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A California Party.... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1

A California Party.... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1 5/17/2014:

Opening Statement:
Today on the show Ken will be previewing the run for the Triple Crown. The Preakness is stage 2 of such feet in horse racing and the Odds on Favorite is California Chrome right from Yuba City, CA. As Mark pointed out yesterday Ken said this was the horse to watch leading into the Kentucky Derby. As the Derby drew closer the talk about (CC) gained momentum. (CC) is FAST and won the Derby by a lot however winning the Triple Crown is not an easy task. Affirmed was the last horse to win the Triple Crown back in 1978, Seattle Slew in 1977 and Secretariat in 1973. Photographer Dave Grashoff snapped this picture yesterday during he and Ken's coverage on Good Day Sacramento. As much as I do not understand the goings on of horse racing it is kind of cool to have a local doing so well. For me the amount of coverage (CC) is getting reminds me of the 49'ers Playoff Runs in the NFL. This town is a buzz.

Cody, Amy and crew will make sure the show is as much fun as always on the weekend too. So With that lets see what else is taking place Today in the News.....

Special Announcements:
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News You Can Use... Top Headlines:
Cody updates on diet. Lost 11 lbs so far.

Ken: Gives California Chrome update. Talked with Steve Coburn. cal chrome 4

Modesto Grass Fire destroys homes

Show us your...Bacon

#GDSJustCurious: The Book I've Read Multiple times.

Mel: What's For Breakfast Karen from...
Karen’s Bakery & Cafe
705 Gold Lake Dr, Ste 340,
Folsom, CA 95630

Ken: Checks in from Preakness

Tina: Chicken Egg-xtravaganza & Coop Tour
Western Feed & Pet Supply
1600 34th St.
Sacramento, CA
Tour 10am – 2pm

Cambi: From the Strawberry Festival in Galt 4 year Julian gets on a dancing Horse.
Strawberry Festival $6 12 and Under FREE!!!
May 17- 18th
Veterans Field
Galt, CA

Amy: Bonnie from Triad Plus
Bonnie crafty maven is back for her monthly visit making out door seat cushions for lawn furniture.
Triad Plus
8801 Washington Blvd.
Roseville, CA

Cambi: Continued from Strawberry Festival. Talked to a woman with Authentic Polish Food. Festival opens at 10am

Ken: Talked to some of the Race Goers including a couple from Tennessee and an 85 year old Robert Payne who celebrates his birthday at Preakness. He is a Sensational Senior.

Cody: Author Chris Allen Poe
Christopher Allen Poe (as in Edgar Allen Poe relative) has a new book called, “Dark Sight” he is swinging through the area for a book signing in Lodi
Van Ruiten Winery
Sunday, May 18 @ 2pm
340 West Highway 12
Lodi, CA

Tina: Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides walk
West Steps of Capitol
5K Walk begins at 9:30am

Cody: Talked with the owners of the Cousins of California Chrome

Mel: FREE Pow Wow Days
7301 Filbert Avenue
Orangevale, CA
Today and Sunday
Gates open at 11 am

Amy: Carabba on the Catwalk with Barbi Touron and Aaron of Urban Lace via Skype. Urban Lace is jewelry made of bike tires.

Ken: From Preakness - Talked with Victor Espinoza the Jockey of California Chrome.  cal chrome 5 Finish line trainer

Cody/Amy: Psychic Nancy Bradley
Our favorite psychic Nancy Bradley is back! You might be thinking, why on a Saturday? It’s because Nancy has some exclusive news that she broke to Cody and Amy Plus she stuck around and take some calls from viewers. The News is she might be getting a TV Show but she can't say much more.

Mel: Continued from the Pow Wow Days Parade from Mobile 13

Cambi: Old Town Elk Grove Chili Festival
Today the city of Elk Grove is celebrating the 7th Annual Elk Grove Chili Festival presented by Old Town Elk Grove Foundation! The foundation’s is dedicated to promoting and preserving the historical importance of Old Town Elk Grove. The event features a street festival atmosphere complete with a Kid’s Zone, games, bounce houses, puppet shows, Live music on 3 stages, street vendors, Food Trucks, a beer garden, and of course chili!
Between 2nd & School streets
Elk Grove, CA
Times: 10am-6pm

Tina: Benefit for Big Brothers and Big Sisters Bowl for Kids’ Sake
Country Club Lanes

Nancy Bradley answers viewers questions.

Ken: From Preakness Infield  cal chrome 6

Cody: Chris from The Flying Pig Central Point, OR 97502 5419813746

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Recipe
By Chris Lund of The Flying Pig BBQ and Catering
Ingredients: 4 Chicken Breasts Vegetable(s) of choice Smoked Gouda cheese 1lbs Bacon (uncooked) 1lbs Raw Shrimp ½ Cup Teriyaki Sauce ½ Cup White Wine
Additional seasonings of choice Your favorite BBQ Sauce Tooth picks

Directions: Marinate raw shrimp in the white wine and teriyaki and put it in the fridge; Evenly pound out the chicken breasts with the skin side down, then season to your liking; Slice your cheese and cut up your veggies; Saute the shrimp half way; Take the cheese, veggies, and half cooked shrimp and lay them in the center of the chicken breasts; Roll up the chickens, and wrap each one with approximately 5 pieces of bacon (use tooth picks to hold); Note: Shrimp will finish cooking on the smoker
Cook on a smoker (indirect heat) at 225 degrees. After about 3 ½ hours, drizzle your BBQ sauce over each breast. Cook for approximately one more hour. Use a meat thermometer if necessary to check for “doneness”.
Remove from smoker. Slice evenly, and server. Originally intended to server over a bed of wild rice

Cody: Has Booked the creator of the Wolverine claws tomorrow at 740.

