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Remembering Those We Love... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2 5/25/2014:

Remembering Those We Love... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2 5/25/2014:

Opening Statement:
It is with a heavy heart that I start out today's edition of Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2. I am sadden, heartbroken and angry with the events that took place Friday night / Saturday morning near the UC Santa Barbara campus. My heart goes out to all the victims, families and friends of those affected. For the shooter I am trying to find in my heart a way to feel bad for you but right now I can't so have a great life in hell you (fill in the blank). We all suffer from depression, medical conditions and daily life but that does not mean we go out and kill people.

You can try to change gun laws and that's fine but you can't stop crazy people. You need to get better care for mental heath patients and some of these senseless acts will stop. If you suffer from depression let me know. I know what you are going through. Trust me it's not easy but I have a strong support team. Other than my family and close friends I have support of Good Day and for 4-5 hours a day depending on the day Good Day is a GREAT way to escape. They can help a lot of people get through their day with laughter. That is one reason why we watch and will be today from 7-11am but back to my point. To all the families and friends you are not alone, we all are here for you and will be if you need a shoulder to cry on or to vent. I am so sorry for your losses or for your child's injuries. I am heartbroken with you.

Sorry to bring this up on day like this but I felt it was needed. Now for what is taking place Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2....

Special Announcements:
Please Like Mark at the Movies on Facebook #QuestFor3000 mattm logo 1

Grub Run is BACK Enter for a chance to win lunch for your office from Panda Express. Enter now - May27, 2014 at 10am PST on  grub

Queen of Dating Events:
Summer Luau Beer and Wine Tasting June 10
Date, Wine & Dine June 22 at Old Sugar Mill  summar luau

El Camino Fundamental High School’s ALL CLASS Reunion – 2014. Please join us for a casual, (BYOB/BYOF) picnic style reunion this year at Ancil Hoffman Park on June 28th, 2014 from 12-6pm. $5 Cover

News You Can Use... Top Headlines:
Investigation in Santa Barbara Shooting continues

Man runs into red light camera and takes it with him.

Dishin With Tina at... Mediterranean Food Center
823 Texas Street
Fairfield, CA
Hours: Sunday Closed. Mon:10:30 am ~ 6:00 pm. Tue:10:30 am ~ 6:00 pm. Wed:10:30 am ~ 6:00 pm. Thu:10:30 am ~ 6:00 pm. Fri:10:30 am ~ 6:00 pm. Sat:10:30 am ~ 5:00 pm.

Ask Eleanor:
Follow Eleanor 7 Days a week on Facebook and see her reports every Sunday live on Good Day Weekend
Today Eleanor talked about... The Wedding. Guns and Roses breaking up. Julia Roberts and husband not doing well. Maks wins DWTS might be in romance with partner.  eleanor best

Show us your... Who are you Honoring this Memorial Day remembering

#GDSJustCurious: I can't wait for summer to do___

Lori: Contestant 1 for Throwdown - Jon Rodgers

Mel: Recipe from Home with Denise Sanchez
The recipe to impress your friends if you’re going to a Memorial’s Day BBQ. Lemon and Raspberry infused Madeline’s.

Cody/Lori Skype with Pete from Pete's Basement to talk about their Comic book Podcast.

Nina: 12th Annual Socios Car Club’s Car Show
Today @ Noon — FREE
Cosumnes River College

Cody: Biscuits and Gravy Throwdown Challenge Contestant 2 - Jacqueline

Nina: Continues from the Car show in Sacramento

Mel: Recipes from Home - Revealed

Cody: Talked X-Men with Ben from...
Empire Comics Vault
1120 Fulton Avenue, Suite K
Sacramento, CA

Lori: Throwdown Challenge Contestant 3 - John Fisher

Kevin: Talked with Dann Spear and Don Museum of Forgotten Warriors
5865 A Road,
Marysville, CA
5307423090  photo 2 (2)

