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Cookie Day.... Today in the News 5/15/2014:

Cookie Day.... Today in the News 5/15/2014:

Opening Statement:
Last night on American Idol I lost a part of my life I'll never get back when a joke of a guest came out to perform that stupid and annoying Selfie song. Who cares about Chain Smokers on talent show. Someone really paid them for that crap? Anyway I felt like that took away from the 3 kids left who I will have much more on in Final Thought along with who I think will go home and Paul and Mojoe as well

Ken and Camera Guy Dave flew all night to Maryland to reach the Preakness where California Chrome is set to post the 3rd spot whatever that means. Ken will report live on Good Day Sacramento and CBS13 Today - Saturday.  chrome 1 chrome post

Now for the rest of Today in the News...

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News You Can Use... Today's Top Headlines:
Fires continue to burn out of control in San Diego. Firefighters from Sacramento area including Metro Fire and City are heading down.

Search for boating victims continue on Folsom Lake

Apartment fire in Sacramento overnight

Suspect in deadly shooting turns self in hours after

Fast Food Strike

Viewers Voice: A vicious dog attack on a 4-year-old boy... and a cat comes to the rescue! It was all caught on tape in Bakersfield. The dog locks onto the boy's leg, then the cat comes out of nowhere and pounces on the dog, sending him running! Our Viewers Voice question: What's your most amazing animal story?

Therapy Thursday - Movies can improve your relationship said Suzy Lee

Code Word - American Idol  idol

Spotlight Stockton Third Thursday Yoga on the Water Front

Paul: New VW Golf Car.

Front Street Shelter Pet of the Week.

Idol Chatter with Mojoe and Paul:
Jena BEST Song of Night - Creep
Alex BEST Song of Night - Stay
Caleb BEST Song of Night - Dazed and Confused
Finals: Caleb / Jena for Mojoe
Finals: Alex / Jena for Paul

Bethany: Ink Eats and Drink Block Party $15
Tattoo Artist and more
2730 N Street
Sacramento, CA
Saturday May 17 5pm-10pm
Ages 21 and Up

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Fox40 TV
Photos: Fox40

Good Day Sacramento:
Show&Tell: Marianne: Nephew that was born during the show 3 months after show is graduating from High School. Cody: Man paints images on bananas for kids lunches. Marianne: Chocolate treats. at

#Questionoftheday: What was your favorite cereal as a kid.

5am Club Member: Sophia from Stockton.

Marianne's Daily List: It’s National Chocolate Chip Day!
What’s you favorite kind of cookie? Looking to try something new? On the Daily List this morning, some crazy different ways people prepare the classic chocolate chip cookie.Daily List: 7 Outrageous Twists to Classic Chocolate Chip

Show us your: Cookies  cookie 1 cookie 2 cookie 3 cookie 4 cookies 2 cookies 3

Mark: News of the Weird: Worlds Tallest Slide in KC will not open on time. Virginia Teen kicked out of prom for her dress being too short. Senior Prank in Arizona went off well. Principle enjoyed it when students put cars in the hallways.

Mel: Northern California Aids Cycle
Melissa was live as more than 150 cyclists and crew members take off from Folsom Lake for the 10th annual NorCal AIDs Cycle (NCAC). The four-day, 330-mile ride is the major fundraising event for HIV/AIDS programs in Northern California with a goal of $300,000. This is the 10th year for this event and they have given out over $1.5 million to Northern California beneficiaries.\

Ju: Kooky Collection... An Elk Grove Man. Alex collects sand from all over making him a Kooky Collector  sand

Your Daily Joe: Good Mom Flow Chart. Cat confused over baby making noise.

Mel: Aids Riders take off for there 3 day bike trip.

Courtney: Check this out: Graze Box 4 different snacks you can order in one box for just $6\

Ju: Nicole, Erin, and Gretchen from Bip & Bop Jewelry show off their creations

Mark: Arianna Santana sits down with Brian Cranston to talk about Godzilla

Teens Tunes: Mixture

Ken: Joined from Rental Car place to talk The Preakness / California Chrome  ken arrives

Mel: Horse Health Fair
Sunday, May 18 9am-3pm
Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center
2973 Penryn Road
Penryn, CA
Talked Race horses.

Tina: Kua'aina performed on the Good Day Stage as they get set for these 2 events.
June 14
Ohana Dance Group Fundraiser
June 8th
Nichiren Buddhist Church  Print

Mark: Casting call for kids for Disney at Studio 24 Next Friday
Studio 24, Inc.
771 Oak Avenue Parkway, Suite 2
Folsom, CA 95630
Phone 9163589915
Fax 9163589925

Mel: Horse Health at Loomis Basin

Gina from Thrift Town...
5005 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 9164540435 Open till 9 PM
Thrift Town 6328 Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael, CA 95608 Corner of Marconi & Fair Oaks 9164800312 Today's topic: Homemade Kitchenette for kids.

Lori: Hospital Farmers Market
The Davis Farmers Market sets up shop at Sutter Hospital We’re live as local farmers get ready for the big kickoff event! Today’s grand opening ceremony signifies the start of the market which will be held May through the end of August every Thursday at the front entrance to the hospital.
Today 10am-1pm
Sutter Davis Hospital
2000 Sutter Place
Davis, CA

Ju: Gina from Thrift Town reveals finished kids kitchen. All cost around $30 total.

Courtney: Viewer in Granite Bay has an ultimate Gaming Cave.

Ken's Manly Minute: Thunder Storms could pose as a threat to California Chrome causing the track to be sloppy.

Tina: Performs the Ukulele with Kua'Aina  tina 4 tina 3 tina 2 tina 1

Final #Questionoftheday: What's that one instrument you wish you could play.

