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Good Luck.... Today in the News 5/92014:

Good Luck.... Today in the News 5/92014:

Opening Statement:
After the day I had yesterday I will only be covering Good Day today. I will bring back Fox40 and My58 Monday.

I have so much to talk about today in the opening I don't know where to start. I was going to talk about Audrey going on leave but I will wait until my Final Thoughts to do that.

Last Night on American Idol the Top 3 got announced and they get their own Hometown Visit. Going home to visit are Jena, Caleb, and Alex Just going home is Jessica as predicted.

After a long time between the Super Bowl and NFL Draft the Draft finally got here. With the first pick Houston took DE Jadeveon Clowney from South Carolina. The first trade of the night came from Buffalo jumping to #4 ahead of Oakland to draft Wide Receiver Sammy Watkins from Clemson. Sammy is FAST!!! When Oakland drafted they got DE Khalil Mack out of Buffalo who many debated he could be the top pick. Johnny Manziel slipped out of the top 10 and kept falling all the way to #22 to Cleveland. After a trade at 20 New Orleans stepped up to take Stockton Native and Pac 12 Record Breaker former Oregon State Beaver Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks. At the 30th spot the San Francisco 49'ers selected Safety Jimmie Ward. (Sorry I don't know much about other than if he can step in at corner he can replace Carlos Rogers who departed for Oakland.Seattle then traded the final pick in the round (32) to Minnesota who drafted QB Teddy Bridgewater. BREAKING NEWS!!!! Some sad news coming out of Buffalo for their fans. Stevie Johnson, Fairfield Native and lives in Elk Grove during the off season has been traded for a 2015 4th Round Pick. Happy News about this it's to San Francisco 49'ers so he gets to stay home. Stevie lost his mom last year before they played Jacksonville but no one knew it until after the game. However Stevie did honor his mom with #HiMom under his eyes. Stevie was devastated with this news and never played in Buffalo again as he returned home. Now today he can stay home for good. So as a Bills fan I am sadden. As a Stevie Johnson fan and friend I am happy for him. #GOODLUCKSTEVIE #HIMOM  stevie himomsj13 watkins watkins 1 brandin

What is taking place Today in the News....

Special Announcements:
Please Like Mark at the Movies on Facebook #QuestFor5000  mattm logo 1

From Courtney Dempsey Pancake Challenge: Have you been told your flapjacks are to die for? Enter for a chance to participate in the first Good Day Pancake Challenge! FIRST go to for rules and details. THEN email your sweet or savory pancake recipe to Entries will be accepted through May 14th at 10am. The Pancake Challenge will take place on Friday, May 16th live on Good Day!  pancake

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El Camino Fundamental High School’s ALL CLASS Reunion – 2014. Please join us for a casual, (BYOB/BYOF) picnic style reunion this year at Ancil Hoffman Park on June 28th, 2014 from 12-6pm. $5 Cover

News You Can Use... Today's Top Headlines:
Deadly crash on I-5 near Thornton (Lodi)

Cal Fire Chief Flemming could be heading to Mexico

Burger King adding Full menu to Breakfast now (Whoppers, Fries, Apple Pies and more)

Good Day Sacramento:
Show&Tell: Cody: Talks Brandin Cooks and Futuro Home for sale on Ebay. Courtney/Ken: Judging/Emceeing Talent show tonight and they are teaming again on Saturday. Cody CW show 100 picked up.

#Questionoftheday: Which relative do you speak to the most.

5am Club Member: Larry Lee

Marianne's Daily List: 3 Crazy Ways Americans Want to Quit Their Jobs
Have you ever thought about how you might quit your job someday? You might fantasize about laying into your boss on a day you’re really mad about something — or maybe something a little more public! A company called “Shoutly” that shows people how to make money on social media, polled its users and found 52-percent have thought about quitting their job in some surprising fashion other than giving two weeks’ notice.

Show us your: Actor / Mothers Day Plans  actor 1

Mark: AllenTown - Grass Valley.

Your Daily Joe: Donkey collects honey in Brazil. Makeup Printer developed at Harvard. Prankster gives homeless man fake lottery ticket and video of his excitement goes viral and funding campaign raises $44K for the man.

