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Inspired... Today in the News 5/28/2014:

Inspired... Today in the News 5/28/2014:

Opening Statement:
As we talked about yesterday and after watching the 5pm Newscasts of CBS13, KCRA, and Fox40 that this current part of Fix 50 is worse. As of today we have 29 days remaining however they hope to get it done in 24. Beside the point when you cut people from traveling a certain way you are going to have issues. But then even the alternate routes become backed up you have a serious problem.

Today is day 2 lets see how the traffic goes and what else is taking place Today in the News....

Special Announcements:
Please Like Mark at the Movies on Facebook #QuestFor3000  mattm logo 1

Queen of Dating Events:
Summer Luau Beer and Wine Tasting June 10
Date, Wine & Dine June 22 at Old Sugar Mill  summar luau summer wine

Demarcus Cousins Elite Basketball Camp June 18-20 Age 7-16 camp

El Camino Fundamental High School’s ALL CLASS Reunion – 2014. Please join us for a casual, (BYOB/BYOF) picnic style reunion this year at Ancil Hoffman Park on June 28th, 2014 from 12-6pm. $5 Cover

The Sacramento Comedy Spot
1050 20th Street, Suite 130,
Sacramento, California 95811
September 12-20, 2014 $55.00 All Access Passes Available Now!  sac comedy

News You Can Use... Today's Top Headlines:
Fix 50 to continue causing issues

Hunter Fire continues to burn now 1300 acres

Windy/Dry condition = Red Flag Warning

Stabbing on Broadway last night

Viewers Voice: It's kind of a kooky idea, often joked about as an excuse to buy something frivolous. But now, one New Jersey lawmaker wants to make a "half" holiday a reality. He's proposed recognizing August 14th as "Half St. Valentine's Day." He says the wicked winter in his state forced road closures and reduced traffic, depriving local merchants their normal sales. Our Viewers Voice question: What do you think about Half Holidays?

Sabrina: Spotlight Lodi Bark for your park
1824 W Tokay Street
Lodi, CA

Mulvany's in the Fox40 Kitchen
1215 19th St,
Sacramento, CA 95811

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Fox40 TV
Photos: Fox40

Good Day Sacramento:
Show&Tell: Cody: How well do you know your BART Station. Guess as many jumbled BART station names as possible in 60 daunting seconds. Ken: Little Free Library in Ken's neighborhood.

#Questionoftheday: I always include ___ in my exercise routine

5am Club Member: Nina and Bernard Bocina

Marianne's Daily List: Daily List
Taking a little time off this summer? If you want more than a typical trip — and if you love animals — how about a vacation combining the two? On the Daily List, here are some great vacations for animal lovers! Kiss Cow in California. Borrow dog in Hawaii. Swim with pigs in Bahama's

Show us your: Theme Park memories   theme park 1

Mark: News of the Weird: Woman using sand for landscape so she didn't have to mow. A Cat turned on gas stove. Wake for a woman she planned herself.

Ken: California Chrome Report w/ Ken Rudulph

Mark: Infotainment: $280 Million wedding for Kim and K. X-Men #1 at Box Office

Your Daily Joe: Man turns his Snap Chat of himself of Disney Princesses. 3D Printer creates fruit. Cat plays Jenga.

Ken: California Chrome Report

Amy: Coaster Dad. Dad from Orinda, CA built a Roller Coaster in his backyard for his kids.
The Coaster Project
144 Village Square
Orinda, CA

Amy rides the coaster

Courtney: How to Wear Shorts
Shorts are a summer must-have, but not everyone feels like rocking short shorts this summer. Style expert Jennifer will help women find the perfect pair of shorts for their body type, so they look great and feel confident this season!

Michael: Your Produce Man Michael Marks is living on the wild side! He’s gave us a quick lesson in the lesser-known fruits and veggies catching shoppers’ attention at the Cesar Chavez Farmers Market!!

Courtney: Talked with Barbara from An Honest Pie Food Truck
An Honest Pie is participating in various festivals in Northern California, i.e. Celtic Festival, Roamin’ Angels Car Show, Midnight Mass
Raley Field – all home games except Mondays
Grass Valley – Walker’s parking lot across from Taco Bell in Brunswick Basin Tues & Friday 11-5
Nevada City – Ol’ Republic Brewery – Thursday 4-8 p.m. – “Pie and Pint Night”
Available for catering – weddings, graduations, office parties, etc.
They have at least 25 flavors including traditional desert pies and Chicken Pot Pies

Ken: California Chrome Report

Mark: Mermaid Week
Mermaid week begins Friday, complete with a mermaid parade and fashion show! Mark was live with mermaids and got a sample of the show plus gave a first ever backstage and in tank look at what these Maideys go through!
Dive Bar
1016 K St,
Sacramento, CA 95814

Courtney: An Honest Pie delivers pie to the studio. Ken, Ju, and Court taste test and LOVE IT!!!