Cody: The 46th Annual GoPro Hangtown Motocross Classic
Next weekend is the 46th Annual GoPro Hangtown Motocross Classic, the second round of the 12-race Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship Series.
Hangtown MX
Prairie City SVRA
Saturday, May 31
Gates open at 7:00AM

Mel: Camera Guy Scott Zettener talking about KettlePizza
Turn your charcoal grill into a wood fired pizza oven! Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a fancy pizza oven in your backyard- all you need is the KettlePizza. Scott's Son and daughter got to test out the pizza this morning made in a wood fired pizza for breakfast, dinner, and dessert!

Cody/Lori: Jenn Brian AKA The Queen of Dating
Summer Luau Beer and Wine Tasting June 10 630pm
Date, Wine & Dine June 22 at Old Sugar Mill 12-6pm  jenn b 1 Jenn b 2 Jenn b 3

Cody: Gregory Doan Project takes the Good Day Stage
Open Mic Jam Session at Mecca Club
June 7 9pm-1am
701 Sunset Ave.
West Sacramento, CA

Cody: Throwdown Contestant #4 - Mandy George

Kevin: More from Dann Spear at the Museum of Forgotten Warriors.

Gregory Doan Project performs another song

Nina does Wakeboarding
Wake Island
7633 Locust Rd,
Pleasant Grove, CA 95668

Cody: Meet the judges for Throwdown - Chef Evan - Evans Kitchen, Chef Teresa - ARC, Chef Robert Vince's Restaurant

Mel: Continues with Camera Guy Scott with the Kettle Pizza.- Sean Bennett even tried the desert pizza.

Cody: Gregory Doan Project performs another song

Kevin: Continues from Museum of Forgotten Warriors

Gregory Doan Takes Soft Kitty Challenge.

Lori: Hot Headlines - Kim K Wedding Pictures. Christie Brinkley turns 60. Sophia Vergara calls it quits. Cindy Crawford out with daughter.

Cody: With Mr. Flushy from Substance Abuse Steering Coalition
Yuba City, CA
5306741885 ext 109

Nina: Does Wakeboarding Yoga from Wake Island

Throwdown Challenge Winner Announced.... John Fisher

Gregory Doan Project closes the show with ZZ Top Song

Quick Thought:
Nina Wakeboards

Queen of Dating

Empire Comics

Ask Eleanor

Forgotten Warriors

Dishin With Tina

Throwdown Challenge

Gregory Doan Project

Leading off the hour Lori is filling in for Amy with Amy off this weekend. Melissa was with a local viewer for recipes from Home. Contestant 1 of the Throwdown challenge was introduced. Nina was checking out a FREE Car show. Cody and Lori talked with Pete from Pete's Basement to talk about his comic book podcast. Today's Show us yours was Vets you are honoring this Memorial Day. The #GDSJustCurious Question was What are you looking forward to this summer. Eleanor was in the building with all her juicy gossip that included Julia Roberts.

In this hour we met 2 more contestants for the Throwdown Challenge. Kevin was in Marysville checking out one of the coolest museums I have ever been to called the Forgotten Warriors Museum. Ben from Empire Comics was in studio talking X-men. Melissa was revealing the finished product of Recipes from home but then the viewers son built a Doctor Who Scene out of Lego's that was so cool. Nina continued from the car show and today is Sunday so Tina was Dishin With at Mediterranean Food Center in Fairfield. Cody was outback checking out Hangtown Motocross action as they ready for their event next weekend. You don't need your seat just the edge of it for this Heart Pumping Action.

In this hour we met the final Throwdown Challenge contestant. Nina learned how to wakeboard at Wake Island.Gregory Doan Project performed 2 songs on the Good Day stage and you can see them next weekend at Mecca Club in West Sacramento. Kevin continued from Forgotten Warriors Museum. Melissa was at Camera Guy Scott's house as he made Kettle Pizza. Finally the Queen was in the building Yes, Jenn Brian aka Queen of Dating stopped by to talk to Cody and Lori about all her GREAT events she has coming up plus how she has linked up with Cowtown Eats.

