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Going Underground..... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1 5/24/2014:

Going Underground..... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1 5/24/2014:

Opening Statement:
Stayed up to try and see the meteor shower last night and it appeared I could see them. It looked like the vapor trails airplanes sometimes leave in the sky and if that is not it then the clouds prevented me from seeing them properly.

Let's hope Cody can show them Today in the News.....

Special Announcements:
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Throwdown Challenge May 25th - Biscuits and Gravy

Grub Run is BACK Enter for a chance to win lunch for your office from Panda Express. Enter now - May27, 2014 at 10am PST on  grub

Queen of Dating Event June 10th  summar luau

El Camino Fundamental High School’s ALL CLASS Reunion – 2014. Please join us for a casual, (BYOB/BYOF) picnic style reunion this year at Ancil Hoffman Park on June 28th, 2014 from 12-6pm. $5 Cover

News You Can Use... Top Headlines:
Pope on tour in Israel

7 dead 7 hurt in Drive by near Santa Barbara College

Cab Driver taken for a ride by a wanted man

Shooting in Citrus Heights overnight

Show us your... Dirty Car

#GDSJustCurious: Last good happy cry

Cambi: 10 Days FREE at Quick Quack Car Wash
645 Harbor Blvd.,
West Sacramento, CA
This is day 5 of 10.

Tina: Talked to Katelyn about New Bakery – Starbread
A bay area based bakery just opened their second Sacramento area location in Natomas. Tina took us behind the scenes to find out why so many people are ordering “Senorita bread”.
2101 Natomas Crossing Drive, off Truxel
Sacramento, CA

Mel/Cody: Talked via Skype with Frank, creator about his Hot Tub Tug Boat. This Hot Tug allows you to float down the water in a Hot Tub. Holds up to 8 people

Lori: Sergio’s Steak & Seafood
322 East Bidwell Street
Folsom, CA
Has cooking classes as well.

Micheal Marks talks watermelon

Michael is back showing Cody how to pick and cut the watermelon.

Lori: Continued from Sergio's making Limoncello Put in water sit in for 30 minutes add 1 liter vodka 1 liter of water - Takes 7-10 days before ready

Tina: 41st Annual Sacramento Music Festival & Jubilee!
Get ready to move your feet and dance in the streets morning, noon and night during the 2014 Sacramento Music Festival & Jubilee happening all weekend long.
Old Sacramento, CA
$110 for a 4-day event badge
Talked with Mike Testa about the event.

Cody/Mel: Travelzoo Ideas
Gabe is back with this week’s travel treasures from Travelzoo!

Cody/Mel: Graduation Etiquette
Graduation season is upon us and everyone should have proper etiquette to entertain and hosts their guest at their graduation parties. So today, Etiquette Specialist & Teacher Rebecca Black joined Cody and Melissa to talk about planning the graduation party, and how parents should allow their child to help plan and to focus on being a great host–one who provides everything for his/her guests. The focus shouldn’t be on gifts, especially cash.
Etiquette Now!

Cambi: Alternative Fitness
Today Cambi jumped on the stripper pole! No, she’s not leaving God Day (Though she could take on a second job JK) She’s at Alternative Fitness in Roseville.
920 Reserve Dr. Ste #180
Roseville, CA

Cody: Wagnon Chiropractic
Today Cody learned the importance of Chiropractic work, (since he has such a bad back). William Wagnon, D.C. is celebrating 30 years in business on June, 6th. It was started in 1984 by Dr. William Wagnon and his wife Linda.
William Wagnon, D.C.
1319 College Street
Woodland, CA

Cambi: Tries Aerial Yoga at Alternative Fitness

Gabe is back with more Travelzoo ideas.

Lori: Talked to Daniel and Mark from Velocab
Today Lori took to the streets of Sacramento in one of the city’s largest attractions, the Velocab! What is a velocab you ask? Velocabs are zero emission, human-powered vehicles and the latest evolution in pedicab design.

Tina: Old Sacramento Underground Tours
Hidden beneath the city for nearly 150 years, Old Sacramento’s underground has long been the capital’s best-kept secret. Underground tour visitors have the unique opportunity to uncover the facts behind the legends that lie below historic buildings and sidewalks. Tour guests explore excavated foundations and enclosed pathways while entertaining and knowledgeable tour guides recount the tales of the devastation, perseverance, and determination that led to California’s only successful street-raising project.