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

Quick Thought:
Fox40 Idol Chatter, Ink Eats, Pet of the Week, Spotlight Stockton

Good Day: Ken Arrives, Courtney plays, Bikers ride, Mark talks Godzilla. Tina joins the band. Gina from Thrift Town cooks. Producer Tessa makes cookies.

All this and more in Today in the News....

Fox40: Today they talked about Third Thursday in Spotlight Stockton where you can do Yoga on the Water Front. Had the Front Street Shelter Pet of the Week and Ink Eats a benefit where you can eat, drink and get tattoos for a cause.

Good Day Sacramento:
With Ken heading to Maryland for The Preakness, Marianne ran point today and kicked off the Show and Tell with a proud moment of her Nephew who was born at the start of Good Day getting ready to graduate from High School 18 years later. Cody showed banana art and is going to track him down. Marianne was back with chocolates treats. Melissa was in Folsom for the start of the Northern California Aids ride to raise money for Aids. Mark had News of the Weird that included the Worlds Largest Water Slide in KC not opening on time. The 5am Club Member was introduced and the Question of the day was asked... What was your favorite cereal as a kid. Marianne's Daily list was not shown so look for that to come in the 9am hour. Today's Show us yours was cookies for National Cookie Day.

In this hour we met an Elk Grove Kooky Collector who when is traveling brings sand back from his trips. Melissa sent off the riders for the Aids Bike Ride. Marianne had your daily Joe showing a chart if you are a good mom or not.

In this hour it was fill time hour by having way too much fun than should be allowed but that is why we watch. Also Courtney had a Check This Out with Graze. Graze is a snack company you can order for just $6 and get a box of 4 different snacks. Julissa was checking out Bip Bop Jewelry at their creations they make all their jewelry in their spare time and have many A List Celebs buy from them.

In this hour Tina introduced Kua'aina who performed on the Good Day Stage as they get set for 2 events. Melissa was in Loomis checking out the horses at the Basin Equine Medical Center. Ken and Dave arrived in Maryland. Mark had entertainment news talking about Godzilla with Brian Cranston. Teen's Tunes was played and the #9amtopic was introduced. Today's topic I wish I could mute__

In this final hour of the show today Laura and Julissa took us through the #9amtopic. Julissa was with Gina from Thrift Town who made a kids Kitchenette for a great place to play for just around $30. Mark was at Studio 24 as they look for that next Disney child star with casting calls. Melissa was checking out a horse going through an exam at the Basin Equine Medical Center. Lori was at Sutter Davis for their Farmers Market. Marianne's Daily list today never made air. Ken's Manly Minute was more of a report of the weather conditions that could pose a threat for California Chrome at the Preakness. Courtney was in Granite Bay for the ultimate Gaming Man Cave with a man who has at least 19 Pinball machines in his home. This was so impressive. Tina joined the band on stage to perform a song with her Ukulele. Tina sounded so good. The final question today was What instrument do you wish you could play.

Final Thoughts:
Today on Fox40 they had Idol Chatter with Paul and Mojoe. Both agree The contestants had a good night however to be different disagree on the finals for next week. Paul thinks Alex and Jena while Mojoe thinks it will be Caleb and Jena. I agree with Mojoe. It's time Alex goes home and the real singers battle it out. I still hate that they wasted my time with the stupid Selfie song. I read an article yesterday that questioned has American Idol jumped the shark? Not only did they jump it but after last night they landed on the shark back and rode it like a trainer riding a killer whale at Sea-world. Nonetheless Caleb and Jena should be going headed to headed next week.

Good Day Sacramento was pretty over the map as far as content. I got the feeling that Ken was suppose to land earlier than he did or they had trouble getting the feed out because they kept teasing and filling but he and Dave did get to Maryland where they tried to find out from the locals where to eat so she suggested a chain (Joe's Crab Shack) Ken and Dave went to the old standby of a Steak lunch from Hotel room service. Though not titled Ken's Manly Minute it was that normal time slot that Ken talked about the weather conditions of rain that could hamper California Chromes efforts.

Mark talked about the new Godzilla movie opening Friday with Brian Cranston. Be sure to tune into Mark at the Movies this weekend for a full review. Mark at the Movies can be seen on CW31 at 430am Saturday / 11pm Sunday. Reelzchannel 11am/8am on Saturday and on AFN check your listings.

Tina is a true talented human being. Today she jumped in to play the Ukulele with the band and not only did she old her own but she sounded great doing it.

Today is National Cookie Day so Producer of the 430/5am show showed off in photos her M&M'S cookies. These looked so hmm hmm good.
tessa m and m cookies

Courtney had what could be the coolest live shot of the day when she traveled to Granite Bay for the Ultimate Gaming Man Cave with over 20 games and that doesn't count the 19 Pinball machines he had in his home.

Today the Annual Aids Ride kicked off in Folsom so Melissa was there to check it out. The riders will raise money for aids during their 300+ miles over 3 days.

Today is Thursday so The GREAT Gina from Thrift Town was in for a great project for the kids. Taking an old nightstand and making it into a kitchenette to play on. This was so cool and great for anyone who likes to pretend cook.

Tomorrow Ken continues reporting from the Preakness and its the first Courtney Dempsey / Good Day Sacramento Pancake challenge. So tune in for this and so much more Friday fun starting at 430am.

My Schedule for the Week:
Friday - Fox40, Good Day
Sat/Sun - Good Day

Looking Ahead to what's coming up on Good Day Sacramento:
Cody Returns
Ken Reports from The Preakness on California Chrome
Gina from ThriftTown

Pancake Challenge
Ken Reports from The Preakness on California Chrome
Dance Party Friday

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
Ken Reports from The Preakness on California Chrome
Nancy Bradley in Studio Answers Viewers Questions

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
Ask Eleanor
Dishin With Tina at...
Nina's Day

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