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#MayTheFourthBeYou .... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2

#MayTheFourthBeYou .... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2: 5/4/2014  may-4th-be-with-you_0

Opening Statement:
I have a couple things to talk about today but the first thing I will have much more on Monday because it's such a big story and Good Day's Ken Rudulph will be talking ALL about California Chrome Winning the Kentucky Derby. Ken called this horse at least a month before the Derby so he will be celebrating all weekend long.

Today is also Star Wars Day known as May the 4th Be With You. So over the next few minutes I will share a couple of stories with you on my Star Wars experience.
In 1977 Star Wars hit the theaters and all my brothers friends at school kept talking about it and saying how GREAT this movie was. So my sisters agreed to take us but only 2 problem. Where lived in New York at the time We only had 1 theater and 1 Drive In. The Drive In was out of the question because it was storming out complete with Thunder and Lightening. The other problem was the theater was sold out for ALL Shows. So what could we do. My oldest sister was not looking forward to Star Wars and youngest sister agreed to take us next week on 1 condition.... We had to see Grease with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. Finally we got to see it a week later and both my brother and I were hooked and we have seen every movie within a week of the opening. So before we get into Today in the News...... 

May the Force Be With You on this May the 4th Be With You Day.......  may-the-4th

Special Announcements:
Please Like Mark at the Movies on Facebook #QuestFor5000  mattm logo 1

From Courtney Dempsey Pancake Challenge: Have you been told your flapjacks are to die for? Enter for a chance to participate in the first Good Day Pancake Challenge! FIRST go to for rules and details. THEN email your sweet or savory pancake recipe to Entries will be accepted through May 14th at 10am. The Pancake Challenge will take place on Friday, May 16th live on Good Day!  pancake

Join Nina Hajian Cody Briana Mark S. Allen and the rest of theNow 100.5 fm family for a day/night of Fun with NOW Glowing 5K $35.00 gets you signed up NOW and includes ALL THE GLOW you need, a concert with the Goo Goo Dolls and Mary Lambert and so much MORE!
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El Camino Fundamental High School’s ALL CLASS Reunion – 2014. Please join us for a casual, (BYOB/BYOF) picnic style reunion this year at Ancil Hoffman Park on June 28th, 2014 from 12-6pm. $5 Cover

News You Can Use... Top Headlines:
Amy is dressed as Princess Leia and Cody is dressed as Han Solo. Costumes provided by Decades.
2004 Del Paso
Sacramento, CA 95815

California Chrome wins Kentucky Derby

Sacramento Republic won 2-1 last night

Dishin With Tina at... Mangy Moose Cafe
506 E Yosemite Ave
Manteca, CA 95336
Hours: Tue:7:00 am ~ 1:30 pm Wed:7:00 am ~ 1:30 pm Thu:7:00 am ~ 1:30 pm Fri:7:00 am ~ 1:30 pm Sat:7:00 am ~ 1:00 pm Sun:7:00 am ~ 12:00 pm
Remember if you have an idea for Dishin with Tina to send to

Ask Eleanor:
Follow Eleanor 7 Days a week on Facebook and see her reports every Sunday live on Good Day Weekend
Today Eleanor talked about... George Clooney Engagement ring is 7 karat. Invites for Kim and Kanye for May 24 in Paris. Lisa Marie Presley has back issues. Tom Bergeron out at Funniest Home Video. Howie Mandel wants it.

Show us your... Princess Buns.

#GDSJustCurious: Favorite Star Wars Movie Character

Mel: $25 Eat for a Week Update
It’s DAY 7 of the $25 eat for a week challenge!! Was Melissa able to stay within a 25 dollar budget FOR ALL OF HER MEALS?.... Answer... She had a $1.81 left over.  meleats 2 meleats 1 meleats 3

Cambi: Fundraiser Garage Sale.
8663 Sumerlin Ct.
Elk Grove, CA
Today: 7am-4pm
A Fire destroyed a home and everything was lost. Today 2 friends got together to help raise money for her.