Ken: Talked with Michelle East Sac Garden Tour
Tomorrow & Sunday 10am-4pm
More Info: 9162776271
Benefitting David Lubin Elementary School

Mark: More from Grass Valley At Carolines Coffee
128 South Auburn Street
Grass Valley, CA

Ju: Flix in Motion
13389 Folsom Blvd, Ste 300-336,
Folsom, CA 95630
8882834913  flix 1 flix 2

Marianne: Talked with Stephen Cherniske and Natalie Kather MD. about The Metabolic Makeover

Courtney: Talked with Leslie Asfour about A Story of Fashion
Delta College, Shima Center
Tonight 8pm runway show $30

Courtney/Marianne/Ken/Audrey try the new season fries from McDonalds. Pour fries into a bag and shake well.
Shakin Flavor Fries Party
McDonald's Howe and Arden
Sacramento, CA
May 17th 7pm-10pm  mc fries 2 mc fries 3 mc fries 1

Mark: Tours Sierra College in Grass Valley. Talks to Zac Efron and Dave Franco from Neighbors.

Courts Tunes: Movies

Ken/Marianne: Talked to Amy about her Wearable Art Wedding Dress
California’s oldest fair rolls into Dixon for another year of fun, food and lots of entertainment! We’re checking out one of the featured exhibits — a wedding dress made out of 1500 pages from a Twilight book!
Dixon May Fair
Today-Sunday Noon-11pm
655 South First Street
Dixon, CA

#9amTopic: If It weren't for my mom____

Cody: Talked to Dr. Allen Lim about Fueling the Amgen Cyclists
Soon all eyes will be on Northern California as the Amgen Pro Tour kicks off in Sacramento this Sunday! But how do these pro cyclists fuel their bodies for peak performance? Cody and the Doctor revealed the ways these athletes get the nutrients they need to cross the finish line.!/SkratchLabs

Marianne/Ken: Talked with Crystal from Safeway for Mother's Day Gift Ideas on a budget.

Courtney: Young Actors Stage
2791 24th St.,
Sacramento, CA
Actors perform a portion of Wizard of Oz.

Mel: Shows us the Ziggle at Fusion Early Learning Preschool
202 Bonita St,
Roseville, CA
This new product is made by Radio Flyer and you wiggle to make it go.Ziggle is $49.99 the Cyclone also shown is $59.99  ziggle cyclone

Mark: From Grass Valley talking to college students and showed Seth Rogen about Neighbors.  matm neighbors

Sean: Dog Rescued from a ledge at an Antelope Home yesterday.  dog

Courtney: From Young Actors Stage. as they get set to take on the Wizard of Oz.

Tina: What’s Cookin’ in Fairfield?
Some people drive along I-80 on their way to the bay but might not think of stopping for a bite to eat in Fairfield. Tina checked out Crepes N More to see what they were serving up for breakfast.
Crepes N More
620 Jackson Street
Fairfield, CA

Teaching kids with fun with toys. at Fusion Early Learning PreSchool.

Ken's Manly Minute: None

Laura/Ju: Audrey gets her send off.  audrey

Final #Questionoftheday: Farthest place driven to to try some good food.

Dance Party: La La La - Naughty Boy Featuring Sam Smith.

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

Quick Thought:
Mother's Day

Shakin' Not Stirred

Good Luck

All this and More in Today in the News....

Good Day Sacramento:
Today's Show and Tell saw Cody talk about Futuro Home for sale on Ebay, CW picking up 100 and Stockton Native Former Oregon State WR Brandin Cooks going to Saints. Ken and Courtney are spending 2 nights together for a good cause. First tonight for My Sister Nia Talent Show and Saturday for Mr. Black Sacramento. Marianne had 3 creative ways to quit your job in her Daily List. 5am Club Member was introduced. Today's Question of the Day What Relative do you talk to most and today's Show us yours... Actor.

In the 6am hour Mark was doing another edition of AllenTown from Grass Valley and ended up at Carolines Coffee. Ken talked to Michelle from East Sac Garden Tour about their event this weekend. Marianne had her Daily Joe with a printer developed for makeup.

Julissa was in Folsom checking out Flix in Motion which is perfect for your next party and cool photos along with a graffiti wall. Courtney previewed a Fashion event taking place at Delta College. Marianne, Courtney, Ken and Audrey tried the new McDonald's Shakin Fries and talked about the event at the Howe and Arden location May 17th. Cody also took part by drinking his diet drink and not eating the fries but the rest of them all loved the taste. Show us yours changed from Actor to Mother's Day plans.