In this hour the Gregory Doan Project performed some more songs including taking the Soft Kitty Challenge. Speaking of Challenges we met the 3 judges for the Throwdown Challenge. Chef Evan, Chef Robert, and Chef Teresa announced the winner of the Challenge John Fisher has won this challenge. Kevin continued from the Forgotten Warriors Museum. Cody was with Mr. Flushy talking Saying no to drugs. Lori had Hot Headlines including the Kim K wedding pics. Melissa and Scott made Desert Kettle Pizza. Nina continued from Wake Island doing Wakeboard Yoga.

Final Thoughts:
As you know from my Saturday post Good Day Sacramento was going to be jammed packed fun in the sun filled with love action. They did not disappoint.

Nina revealed she was nervous about wake boarding at Wake Island because she was not a strong swimmer. Nina did awesome and she had fun doing it.

I love the Good Day Weekend Challenges. Today's challenge was for Biscuits and Gravy. I've never been a fan of the 2 put together but even I was impressed with the 4 competitors that took part today. Put I thought John Fishers looked the best out of all. John was the winner of this challenge voted on by Chef Evan Chef Teresa and Chef Robert.

I have so much respect for Eleanor not talking about Kim's wedding was so appreciated. It would have been very easy to talk about but her fans spoke and Eleanor listened. Thank you.

Ben from Empire Comics was in studio talking all things X-Men and its comics. If you have never been in the store and you love comics you must go. It's been awhile since I've been in but his store is great and so is Ben.

Today's band was AWESOME! They not only blew the roof off the studio they blew the doors off. This was one of the better bands/musical acts they have had on. You can see them next Saturday at Mecca Club in West Sacramento.

She not just a princess no she is a queen and she is the Queen of Dating. Jenn Brian who got my attention a few years ago with your first segment on Good Day Sacramento and you've kept it. I love what you do for singles looking for love and the events you do. I was so happy to see you back on the show. I think the last time was with Mark for Paintball Dating Game on Valentines Day.

It's Sunday so that means Tina is Dishin it up again today at Mediterranean Food Center in Fairfield. I will have to ask my people in Fairfield how good this place is since I've never been there.

Finally as we head into Memorial Day we must stop to honor our vets and those we have lost. One of the best ways of doing that is going to Forgotten Warriors Museum in Marysville. I have been to this museum at least 10 times and even though I may have seen it I still see something different and learn something new every time. Dann does not charge to go but if you care to leave a donation in the box he is very appreciative. I really need to get back out there but this must see museum is right down from Beales AFB in Marysville so when in the area or just want to learn great history from Dann or visiting vets who are always around you should. Plus the Huey out front is pretty awesome.

Thank you everyone of Good Day Sacramento for a GREAT weekend. Let's look to what's ahead this week....

Today in the News Schedule for the Week:
Monday - Good Day

Tuesday - My58, Fox40, Good Day

Wednesday - Fox40, Good Day

Thursday - My58, Fox40, Good Day

Friday - Good Day

Saturday / Sunday - Good Day Weekend

Looking Ahead To Good Day Sacramento:
Memorial Day Celebrations
Disposable Camping Urinal

Tina Returns

Cody Returns
Dishin With Tina at...
Mediterranean Food Center
823 Texas Street
Fairfield, CA
Hours: Sunday Closed. Mon:10:30 am ~ 6:00 pm. Tue:10:30 am ~ 6:00 pm. Wed:10:30 am ~ 6:00 pm. Thu:10:30 am ~ 6:00 pm. Fri:10:30 am ~ 6:00 pm. Sat:10:30 am ~ 5:00 pm.

Gina from ThriftTown

Dance Party Friday

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
Ask Eleanor
Dishin With Tina at...
Nina's Day

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