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People Helping People... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1:

People Helping People... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1:

Opening Statement:
Being that today is Race for the Cure and Mother's Day Weekend I want to wish all survivors and mothers a very happy Mother's Day. Your fight to find a cure as well as to inspire others to be tested speaks volumes. May all of you continue to do GREAT and be GREAT and lets STOP Breast Cancer and find a cure once and for all.

So what is taking place Today in the News......

Special Announcements:
Please Like Mark at the Movies on Facebook #QuestFor5000  spiderman

From Courtney Dempsey Pancake Challenge: Have you been told your flapjacks are to die for? Enter for a chance to participate in the first Good Day Pancake Challenge! FIRST go to for rules and details. THEN email your sweet or savory pancake recipe to Entries will be accepted through May 14th at 10am. The Pancake Challenge will take place on Friday, May 16th live on Good Day!  pancake

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News You Can Use... Top Headlines:
Amgen Tour of California kicks off Sunday - Monday in Sacramento/Folsom area

Folsom getting ready for Amgen Tour

1 body found 2 others missing from Hot Air Balloon that caught fire in Virginia

Stockton Minister hit by stray bullet was killed.

Show us your... Junk Drawer

#GDSJustCurious: My Mom is the best at....

Cambi: Go-to Mother’s Day Gifts
It’s not too late to get your Mother’s Day gifts! Today Cambi was at Grebitus Jewelers checking out what last minutes gifts people can pick up for their Special Mother’s or wives! Open Til 6pm
Grebitus Jewelers
330 Palladio Parkway, Suite 2025
Folsom, CA

Michael: Talks Strawberries. Will be appearing at BerryFest Roseville May 10 - 11 11am-6pm

Tina: Race for the Cure
Today the Sacramento Valley Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure hosted its 18th Annual Komen Race for the Cure. Adding to the excitement, Komen has added a competitive 10K run to the race. More than 10,000 people are expected to participate in the Race for the Cure to help end breast cancer.

Cody/Amy: While you were at work - Video Clips of the Best of the Week...

Cody/Amy: Do you want to go to Starbucks video.

Lori: Paint-a-Pot for Mom
Today Orchard Supply Hardware stores everywhere in the Sacramento area are allowing kids and their parents to come and paint a plant for mom for Mother’s Day!
Orchard Supply Hardware
7431 Laguna Blvd
Elk Grove, CA
Today: 10am-2pm

Michael - Makes Strawberry Ice Cream

Cambi: Continues from Grebitus Jewelers for more Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Idea's

Tina: Talks with Shawn L Brown prior to giving
Mom’s Day Makeover
We are hosting a Mother’s Day Makeover with The Hair Doctor for 5 of our Viewers.
Cosmo Beauty Academy
3500 Fulton Avenue,
Sacramento, CA
MAKEUP ARTIST Shae Meshelle 9165952038
Linda Elvrum The Style Room Cut-Color-Makeup 9163042530
Mariantoinette Hernandez Jane Salon 9163006728
Color provided by: Redken

Cody: Real Housewives of Rio Linda
It’s 5 women in one fantastic show! The Real Housewives of Rio Linda have been performing together for over four years but collectively have over 50 years of experience in standup comedy!
Their big show is on Mother’s Day, but first they came by our studio to talk about what they have prepared for their audience!
2100 Arden Way Ste. 225
Sacramento, CA
Performing May 11th: 7pm

Cody: Fused Glass
One Yuba City artist is in studio this morning showing off some of his work. Tim Darrough creates masterpieces made from fused glass. Today he showed Cody how it’s done and showed off some of their very interesting pieces.

Lori: Rep The Witch Hazel Fundraiser Event
Today Rep The Witch Hazel is hosting a fundraising event today to support our friend Amber St. Claire, who recently began her 2nd battle with a rare form of cancer. Amber’s cancer is generalized to colon cancer but it is signet ring cell adenocarcinoma of appendiceal primary origin.
Elk Grove Strength & Conditioning
9733 Kent Street, Suite 110
Elk Grove, CA
Today: 8am-5pm
To Donate: search “Rep The Witch Hazel”

Amy: Throwdown Challenge - Biscuits and Gravy May 25th.

Tina: Continues with Shawn L Brown with Mom Makeovers.

