. Amy continued from the Most Interesting Collector in the World or at least this area

In this hour Amy was in the backyard of the massive collector of the day to check out her Tonka Truck garden. While Camera Guy Dave was building a snowman Cambi was checking out proper repairs and maintenance for Air Conditions. Marianne and Ken went back to the Escolan FFA to check out a lamb and pig. Mark was at the KNCI Golf and Guitars where he talked to Country Star Chuck Wicks. Courtney was at California Loan for Odd Pawn and its finalist. The HOT BUTTON #9amtopic was introduced. The father who kicked his son down a skate ramp doesn't think the backlash is worthy. (HMM)

In this hour and the final hour of the day Julissa and Laura took us through the #9amtopic plus gave a us Trending Topics that included a Russian divorce that cost him over $4.5 Billion in settlements. Cambi got more AC tips from Bell Bros. Mark talked to the Swon Brothers and more from Golf and Guitars. Ken gave his hourly California Chrome where he revealed he will be going to Belmont so that means #Ken2Belmont is/was a success. Dave built a Snowman on top of Mobile 13. The winner of Odd Pawn was announced and it was Gary. Gary had the fire grenade. The final question of the day was What celebrity would you like to go car shopping with.

Final Thoughts:
I am a toy collector and I know a lot of collectors but today Amy was with a collector so impressive she could be called Queen of Kooky Collectors and her collection wasn't even under that category. Terry Ryan of Citrus Heights collects antiques. Her collection is most patriotic but she has everything, Birdcages, Paint Brushes, Tonka Trucks, Wheels and so much more. This was Awesome and I don't know if Amy made it through all of this. It was almost like a museum inside.

California Chrome is so big he gets media coverage on the level of Tim Tebow, Johnny Football and the Kardashian's the only difference is California Chrome has already had a better career than all of them put together. Today on Good Day Ken gave an hourly update including his live arrival in New York on Good Day and then in the 9am hour Ken revealed he would be heading to Belmont Stakes to cover this Yuba City horse. Also today the Good Day crew showed their support for the horse by wearing Breathe Rite Nasal Strips.

Mark was out at a charity event for KNCI. Pat and Tom have put this special event together for years and this year the Swan Bros, (Voice - Blake Team) and Chuck Wick are just some of the Country Music stars appearing at Golf and Guitars.

A Couple weeks ago Warren from California Loan announced his annual contest for Odd items at the Pawn Shop was taken place. Today we met the 4 finalist who had Odd Pawn. One had a WWII Bayonet, another was an old phone, and another was a Popeye on a bike attached to a bell. However the winner of Odd Pawn was Gary. Gary had a fire grenade that has never been activated.

Well here's something you may not see everyday, Cambi was in Elk Grove getting tips on how to keep your AC working all summer long with the temps in the high 90's a few days ago and Camera Guy Dave was building a snowman in the Sierra's with a late Spring Snow Storm dropping a couple of inches of new snow. Dave was last seen with the Snowman on the car and Que. the music Let it Go the snowman was well, let go.

On Trending Topics with Julissa today she talked about a Russian couple getting a ruling in divorce court. Men listen up. If you cheat on your wife get the checkbook ready. He has to pay her $1.3 Million in properties and $4.5 Billion with a "B" in cash. How did that cheating go for you? This is the most in history to be awarded in divorce court.

Good Day Sacramento delivered another great show today. With lots of fun stuff. Reminder tomorrow is Dishin with Tina, Good Day Sacramento driving test and more. Plus I'll be covering all of Good Day Sacramento and Idol Chatter on Fox. I have a very special day tomorrow that you can look for in final thoughts.

Today in the News Schedule:
Wednesday - Good Day / Fox40 Idol Chatter Final ONLY!!!

Thursday - My58, Fox40, Good Day

Friday - Fox40, Good Day

Sat/Sun - Good Day Weekend

Looking Ahead To Good Day Sacramento:
Cody Returns
Good Day Driving Test
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Gina from ThriftTown

Dance Party Friday

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
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