Mark: Mermaid Fashion Show.

Amy: Sound Fire Tube with Roller Coaster Project Dad. - Fire rises as piano plays shows you what sound looks like. Join the YouTube channel and enter to win a trip to Knotts Berry Farm

#9amtopic: Words that inspire you

Ken: California Chrome Report

Cody: Farm To Fork To Fuel
Atlas Refuel LLC
8550 Fruitridge Rd,
Sacramento, CA 95826
Want to learn more and how you can make a clean air difference? Check out and click on the link for biodegradable waste.

Courts Tunes: 70's

Dishin With Tina at...
Mediterranean Food Center
823 Texas Street
Fairfield, CA
Hours: Sunday Closed. Mon:10:30 am ~ 6:00 pm. Tue:10:30 am ~ 6:00 pm. Wed:10:30 am ~ 6:00 pm. Thu:10:30 am ~ 6:00 pm. Fri:10:30 am ~ 6:00 pm. Sat:10:30 am ~ 5:00 pm.

Mark: Mermaid Fashion Show continues - Mark gets in the tank.

Ken's Manly Minute: Manly Minute
This isn't a question of backwards thinking or outdated sensibilities. This is the type of stuff that points to the fundamental characteristics that most fathers still hold dear. Strength, reliability and action are all still core parts of what makes a man into a father. This doesn't mean that you’re failing if you aren't achieving some of these aspects, but rather, they’re goals to keep in mind as you forge through your quest to become better. 1968 Jets, Charismatic, Buster Douglas, 1980 US Men's Hockey Team. 1969 Mets.

Amy: Continues from the Backyard Roller Coaster

Ken: Sac State Baseball Team Going To Div I Tournament
For the first time in school history the Sac State men’s baseball team is heading to the Div I baseball tournament. They are leaving Wednesday for San Luis Obispo. But before they leave, they will have one last practice and then head down south. We want to be there, meet the players and find out what their rally caps looks like.    ball

Final #Questionoftheday: Name a person who has inspired you.

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

Quick Thought:
Fix 50 Day 2


Bark Park

Good Day:
Roller Coaster

Give Me Fuel

Swing and a Miss

Mermaid Parade

Honest Pie


Mulvany's was in the Fox40 Kitchen cooking up some delicious food and you can get FREE Tickets to the State Fair by giving blood at Cal Expo this weekend. Go to for more details

Good Day Sacramento:
Cody is back and leading off with a new game for BART lovers in Show and Tell. Ken now has a FREE Little Neighborhood Library where a box is placed with books in for checkout. Tina is riding in cars with boys aka Steve checking traffic during Fix 50. Mark had News of the Weird. Marianne's Daily List talked about vacations with animals including Swimming with pigs. Courtney had the 5am Club Member of the day. Today's question of the day was What do you include in your exercise routine. Today's Show us Yours was Theme Park memories.

Cat Playing Jenga? It's true it was part of Marianne's Daily Joe today. Mark holds Cody's face as part of Infotainment when talking about X-Men being #1 at the Box Office. Roller Coaster? Amy headed to Orinda to check out Coaster Dad who built a Roller Coaster in his backyard for his son. Ken had his hourly update on California Chrome

Amy continued from the Roller Coaster Project in Orinda and she got to ride it. Courtney was checking out new short fashions and how to wear them from the Premium Outlets. Courtney Loves PIE to so why not visit the Honest Pie Truck out back of the studio. They have at least 25 flavors and it only takes 6-7 minutes to make. It's Mermaid Week so Mark was at Dive Bar talking with the Mermaids about the events leading up to the celebration this weekend. Ken had his hourly California Chrome Update. Michael Marks made a rare appearance on the weekday show checking out one of the BEST Farmers Markets in our area at Cesar Chavez Park.

In this hour of fun Courtney, Ken and Julissa put the An Honest Pie to the test tasting them and loving each bite. Ken had his California Chrome update. Mark was at Dive Bar for a Mermaid Fashion Show. Amy continued with the Roller Coaster Dad as he showed her how sound looks with his fire Piano. The higher the sound the higher the flame. Court's Tunes was played. Cody was out at Atlas Refuel as they showed how they take farm food from the fork to the gas tank. This Fueling center takes food scraps and turns them into clean energy fuels. Very cool story by Cody. The passing of the GREAT Poet Maya Angelou inspired today's #9amtopic. What Words Inspire you?