Amy: Tanning Party
The warm temps are here and it’s time to say good bye to that pale dry skin and bronze it up with a little color! Bronze Dollz is a mobile tanning company that throws tanning parties in your very own backyard! Were kicking off the tanning party this morning in Carmichael, helping a soon-to-be bride and little dancers get a glitter glow for a dance rehearsal!
9165322580 (Laura) or 9168334629 (Kristin)

Cody/Amy: Gabe from Travelzoo with GREAT getaway ideas.

Tina: Makeovers Continue from Shawn L Brown.

Lori: Walk in our Shoes Festival
Jessie Baker School
8850 Southside Avenue
Elk Grove, CA
Today: 9am

Cambi: Save Ourselves Breast Cancer Organization
Today Cambi was at a very special Good Day at your Game! The Little League Teams of Roseville came together for a Breast Cancer Fundraiser and the umpires all wore pink shirts!

Cody: Ultherapy Neck Tightening
Transform your body without surgery or downtime at the fraction of the cost of going under the knife! Elk Grove Medical Spa is unveiling a non-invasive procedure FDA-cleared to lift the neck, chin and brow! Say goodbye to the double chin forever!
Elk Grove Medical Spa
9390 Big Horn Blvd Ste. 145
Elk Grove, CA
9162452665 (Cool)

Tina: Makeovers Continue

Amy: Bronze Dollz spray tans.

Tina: Mothers Day Makeovers - Continued.

Cody: Down to Earth
Today Good Day had a live Falcon in studio! This bird was in studio because the Wine Institute has just released a new book called, “Down to Earth: A Seasonal Tour of Sustainable Winegrowing in California.” It’s inspired by California’s global leadership in sustainable winegrowing, and beautifully illustrates by season the environmentally and socially responsible practices used to make wine in California. down to earth

Amy: The Frosting Queens
Available At Whole Foods and Corti Bros. and Nugget Markets
1-855-FROST-IT 8553767848
Today's Topic: Family Bark queens 1 queens 3

Lori: Passport to Adventure-The Jungle Room
Lickity Split Yogurt
6716 Madison Ave
Fair Oaks, CA
Today: 2pm-5pm
Nature’s Critters: Meet a real alligator and more
9167737647 (FROGS)

Cody/Amy: Comedian Willie Barcena
Tommy T’s
12401 Folsom Blvd.
Rancho Cordova, CA
Tonight: 7pm & 9:45pm
Sunday: 7pm

Tina: Makeovers Revealed - STUNNING

Cody: More Neck Therapy.

Amy: More Frosting Queen ideas Strawberry Chocolate cake.  queens 2

Cambi: Jog a Thon Fundraiser in West Sacramento to raise money.
Run for Arts and Community Fair
May 10th 9am-12pm
2747 Linden Road
West Sacramento, CA

Quick Thought:
Race for a Cure

Mothers Day Makeovers

Mom Gifts

Tour of Elk Grove

Comedy Spot

All this and more in Today in the News....

Leading off the show Melissa is off so Amy did news, Cody did weather. Today's Show us yours was Junk Drawer because they are just nosey :) The #GDSJustCurious topic was My Mom is the best at__ Tina was at Cal Expo for Race for the Cure. Cambi was in Folsom checking out jewelry for last minute Mom gift ideas. Lori was in Elk Grove for Paint a Pot for Mom at Osh. This is taking place at ALL Osh Location. Michael Marks was in studio talking Strawberries and he will be at the Roseville BerryFest today and tomorrow. Cody and Amy showed a clip from Olivia Mowry she made to remake Do you want to build a snowman to Do you want to go to Starbucks. BRILLIANT!!!

In this hour Lori continued in Elk Grove checking out a special event for an Elk Grove Middle School Teacher Amber who is fighting a rare form of cancer. Cambi continued to check out the Bling in Folsom at Gerbitus Jewelry. Tina met up with Shawn L Brown aka Hair Doctor for 5 lucky moms getting Mothers Day Makeovers. Michael was back making Strawberry Ice Cream. Cody checked out the amazing glass art from Tim Darrough. Cody was also talking with Real House Wives of Rio Linda as they prepare for their show at PunchLine they showed what they want and don't want for Mothers Day. A new Challenge Throwdown was announced This month challenge is Biscuits and Gravy.

Lori's Tour of Elk Grove continued with yet another FundRaiser at Baker Elementary School Walk a Mile in our shoes. Cambi was in Roseville for a special Good Day at your game for Breast Cancer. Tina continued with Mothers Day makeovers with Shawn L Brown. Cody was with a doctor who uses laser treatments to get rid of your double chin. Bronze Dollz were in studio showing off their mobile Spray Tan. This was a make up from the Weekday show the other day that was pushed out from the Cow Chase.

