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Getting Your Kicks In... Today in the News 5/19/2014:

Getting Your Kicks In... Today in the News 5/19/2014:

Opening Statement:
The Box Office this week was dominated by Godzilla. With an estimated $93,205,000 With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound He pulls the city's high tension wires down to take this weeks Box Office Top Spot away from Neighbors who falls to the #2 hole with 25,991,000. The number 3 spot this week goes to Spider-Man as it continues to slip down the box office web with 16,800,00. Million Dollar Arm made $10 Million and the #4 spot with The Other Woman rounding out the top 5.  godzilla

Box Office Winners:
1. Godzilla $93,205,000
2. Neighbors $25,991,000
3. Spider-Man 2 $16,800,000
4. Million Dollar Arm $10,511,000
5. The Other Woman $6,300,000

Special Announcements:
Please Like Mark at the Movies on Facebook #QuestFor3000  matm 242 2

Throwdown Challenge May 25th - Biscuits and Gravy

Grub Run is BACK Enter for a chance to win lunch for your office from Panda Express. Enter now - May27, 2014 at 10am PST on  grub

El Camino Fundamental High School’s ALL CLASS Reunion – 2014. Please join us for a casual, (BYOB/BYOF) picnic style reunion this year at Ancil Hoffman Park on June 28th, 2014 from 12-6pm. $5 Cover

News You Can Use... Today's Top Headlines:
River Cats may change affiliation if A's don't renew contract.

California Chrome may not run Belmont Stakes. Nasal strip is not allowed in NY however they fully expect the governing body to allow him to wear it

Taxi Cab driver attacked / Cab stolen / Ended in a crash with arrest

Teen rescued from small Solano County Island

My58 7-9:
Looking for a job? Start online first

Disneyland now costs $96 a day

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: KCRA 3/My58 TV:
Photos: My58

Viewers Voice: Just in time for your summer vacation, Disneyland has raised admission prices across the board. For example: A single day adult ticket is now $96, up from $92. A 1-day adult park hopper is now $150, up from $137. Our Viewers Voice question: What is the price point that will keep you from visiting the "Happiest Place on Earth?"

Sabrina: Don't Be That Guy - Merge Lane Misfires with Bond Driving School

Ask a Vet - Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Motivational Monday with Mama Bootcamp - Foods that beat the summer heat

How to break into a job hidden market tips

Outback Steakhouse on the Fox40 Patio with Moonshine BBQ Ribs.

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Fox40 TV
Photos: Fox40

Good Day Sacramento:
Show&Tell: Courtney: Woman in underwear photo shoot. These are not models but real woman.

#Questionoftheday: What would you name the leopard cub

5am Club Member: Charlena

Marianne's Daily List: 3 Useless Body Parts Explained
Every day, people have their tonsils, appendix, and wisdom teeth removed-and after the pain subsides, they proceed without a hitch. The truth is, you don’t need ‘em! On the Daily List Three apparently useless body parts explained. Arm Pit Hair. Eyebrows. Wisdom Teeth

Show us your: Knees  knees

Ken: Preakness/California Chrome Post Race report.  cal chrome 9 ken2belmont 1

Mark: Surf Camp for kids at Stinson Beach
Marin Surf Camp
3448 Shoreline Hwy
Stinson Beach, CA 94970

Your Daily Joe: Huge Dinosaur bone found. Cancer patient trying to get Captain America sent to his home to #CapForStrat

Mark: Surf Camp Part 2. Still on his way.

Amy: Joni Hilton aka YouTube Mom: 10 Unusual Coffee Uses
Dye your hair, Cellulite, Put in Fridge to change smell. Keep in baggie in underwear drawer.

Mark: Lost trying to find the Ocean

Mark: From Surf Shop - Talked with Glenn Whittaker

Samantha Scott Graduating from Turlock HS and has NEVER missed a day of school. From K-12. Mom Deb also had it along with 2 older sisters. This is a family tradition.

