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#HappyMothersDay #Amgen ... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2

#HappyMothersDay #Amgen ... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2 5/11/2014

Opening Statement:
Though today is Amgen day it is a very special day for Mothers everywhere. Mothers are very unique in their own way. NEWSFLASH!!! THEY KNOW EVERYTHING!!! I am pretty sure when it first starts for them being a mom (9 months prior) they are given special powers. They become doctors, nurses, teachers, chefs and of course Psychic, but that is why we love them. We may try them over the years but in the end we love them as much as they love us.

My mom raised 4 kids. My 2 older sisters, 1 older brother and me. All of them are married giving her 6 Grandsons 1 one Granddaughter. I on other hand just give her a headache. Growing up with a learning disability she had to spend extra time teaching me as well as taking me to eye appointments because of an eye condition. She was a parent, teacher, a doctor when I ran high temps of 106+ as a kid even to a point of me flat lining in the hospital only to bring brought back. I broke my collarbone jumping from the top of my crib and landing on a dresser instead of the floor and that was all before the age of 7,

But enough about me. Happy Mother's Day too all moms. May it be filled with love and happiness.

Now lets see what is taking place Today in the News.....

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News You Can Use... Top Headlines:
Amy flies solo at the desk / Cody covers Amgen downtown.

Amgen Tour kicks off in Sacramento today.

1 Person dead in shooting at 1 year old birthday party in a park in Sacramento

3 missing in Folsom lake after boat capsized

Dishin With Tina - Jason Maloney's Choice at...
Vince's Ristorante
840 Harbor Blvd,
West Sacramento, CA 95691
Hours: Mon:11:00 am ~ 9:30 pm Tue:11:00 am ~ 9:30 pm Wed:11:00 am ~ 9:30 pm Thu:11:00 am ~ 9:30 pm Fri:11:00 am ~ 10:00 pm Sat:4:00 pm ~ 10:00 pm

Ask Eleanor:
Follow Eleanor 7 Days a week on Facebook and see her reports every Sunday live on Good Day Weekend
Today Eleanor talked about... Kim and Kanye wedding in 2 weeks Victoria Beckham turned down making Kim's dress. David Letterman getting divorced. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are having problems.

Show us your... Mom  mothers day

#GDSJustCurious: My Mom in 3 Words

Cody: Jon Santos aka Mr. Plant Lady owner of Davis Wheelworks
247 F St,
Davis CA 95616

Talks types of bikes riders will be riding during Amgen Tour of California May 11-18  amgen 1

Run Like a Mother - Davis 5K Run

Mel: Training for Amgen Tour at Roseville Cyclery
404 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA
Talking bikes, fashion, Foods and creams.

Cody: Talked with Pistachio lady from Pistachio Growers she is also Miss California 2012 who is covering one of the racer.

Nina: Amgen Tour at State Capital as the set up sets up. Dr. Alan Lim from Skratch Lab talks Nutrients for the riders!/SkratchLabs

Cody: Talks with Director of Amgen Tour, Jim Birrel talked about all the tour has to offer.  amgen 2

Nina: Talks to Amgen Fans:

Cambi: Pedal Powered Landscaping
Davis, CA
Is giving one local mom and co-owner Evan a new front yard. They don't drive trucks to do the work. They ride bikes and use no powered machines only hand tools.

Cody continues from Amgen.

Amy: Henna Prom
Prom season is here and there is a new trend with young girls who are ditching their accessories for Henna! A lot of teens are picking prom dresses that show off their legs to they can Henna them, or gowns that are backless, to show off the Henna!
Whole Earth Festival
UC Davis Campus today 10-6 PM

Mel: Kim’s Country Kitchen
537 G St.
Lincoln, CA

Cody: More Amgen Coverage talks with Mike from Sacramento Sports Journal about this event and others coming up for Sacramento.

Nina: Talked to locals waiting for race to start.

Amy: More Henna Art for Prom.

Cambi: Dixon May Fair
Today: 12pm – 11pm
Dixon Fairgrounds
Checking out 4-H Dogs

Nina: Talked to Jeff from Cafe Roma as they prepare for Mother's Day and Amgen Tour
Cafe Roma
1013 L St,
Sacramento, CA 95814

Amy: Mother / Daughter cut hair for Locks of Love with
Kahootz Salon and Spa
2462 Avalon Dr
Sacramento, CA 95864

Cody: Kristin Amgen Breakaway Walk for Cancer taking place today as well.

Cody: From the Starting Line with Andy from the Hub Bike Shop in Sacramento
The Hub
953 Pleasant Grove Blvd, #100,
Roseville, CA 95678

Nina: Talks with CHP Officer Maxfield. He is Escort who will be providing road closures throughout the race

Lori: Hot Headlines Christina performs on stage at Wango Tango in LA. Cindy Crawford looking incredible. Kim K at Bridal Shower. Nick Lachey and family on cover of Parent magazine. Italian Voice Nun. Bieber rides skateboard holding on to cars in LA.