In this hour Mark stumbles upon Sierra College in Grass Valley. Courtney talked with Young Actors Stage and they gave a performance of Wizard of Oz. Marianne and Ken got Mother's Day ideas from Safeway. Court's Tunes was played. Cody talked to Dr. Allen Lim about SKratch. SKratch is providing nutrition to the Amgen Cyclist. Ken and Marianne also talked to a woman who took 1500 Pages from the Twilight Book to make a Wedding Dress and you can see it this weekend on display at the Dixon May Fair. Today's #9amtopic was introduced If It Weren't for my mom...

Julissa and Laura guided us through the 9am hour and today's #9amtopic. Sean was in Antelope talking about the dog rescued from a ledge of an apartment building yesterday. Mark was in Grass Valley for AllenTown talking about Neighbors with Seth Rogen. Melissa was in Roseville checking out learning tools and fun products for kids including the Ziggler and Cyclone from Radio Flyer. Courtney went to Young Actors Stage to check out the show for itself. Tina was in Fairfield tasting the dishes at Crepes n More. Julissa and Laura give Audrey her proper send off before she goes to give birth to her daughter. Ken had no Manly Minute. The final question of the day was Farthest you driven to, to get good food. We danced into the Mother's Day Weekend.

Final Thoughts:
Today on this Good Day Sacramento Exclusive from Today in the News it was your typical Friday show. One thing I noticed was the Show Us Your actor was not going well so it seems like they changed it to What are your Mother's Day Plans which seemed to work better.

Cody is now on the Marianne Diet that helped her lose 35 lbs from Cody could not participate with Audrey, Ken, Marianne and Courtney in trying the Shakin' Fries from McDonald's. However if you are able to eat the fries go check out the special event May 17th at Arden and Howe from 7pm-10pm.

Cody led off Show and Tell today talking about Stockton native who attended Oregon State (Same school as my niece) getting drafted by the Saints and how he will be on Cody's Fantasy Football Team. I know the feeling because I too want him for mine. Courtney and Ken will be sharing the next 2 days judging and emceeing events together and say they will be sick of each other come Monday.

Mark was in Grass Valley for AllenTown checking out a place to get coffee at Carolines but then the shot was lost. After he left he found Sierra College in Grass Valley where he talked to students and of course what better time than to talk about Neighbors Movie coming out today with Dave Franco, Zac Efron, and Seth Rogen. All of which you can see this weekend on Mark at the Movies Starting at 430am on CW31, Saturday at 8am on Reelzchannel, and Sunday at 11pm on CW31.

Tina headed to Fairfield today to check out all the crepes at Crepes n More. These looked so good. While Tina was there Melissa was in Preschool checking out fun ways of teaching and new products from Radio Flyer the Cyclone and Ziggle. While they ate and learned Cody got meal tips for the Amgen Tour which Cody will be covering on Sunday so look for Amy and Lori to be covering the desk.

Today is a Happy/Sad Day as Good Day sends Audrey off to Motherhood. While we are happy for her we are sad to see her leave knowing in time she will be back in time but it will seem like it takes forever but I know Audrey will be GREAT Mom. Perhaps though it is almost time for Kristin to return.

Now that we have danced into the weekend we of course turn the controls over to Cody and Amy for the weekend. However Cody will be in the field for at least part of Sunday's show but we have a lot to look forward to including perhaps the return of Tina Dishin with Coworkers because on Sunday it is Jason "Toots" Maloney's turn at Vince's in West Sacramento.

So come back tomorrow starting at 7am-11am

Looking Ahead to what's coming up on Good Day Sacramento:
Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
Cody Covers Amgen Tour of California
Ask Eleanor
Dishin With Tina - Jason Maloney's Choice at...
Vince's Ristorante
840 Harbor Blvd,
West Sacramento, CA 95691
Hours: Mon:11:00 am ~ 9:30 pm Tue:11:00 am ~ 9:30 pm Wed:11:00 am ~ 9:30 pm Thu:11:00 am ~ 9:30 pm Fri:11:00 am ~ 10:00 pm Sat:4:00 pm ~ 10:00 pm
Nina's Day

Ken's Manly Minute Behind the Scenes Photo  manly minute monday

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