With Laura out on vacation, Cody, Mark and Ken on live shots Marianne and Julissa guided us through the Inspiration 9am hour with the passing of the GREAT Poet Maya Angelou and today's #9amtopic. Amy checked out the roller coaster one more time. Mark swam with the fishes and the Mermaids at Dive Bar. Ken took swings with the Sac State Mens Baseball team before they go to Cal Poly for the NCAA Tourney. Tina was Dishin at Mediterranean Food place in Fairfield. Ken had his Manly Minute talking about Underdogs who won including the 68 Jets and 69 Mets and the final question of the day was What person inspires you.

Final Thoughts:
Day 2 of Fix50 West bound traffic appeared to be far better than yesterday. So far the theory holds the first day was the worst day but let's see how the 5pm traffic does before we make the final assessment.

Fox40 today was a bit boring. Not a lot for me to talk about but I do like Sabrina's Spotlight and today she was in Lodi talking about a contest to upgrade a local dog park. You can go online to vote and read the rules. I have linked the contest site above.

Good Day
Today Amy headed to Orinda, CA to meet one lucky kid whose dad built him a Roller coaster in the backyard. This was a news story a month ago or so but today we met the man behind the creation. Not only did Will build a roller coaster but also a piano that shows sound with the use of fire. These are both pretty cool creations. Plus if you subscribe to their YouTube channel you could win passes to Knotts Barry Farm.

Cody was out at Atlas Refueling center learning how they make clean energy fuel out of table food thrown in the garbage. So when it goes from farm to fork back to fuel it's like the gift that keeps on giving by not polluting the air so I say Give me fuel give me fire....

Ken was out at Sac State talking baseball as the hornets get set to head down to take on Cal Poly in the NCAA Men's Tournament. Ken even got into the batting cage to take some swings. Ken did swing and made contact with the ball, of course the ball did hit the backstop but he made contact. I hope Ken doesn't retire from his current job to go play Double A ball, ride the bus, retire go back and play reporter with a different number a la Michael Jordan . You have a good thing going at Good Day so keep your day job.

This week is Mermaid Week in Sacramento. Where in the heck are you going to find Mermaids giving a fashion show and a Mermaid parade The Dive Bar of course and that is where we found Mark this morning as he previewed the event and events leading up to this weekends parade on K Street. Mark even got into the tank and swam with the fishes.

What is An Honest pie? A food truck that makes pies of course and today on Good Day they provided some of their pies for the Good Day crew to try and from the taste test with Ken, Julissa and Courtney they are delicious.

Each of us are Inspired differently each day in our lives. Some through church, a teacher, a mentor, a quote or a family or friends. But today we lost a GREAT inspiration in Maya Angelou. Maya inspired others through her words and her poetry while Maya the person will be missed her words will live on forever. It was a fitting tribute in today's #9amTopic to ask for words that inspire you and the responses really hit home whether it was Maya's words, your own words or the words of Jimmy V from his Espy speech "Don't Give Up Don't Ever Give Up". Tying in with the question was Tina's final question of Who Inspires you. I could not help but to think of these lists of people who inspire me.

Mark S Allen - Mark is a friend a brother and always there when you need him.

Cody Stark - I owe Cody so much gratitude for always being there helping me through my best and worst of times. Cody is so much my brother he is always in my heart.

Tina Macuha Without Tina's words of encouragement I don't know if I would be this far in my life. Tina is a true inspiration.

Stefanie Cruz - Stefanie and I don't talk as much lately but I know she is always there when needed.

Good Day Sac - Who knew the people working on and behind the scenes of this GREAT TV show would change my world. I am so dedicated to all of you for being there for me and I know I need you more than you need me but its all of you that help get me up at 425am each day.

My BEST friend Christy. Without you I would not be the man I am today. You showed me what love is, fashion and fine dining. Your family is the perfect example of what should be.

Last but not least my own family. Without them I would be nothing. I owe my mom, brother, and sisters everything for being there when I did and do stupid things to teach me right from wrong and how to treat people with respect.

I leave you with a couple of Quotes from Maya Angelou.... maya maya 6 maya 4 maya 3 maya 2 maya 1

Today in the News Schedule for the Week:
Thursday - My58, Fox40, Good Day

Friday - Good Day

Saturday / Sunday - Good Day Weekend

Looking Ahead To Good Day Sacramento:
Gina from ThriftTown

Dance Party Friday

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
Ask Eleanor
Dishin With Tina at...
Nina's Day

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