Amy: Checks in with Mother/Daughter cutting hair

Cambi: Mother's Day Brunch at Hook ‘n Ladder
1630 S Street
Sacramento, CA
Hours: M-TH: 11:00AM-11PM FRI 11:00AM-1AM SAT: 10AM-1AM SUN: 10AM-11PM

Cody Amgen Tour Starts.

Quick Thought:
Mother's Day




All this and more in Today in the News....

In this hour leading off the show Amy was at the desk alone so Cody could cover Amgen and that is where we met Jon Santos from Davis Wheel Works. Jon is better known as Mr. Plant Lady because he is the husband of the Plant Lady Marlene Simon. Nina was also covering Amgen from the State Capital where she talked to Dr. Alan Lim the creator of Skratch who provides Nutrients for the Amgen Riders. We first met the Doctor on Friday during Good Day. Cody also talked to Miss California 2012 who is with Pistachio Growers of California travelling with the racers. Melissa was also covering Amgen in Roseville checking out bikes, fashion and more from Roseville Cyclery. It is Sunday so that must mean Eleanor was in the building talking juicy gossip including Kim and Kanye wedding. Today's #GDSJustCurious Topic of the day Describe your mom in 3 words. Today's Show us your is Mom and mom on a bike for extra points.

Cody continued covering all things Amgen as well as Nina in this hour. Amy learned why Henna Art is becoming so popular for Prom from Henna Designs. Melissa was in Lincoln checking out what moms are having for breakfast at Kim's Country Kitchen. Cambi was in Davis talking to the landscapers of Pedal Powered Landscaping as one of their own surprises his mom with a yard makeover. Today is Sunday so Dishin With Tina is back and this week Tina is Dishin at Vince's Restaurant in West Sacramento and this was Jason Maloney's choice.

In this hour Amgen coverage continued from Melissa, Cody, Nina. A Mother/Daughter team to cut their hair for Locks of Love from Kahootz Salon and Spa Cambi was in Dixon at the May Fair checking out the 4-H Club Dogs. Henna Art also continued. Nina checked out Cafe Roma to see how they are planning Mother's Day and Amgen

Amgen coverage continues with Cody and Nina. Cambi checked out Mother's Day Brunch at Hook n Ladder. Mother/Daughter finish up Locks of Love. Lori had Hot Headlines including Christina performing on Stage.

Final Thoughts:
With apologies to mothers everywhere today and tomorrow at this point there is no other story bigger than Amgen Tour of California and today on Good Day they covered it so well I can't wait to see how everyone covers it tomorrow because I don't think they can do it as well as Cody, Melissa, and Nina did today on Fox40 and My58 plus with the energy and enthusiasm the 3 of them brought today and the commitment Cody did right down to the bike shorts I almost guarantee the other stations won't go that far.

Anyway Today Cody out in the field covering Amgen made it fun to watch and then you add Nina into the mix and Melissa covering the Roseville/Lincoln area was perfect.

Cambi was the only reporter in the field NOT covering Amgen, She got to cover Dixon May Fair, Bike Landscapers, Hook n Ladder and she ran like a mother. No really she covered the Davis Run Like a Mother

Amy covered the in studio guests today with Henna Art for Proms and the Mother/Daughter duo cutting their hair for Locks of Love. What a cool way to spend your Mother's Day with your daughter giving back to people who need it. Plus if you want to give to Locks of Love you can make an appointment with Kahootz and they can do it for you.

Eleanor was in today and gave all her juicy Gossip. I love Eleanor as a person and I love that she is a part of the show on Sunday. She is one thing I always look forward to on Sunday.

Tina was also Dishin With Tina today and with EP / Truck Tractor Jason Maloney at Vince's in West Sacramento. It was nice to see Tina bring the Co-workers back into the fold so hopefully we can finally see Cody get his turn. But this week Vince's should be in studio so tune into Good Day Wednesday at 9am.

As you know today is Mother's Day so Good Day showed viewers moms as well as checked out Kim's Country Kitchen and Hook n Ladder for Mother's Day Brunch specials. I hope everyone who is a mother is having or had a nice day.

Looking ahead to this week first for Today in the News and then Good Day:
Monday - Fox40, My58, Good Day
Tuesday - Fox40, My58, Good Day
Wednesday- Good Day Only
Thursday - Fox40, Good Day
Friday - Fox40, Good Day
Sat/Sun - Good Day

Looking Ahead To Good Day Sacramento:
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Dishin With Tina - Jason Maloney's Choice at...
Vince's Ristorante
840 Harbor Blvd,
West Sacramento, CA 95691
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Gina from ThriftTown

Dance Party Friday

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
Ask Eleanor
Dishin With Tina at...
Nina's Day

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