In the final hour of the show today it was torture Cody hour. Cody is on a very strict diet so the Frosting Queens made their famous Family Bark treat for Amy to tease Cody as well as a strawberry chocolate. Then Lori was at Lickity Split Yogurt tasting it and talking about Nature day where you can meet all kinds of creatures including a bunny. Tina continued and later revealed the Shawn L Brown Mothers Day Makeovers Cody was with a real live Falcon and talking wines and a new book called Down to Earth. Willie Barcena was in studio who will be appearing on at Tommy T's this weekend. Cambi was at a West Sacramento Jog a-thon.

Final Thoughts:
Before getting to today show this weekend the Amgen Tour of California gets underway and Good Day and Cody will be covering it live. I am curious with the fall of Lance Armstrong what the crowds will be like. For the longest time he was the best thing the Bike world had to offer until he admitted to cheating. I've never been a fan of bike racing because of all the cheating scandal and then after all the things came out with and about Lance I lost all respect for the racing of bikes. So I hope for the city of Sacramento/Folsom areas it does well crowds wise but I am curious But Cody covering this event is reason alone for people to show up or should say Shark Cody. :)  amgen creds 2 amgen creds 1 amgen creds 3

Now for today's show...

On today's show Susan G Koman Race for the Cure took place today and Tina was there for the start of the race. As I said in the opening WE as a Country MUST find a cure and find it fast. We cannot keep losing to Breast Cancer.

Today Tina and Shawn L Brown who are sisters who beat breast cancer teamed up today with local salons to give 5 special moms getting makeovers. Let me say this about Shawn. Shawn's work is so remarkable she could make me look like a different person. I LOVE Shawn as person but I love what she does giving back and making people happy.

Cambi was in Folsom checking out bling for Mothers Day from Grebitus Jewelers before she headed to Roseville for a very special Good Day at your game. This game was benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness and the teams as well as the umpires wore pink to raise awareness. Cambi then went to a West Sacramento Jog A-thon to end the show.

I think every time the Frosting Queens come into the studio they add their frosting to another store. At this rate pretty soon they will be selling their frosting in every store on every corner like gas stations are. Today they made 2 delicious treats including the strawberry cake. That looked so good.

I would have thought I was dreaming if not for my own eyes. Today Cody talked to a guy holding a Falcon. No not the kind from Atlanta either. I real falcon that flies. How cool is that.

I love when Good Day has comedy in studio. One thing I would like to see is a comedian do about 2 - 3 minutes on the Good Day Stage and then Q&A with Cody, Amy or during the week insert host here. But today on Good Day the Real Housewives of Rio Linda gave us a little bit of their routine in preparation of them performing at Punchline Comedy Club Sunday at 7pm Then having Willie Barcena in studio in the 10am hour was a good time as well.

Lori today who lives in Elk Grove gave us a Tour of Elk Grove from 7-9am. First at 7am she was at an Osh event that allowed kids to paint pots to give to their moms for Mother's Day. Then in the 8am hour she was at an event for Amber a Toby Johnson Middle School teacher who has a rare form of cancer as teachers, friends and more are raising money for her treatments. Then in the 9am hour she was at Baker Elementary for a Walk in our shoes festival. Finally leaving Elk Grove and heading to Fair Oaks she got to taste yogurt and look at snakes all at the same time for Passport to the Jungle.

Tomorrow is Amgen Tour of California as well as Mothers Day. As we honor our moms lets also remember Eleanor has Gossip and Jason and Tina are Dishin With Tina. Tomorrow is going to be a big show so tune in at 7-11am then remember the Car Czar Show goes behind the scenes of The Price is Right at 11am.

Looking Ahead To Good Day Sacramento:
Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
Cody Covers Amgen Tour of California
Ask Eleanor
Dishin With Tina - Jason Maloney's Choice at...
Vince's Ristorante
840 Harbor Blvd,
West Sacramento, CA 95691
Hours: Mon:11:00 am ~ 9:30 pm Tue:11:00 am ~ 9:30 pm Wed:11:00 am ~ 9:30 pm Thu:11:00 am ~ 9:30 pm Fri:11:00 am ~ 10:00 pm Sat:4:00 pm ~ 10:00 pm
Run like a Mother in Davis
Nina's Day

Google Glass
Ken's Manly Minute Behind the Scenes Photo manly minute monday

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