Nina: North Modesto Kiwanis Chicken A-Go-Go
May 4, 2014
11:00am - 5:00pm
Davis Park 2701 College
Modesto , CA 95350

Cody: Nicolas from Nicolas Garden was in the Good Day Kitchen cooking up food and talking about Eppie’s Kids Duathlon
Sacramento’s Discovery Park
Saturday, May 17, 2014
8 am-12pm

Mel: Pizza Burger
This past week Amy showed you the pizza cake… Now Melissa showed you the pizza burger! Forget the traditional burger on a bun… They took your favorite American burger…wrapping it with pizza dough… And popping it in the pizza oven!
Skipolini's Pizza
6600 Lone Tree Blvd.,
Rocklin, CA
9167891818  pizza cake

Nina: Gift Ideas for Mom
Intrinsic Elements
1214 J St,
Modesto, CA 95354

Cambi: Civil War Days
It’s an event for History buffs and spectators everywhere! 150 years ago marked the turning point of the Civil War. In 1863, the North was beginning to exert its industrial and population advantage on the battlefield. The South continued to seek foreign alliances as a means of buttressing its military strength. Is that enough history for you?
Gibson Ranch Regional Park
Sacramento, CA
Today: 9:00-3:00

Mel: Checks out the finished product of the Burger Pizza from Skipolini.

Cody: Ben from Empire Comics Vault talked Spider-Man and Star Wars with Cody
1120 Fulton Avenue, Suite K
Sacramento, CA

Cody/Amy: Mark S. Allen joined via Skype to talk Star Wars  mAY 1

Nina: What's For Breakfast at Deva
1202 J St, Modesto, CA 95354
2095723382  deva

Amy: Mariachi Nuevo Continental performs on the Good Day Stage. x2

1100 O ST.
Sacramento, CA
(916) 498-1744

Cambi: Megan, Juan and the FM 102.5 Crew for #1025Live. The concert stated at noon and is off the Garden HWY at Discovery Park Featuring 50 Cent.

Lori: Mothers Day Gift Ideas - Jewelry, cover ups, hats and purses.
Jillie Jacks
9086 Elk Grove Blvd.
Elk Grove, CA 95624:

Cody: May the Fourth Be With You
May the Fourth Be With You is an out-of-this-world fundraiser and special day-long convention-style event in honor of Star Wars day, run by local Star Wars fans, featuring costumed characters, unique vendors, kids’ arts and crafts, board games, video games, charity auction, costume parade and contest, script reading contest, lighted saber demos, panels, live comedy, memorabilia exhibits, hands-on activities and more! Food will be available for purchase on site as well.50% of tickets sales will go directly to Make-A-Wish Foundation! Additional funds will also be allocated for the City of West Sacramento Department of Parks and Recreation children’s programs, and other local community organizations.
West Sacramento Civic Center
Open 10am-8pm
Tickets: $10 at the door
5304173365  may 2

Amy: Vallejos is back with more Mexican Cocktails

Cambi: Kenny dances and she talks to Shorty from KSFM 102.5 FM

Nina: Goes back to Chicken a Go Go for more Chicken fun.

Lori: Hot Headlines - Adam Levine colors hair blonde and Lori HATES IT!!!. White House Corespondents Dinner - Jessica Simpson appears. More looks at the fashion from the dinner. Britney broke dancers nose with a backhand while dancing. William and Harry in Memphis TN for a Wedding.

Cody: Star Wars Event from West Sacramento as they get set for the Costume Contest.
Geeks Need Glasses makes custom drinking glasses.

Quick Thought:
May the Fourth Be With You

Ask Eleanor

Dishin With Tina

Mothers Day Gifts.

Cinco De Mayo

All this and more in Today in the News.....

To kick off today's show May the 4th Be With You especially those on staff who have not seen the movie, Lori Wallace, Cambi Brown to name a few. But I digress. Today is Star Wars Day so Cody dressed as Han Solo and Amy dressed as Princess Leia both looked very good. Melissa completed her 7 days of eating on a budget and was able to save $1.81 on just spending $25 a week. Cambi was in Elk Grove for a very special garage sale for a local woman who lost everything in a fire and 2 friends got together to raise money for her and now the community is also joining in. Nina was in Modesto for Chicken A-Go-Go an event for just $10 and you take chicken home or have a BBQ in the park. Of Course it is Sunday so Eleanor gave all the juicy gossip from Hollywood including Funniest Home Video's is looking for a new host... Hello Cody?

In this hour the Star Wars fun continued but so did Melissa going to Skipolini's Pizza for the Burger Pizza. Cambi was at Gibson ranch for something other than Star Wars it is Civil War days so she was checking all things Civil War out. Cody was with kid chef Nicolas who was in the studio cooking a burrito and talking about his event coming up. Nina was in Modesto checking out gift ideas for mom from Insintrics Element. Today on Dishin With Tina she traveled to Manteca to check out Mangy Moose Cafe.