Mel Continued from Pow Wow Days with a Donut challenge in a giant ball

Nancy: Answers more viewers questions

Tina: Breakfast on top of a Bloody Mary brunch.
Fieldhouse American Sports Pub
1310 Fulton Ave
Sacramento, CA

Cody/Amy: Comedian DeRay Davis
Tommy T’s
12401 Folsom Blvd.
Rancho Cordova, CA
Tonight: 7pm & 9:45pm
Sunday: 7pm

Lori: Hot Headlines Dolly Parton's Mansion in pictures. Photoshop of Mariah Carey Album Cover. Michael Buble knocked out a tooth at a concert. Chris Brown next to James DeBarge in prison. Justin Bieber takes picture with a guy sleeping.

Ken: Continues from Preakness Infield. party.

Cambi: Studebaker Car show and Swap meet.
The Pacific Southwest Zone Meet
Lions gate Hotel at McClellan AFB.
3410 Westover St.
Sacramento, CA
Today: 8am-3pm

Amy: Chicken Shrimp Bacon BBQ taste test with DeRay Davis.Julian and Kevin.

Quick Thought:
Preakness Madness

Strawberry Fest.

Bacon Chicken

Pow Wow Days

Sports Pub Mary

Chicken coop tour

Rubber Jewelry

All this and more in Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1....

In this hour Cody revealed he has lost 11 lbs on his diet. Ken reported live from the Preakness and California Chrome. Melissa was in Folsom to see what Karen had for breakfast at Karen's Bakery. Tina was checking out the Chicken Coop Egg-travaganza Tour in Sacramento. Cambi was watching a 4 year old on a dancing horse at the Galt Strawberry Festival. Today's Show us yours was Bacon. The #GDSJustCurious Question was What book have you read multiple times.

In the GREAT 8 Cambi and Sam from CBS13 dumped whipped cream on a kids head at the Strawberry Festival and talked to a Buffalo woman who makes Authentic Polish Food. Ken talked with race goers at Preakness including 1 who is a Sensational Senior who turns 85 on Monday but still works everyday. Melissa was in the Pow Wow Days Parade. Tina was on the West Steps of the Capital for the 5k Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides walk. Cody chatted with owners of 2 horses who are cousins of California Chrome. Cody also talked to Chris Allen Poe about his new book.

In this hour Ken went from the Preakness Finish line before he headed to the Infield. Then the dump button made it's appearance having to dump out 2 times during his segment. Cody was with the Flying Pig out of Oregon as he prepared chicken wrapped in bacon. Melissa continued from Pow Wow Days Parade. Cambi was in Elk Grove for the Chili Festival. Nancy Bradley was in studio first to break news she might be getting her own TV show and then answering viewer questions. Tina was at Country Club Lanes for Big Brother Big Sister Bowl for Kids Sake. Urban Lace joined via Skype to talk about their Bike Tube Jewelry. These are really impressive pieces.

In the final hour Tina was checking out a new brunch spot in Sacramento. Melissa continued from Pow Wow Days. DeRay Davis stopped by to talk about his appearance at Tommy T's this weekend and his role in 21 Jump Street. Yes he shot Johnny Depp. Cody booked the Wolverine Claw creator. Cambi was at a Studebaker car show. Lori had our Hot Headlines. Amy tasted the Chicken Shrimp Bacon BBQ and DeRay Davis tried it too.

Final Thoughts:
Today on the weekend show Ken made a rare appearance although he is out in Maryland covering the Preakness and all things California Chrome including tweeting out a photo some 13 hours before the race getting ready with a backwards jog. I was told by sources this type of jog is very common. cal chrome 7 runs backwards

One of my favorite segments from Ken today was when he met some race goers including a couple from Tennessee, a woman who liked (CC) for its color of purple and an 85 year old celebrating his birthday because he has to work Monday making him in Instant Sensational Senior.

We all love a parade including Melissa who was in the Pow Wow Days parade along with Mobile 13. After the parade was over she jumped in a ball ate a donut and rolled across a pool. I love Melissa she always knows how to laugh.

Carabba on the Catwalk was back this week with Urban Lace based out of Oregon. This team (not sure of a couple) take old bike tires and tubes and make awesome jewelry out of them.

Tina was checking out a chicken coop tour, Bloody Mary brunch and bowling for kids to benefit Big Brother Big Sister.

The Flying Pig came down from Oregon to share his Chicken and Shrimp wrapped in bacon BBQ. It looked so good plus from the distributions smelt delicious. However with Cody on his special diet he had to risk temptation once again to not try any and I am proud to say Cody beat those temptations and did not eat any.

2 of my favorite guess came into studio today. First Bonnie from Triad Fabric who should how to make outdoor seat cushions and the GREAT Nancy Bradley who answered viewer questions and said she might be getting a TV show. Congrats Nancy.

Cambi was checking out the Strawberry festival in Galt getting the scoop on authentic polish food and strawberries. She even found a kid to make into a shortcake with whip cream on top. Plus she checked out a Studabaker show.

Tomorrow is a very busy day on the show including Dishin With Tina, Eleanor and Oakdale turning into chocolate.

Looking Ahead To Good Day Sacramento:
Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
Ask Eleanor
Creator of the Wolverine claws
Marlene Simon Aka Plant Lady
Oakdale Chocolate Days
Dishin With Tina at...
Nina's Day

Mark Goes to Surf Camp

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