Mark: From Surf Camp.  surf 1

Ken: Talked to Martin Panza NYRA Racing Secretary - California Chrome Can wear the nasal strip.  cal chrome 4

More Coffee Uses. Keep ants away. Enrich soil. Refinish furniture. Clean whiteboard. Prevent fleas. Use as Hair conditioner. Exfoliant.

Courtney: Check This Out Sippy Cups for adults Wine Tumbler - Vino 2 Go $3
Another topic: Green Tea Kit Kat Courtney found in a candy store

Mark learns to surf

Cambi Horseback Gymnastics: WILD WEST SHOW featuring the GHOST RIDERS
Crown Capalls & acrobats on horseback
California State Fair 2014
July 11-27th

Marianne/Ken: Custodian Finds $3,400
A high school custodian finds $3400 and returns it!! Today Ken and Marianne talked live with the Good Samaritan who says he was just doing his job. The money has since been returned to the owner, who lost it over a year ago!

#9amtopic: I never thought I would care so much about...

Marianne: Jackson Rancheria Wedding Planning Timeline.
Dream Wedding Giveaway

Amy: Viewer Jessica has baby faces on her knees.  knee face

Ken: Shares his weekend at Preakness. Ran into Bo Derek.

Melissa: Go Kart Racer
A BRAND NEW Go Kart track is open in West Sac and of course Melissa took on the course!
1430 Enterprise Blvd.
West Sacramento, CA

Amy: Continues with Jessica and her knees.

Court's Fashion Forum - Billboard Music Awards. - Pass or Fail

Cambi Jumps on the horse for Gymnastics even in the leotard from her 5th grade photo. (Not the same leotard however, This one is for adults size now)  horse gym 1 horse gym 2 horse gym 3

Mark: Finishes up from Surf Camp

Ken's Manly Minute: None

Final #Questionoftheday: What water sport would you like to try.

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

Quick Thought:
My58 Job Searching, Disney isn't cheap.

Fox40 Moonshine BBQ Hidden Job Tips. Don't be that guy

Good Day: Surf Camp, Knee Face, California Love Chrome, Go Speed Racer, Fashion Forum, Gymnastic Horse, Coffee uses

All This and more in Today in the News.....

My58: Today they gave tips to look for a job by starting online.

Fox40: Today is Monday so they asked a vet about Cancer awareness month for your pet, Mama Bootcamp showed foods that will help beat the heat. Sabrina talked with Bond Driving School about merge misfires in Don't be that guy.

Good Day Sacramento:
Leading off Courtney had Show and Tell with a real woman underwear photo shoot. Courtney would like to do a story on this photo shoot next year. Marianne had her Daily List talking about body parts not needed. Ken showed pictures from the Preakness After party. The 5am Club Member was introduced. Mark was headed to Stinson Beach for Kids Surf Camp. Today's question of the day was What would you name a baby leopard cub. Today's Show us yours is Knees because a viewer has faces on hers.

In this hour Mark and Camera guy Scott took the wrong turn heading to Stinson beach. Amy was with YouTube Mom for 4 of 10 unusual ways to use coffee grounds. Marianne had a very cool Daily Joe. a man dying from cancer wants to see Captain America but can't get to the theater so an online Campaign to get him a copy of the movie sent to his home and the Avengers are all behind the project #CapForStrat

In this hour Mark arrived at Surf camp and met with the trainer and 3 cute little girls. Courtney had a double Check This Out first a wine tumbler and then she found Green Tea Kit Kats and Julissa said it tasted like leaves. Amy finished up 10 unusual ways to use coffee grounds. Marianne talked to a Turlock Mother/Daughter who is graduating from High School with Perfect attendance from K-12. This is a family tradition because mom Deb did it in 1980 and Samantha's sisters also did it. Congrats on that accomplishment. Finally official word came down that California Chrome could wear the nasal strip and will try to win the Triple Crown.

In this hour Jackson Rancheria is giving away a Dream wedding and 2 reps talked about that and Wedding planning. Mark continued from Surf Camp. Cambi was at Cal Expo checking out Horse Gymnastics. Amy was with viewer Jessica who has faces in her knees. Yes this is weird. Marianne and Ken talked to a Turlock Custodian who found $3400 in a jacket and returned it to the owner who lost it over a year ago. The #9amtopic was introduced. I never thought I would care so much about?