In the 9am hour the Party continued with Mariachi music from Nuevo Continental. Cambi was hanging with the FM 102.5 crew for #1025Live. Nina was checking out was was for breakfast at Deva in Modesto. Cody and Amy chatted via Skype with Mark S. Allen for May the 4th Be With You. Melissa was finishing up the Skipolini Burger Pizza. Amy was with Vallejos who are preparing for the Cinco De Mayo celebration tomorrow but today as well. Ben from Empire Comics was in studio talking to Cody about Spider-Man and Star Wars Comics. Lori had her Hot Headlines and talked about Adam Levine dying his hair blonde and she hates it. I have to agree it is pretty bad and not a good luck for her.

In this hour with Cody heading to a May the 4th Event in West Sacramento Lori took the spot on the desk with Amy this hour where they talked to Jilliejacks in Elk Grove about GREAT gift ideas for mom, Cambi was getting Dance lessons from Kenny at #1025Live. Chicken A Go-Go delivered chicken to the studio and Nina headed back there in this hour. Cody went to West Sacramento City Hall for a May The Fourth Be With You. Vallejo's was back showing Amy Cinco De Mayo cocktails.

Final Thoughts:
It always feels like a Sunday when Nina is on Good Day and today she was in Modesto for the 4 hours. First checking out Chicken A Go-Go from the Kiwanis Club finding out all things to do and eat for this event. But she was also checking out what was for Breakfast at Deva Cafe. Before her Deva coffee but following her Chicken segment she stopped in at Intrinsic Elements to find out what gift ideas they had to offer for Mom and all Mothers for her day next Sunday. Nina would go back to Davis Park in Modesto to check out more fun at Chicken A Go Go.

Cambi was back after missing yesterday's show and she was checking out a cool Garage Sale for a local Elk Grove Woman who lost everything in a fire so 2 friends got together to raise money for her. Cambi then was hanging out with the Civil War at Gibson Ranch before crashing the #1025Live Party at Discovery Park where she learned to dance from Kenny. Kenny is a guy who shows up to everything and shows his moves. Kenny is a different guy for sure.

Melissa completed her 7 days on a $25 budget with success which I knew she could do then she went to get pizza at Skipolini's Pizza in Rocklin for the Burger Pizza.

Lori was also in on the Mother's Day Gift ideas in the 10am hour Jilliejacks was in studio showing off their awesome products. They are in Elk Grove and I go in here for gifts a lot. Plus Lori had Hot Headlines and does not like Adam Levine's new hair.

Being that today is Sunday we must talk about Eleanor and her gossip talking about George Clooney and the rock he gave now fiance Amal. Plus Sunday also means Tina is Dishin so today she was Dishin at Mangy Moose Cafe in Manteca and fan of the show Ruben Rubio aka Captain America said the food is delicious.

Today is also May the Fourth Be With You so everyone who loves Star Wars celebrates today. Cody was dressed as Han Solo and Amy as Princess Leia. Pictures were sent of Boba Fett Tattoos including from Jessica Jimenez who has a cool Boba Fett Tattoo. Cody went to a Star Wars event in West Sacramento where he met a girl who makes custom glasses with Star Wars on them and perhaps one of the biggest Star Wars fan I know Mark S. Allen joined via Skype to talk about the day. Plus games were played, Brian from Empire Comics joined in studio to talk about Star Wars and Spider-Man and it was revealed Cambi and Lori have never seen the movies. WHAT? How could anyone go through life without seeing these great movies especially New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi the 3 classics in the franchise.  boba fett tat jessica Jimenez

Today was a fun show and tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo so first drink but don't drive if you must and have fun. But make sure you tune into Good Day at 5am for a Pepper Popper Challenge with Mark S. Allen and so much more

Looking Ahead To Good Day Sacramento:
Sleeping Spray
Mark: Cinco De Mayo at Kicos Mexican Food for the Annual Pepper-Eating contest! / Contest starts at 5:55:55am
2324 Arden Way,
Sacramento, CA 95825

Tina Returns:
Mark: Water Skiing Barefoot (unconfirmed)

Cody Returns
Dishin With Tina at... Mangy Moose Cafe
506 E Yosemite Ave
Manteca, CA 95336
Hours: Tue:7:00 am ~ 1:30 pm Wed:7:00 am ~ 1:30 pm Thu:7:00 am ~ 1:30 pm Fri:7:00 am ~ 1:30 pm Sat:7:00 am ~ 1:00 pm Sun:7:00 am ~ 12:00 pm
Remember if you have an idea for Dishin with Tina to send to

Good Day Lip Sync Contest. The Crew battles in Lip Syncing your favorite song including Van Halen's Ice Cream Man.
Gina ThriftTown

Dance Party Friday

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
Ask Eleanor
Dishin With Tina
Nina's Day

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