In this hour Ken's Vacation pictures from the Preakness got shown again including one with the legendary Bo Derek. No it was not a vacation for Ken. Cambi got on the horse at Cal Expo and performed gymnastics in a repelica leotard from when she was in the 5th grade. Amy continued matching faces with viewer Jessica's knees and yes it's still weird. Mark finished up Surf Camp at Stinson Beach. No Manly Minute today. Melissa was racing at Go Kart Racing in West Sacramento and having a blast. Courtney with Laura, Julissa, and Marianne played Pass or Fail - Billboard Music Awards edition in Courtney's Fashion Forum. Julissa and Laura guided us through the 9amtopic. The final question of the day was What water sport would you like to try.

Final Thoughts:
News from Horse Racing World is California Chrome can wear his nasal strip. While this is GREAT news I found it to be a non issue. What is being done is history and no one wants to lose what could take place June 7. Not only history in the making but had they not approved it TV Ratings, Betting, and attendance would have plummeted. Because I can tell you that I have watched more horse racing in the last 2-3 weeks than I have in a lifetime. Had he not been able to run at Belmont I would not have watched. So yes, this is a GREAT decision but $$ played a huge part in my opinion. #Ken2Belmont

My58 didn't do me much favors with content but they did along with other stations talk about Disneyland raising prices from $92 to $96 dollars for a one day pass. I want to be happy not broke.

On Fox40 today. Outback Steakhouse was out on the patio showing off new menu items. One of the items shown was Moonshine BBQ Ribs. I now need to find someone from the South to taste these ribs and tell me if they really taste like Moonshine being I have never had Moonshine. They looked so good not to try at some point.

Going back to the lead story of the day California Chrome, Ken was back from the Preakness so of course all the talk was the horse may not run in the Belmont. Ken has a background in this sport and he knows people such as the secretary he spoke with on the phone to get a better understanding on what was taking place in New York today and the breathe rite nasal strip. It was later when the news broke of allowing California Chrome to wear it when Ken talked with the same man. However, Do you know what it's like to see vacation photos over and over again? Ken showed the photos each hour and that's what it felt like. Yes they are cool to see but that was a bit much. But as Ken said we have 3 weeks to build up to Belmont and I do want Ken to go. #Ken2Belmont  cal chrome 4 cal chrome 8 cal chrome 1 cal chrome 6 cal chrome 5 Finish line

Today on Good Day Sacramento it was show us your knees. Yes this is and was weird but it wasn't bad. The reason for this odd request was because a viewer has faces on hers and no she did not draw them nor get a tattoo. These look every bit like faces.

Mark headed to Stinson Beach for a Kid Surf Camp. Glenn the instructor said he can get your kids up on the board in 2 hours. So if you want to have your kids learn to surf this is the place to go. I want to know if Glenn has ever surfed Maverick.

Amy drew the short straw today with weird assignments. Because she not only did the knee face story but she also found 10 ways to use coffee grounds. However it was more how that segment opened with YouTube mom Joni with black hair. It looked awful. Luckily for all of Joni is still blonde and it was only a wig however you can condition your hair and dye it with coffee grounds.

A new Go Kart spot Opened up so Good Day Sacramento speed racer Melissa was there to check it out.

Last night I was watching the Billboard Music Awards and I will talk more about the show itself tomorrow in my opening statement but I wondered if Courtney would have another Fashion Forum from the award show and without fail it was defiantly a pass she along with Julissa, Laura and Marianne did Pass or Fail. The segment is a Pass

A few weeks back on Throwback Thursday we saw Cambi doing gymnastics on a horse so today on Good Day Sacramento Cambi recreated that moment of when she was in 5th grade and did it today at Cal Expo and even wore a replica leotard. So yes Cambi got a kick out of it.  horse gym 4

Reminder tomorrow is Good Day Sacramento only and Tina returns so come back for more fun.

Today in the News Schedule:
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Friday - Fox40, Good Day

Sat/Sun - Good Day Weekend

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