Cody: Cow Camp Grill & Seasoning Co.
Nothing screams Memorial Day weekend like a good ol’ BBQ and today Cow Camp Grill & Seasoning Co. was out back making BBQ for the Good Day Crew.

Tina: Old Sac Underground Tour continues

Cody: Konnected Clothing
You’ve done your time, now what? In this economy it’s REALLY tough for someone with a record to get a job and get their lives on track. Tommy Hall has created a clothing line to hire (and keep folks sober) ex-cons clean. He brought in some merchandise and told the story of Konnected.
Twitter: @konnectedlife

Cambi: Good Day at your game - Rio Linda these little guys and gals are having all kinds of fun. Cambi even talked a a 5 year old player.

Cody: Cow Camp Grill gives more BBQ tips. If they made Smellavision this would be heaven.

Lori continued from Velocab. Find them on Groupon for some GREAT deals.

Mel: Hot Headlines: Sofia Vergara splits from man. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler new movie Blended opened Friday. Kim K wedding. Today. New Selfies of butts and working out.

Cody: Viewer Jennifer in Ferndale talked about the Kinetic Grand Championship

Mel: 11 year old Kalem Rau catches a foul ball at Giant Game on his Birthday and made it onto the Comcast Sports Network broadcast.

Cody: Comedy Warriors / Plus some music on the Good Day Stage.
As any comedian will tell you, the most poignant comedy comes from pain. And no one knows this better than a service member with a life-changing injury. The documentary features five severely wounded service members; four men and one woman – with injuries ranging from burns to amputations. They told their stories from the moment they decided to enlist, to their experiences in combat, their struggles in coming home to heal, and the role that humor plays in their rehabilitation.
Tommy T’s
12401 Folsom Blvd.
Rancho Cordova, CA

Quick Thought:
Cambi goes Aerial and Rides pole

Tina goes Underground

Tina dances

Cow Camp BBQ


Good Day at your game

Konnected Apparel

Leading off this hour Amy is off today so we flashback to Cody Co-hosting with Melissa. Cambi was at Quick Quack Car Wash as they offer up a sweet deal of FREE carwashes for the next 5 days. Lori was in Folsom checking out Sergio's Steak and Seafood for all the great food on the menu plus they offer cooking classes. Tina was in Natomas at Star Bread Bakery as Melissa and crew taste tested the bread. Cody could not have any. Cody got a history lesson from Michael Marks about Seedless Watermelon. Cody and Melissa talked to the creator of the Hot Tub Tug Boat in Netherlands. You may remember Cody first talked about this during a Show and Tell while he was watching House Hunters. Today's Show Us Yours was Dirty Car, The #GDSJustCurious topic today is The Last Happy Cry you had.

In this hour Cambi spun on the pole for Alternative workouts. Lori was at Sergio's making some sweet drinks. Gabe from Travelzoo was giving Melissa and Cody great travel ideas. Rebecca Black was in studio testing and giving knowledge on proper Graduation Party Etiquette. Tina was in Old Sac for the 41st Annual Music Festival. Michael Marks was back cutting and picking out the BEST watermelon.

In this hour Tina went underground and toured the Historic Underground of Sacramento. Cambi was learning aerial silk yoga at Alternative Fitness in Roseville. Lori was riding around town with Velocab. Velocab only works on tips but they give tours of the city. Cody was out back checking out Cow Camp Grill and seasoning as they BBQ'd some good food. Gabe was back for more Travelzoo ideas. Dr. William Wagnon and wife Linda were in studio giving Cody some back treatment.

In this hour Tina continued from the Underground Old Sac Tour. Cody got more tips from Cow Camp Grill and it still looks amazing. Lori continued from Velocab riding around the streets of Sacramento. Cody was with Tommy Hall from Konnected Apparel talking about his clothing line and how he puts Ex-cons to work. The Kinetic Championship is taking place this weekend in Ferndale and viewer Jennifer Savage joined to talk about it. Local Little Leaguer gets a gift of a lifetime at a Giants Game when he caught a foul ball. Melissa had your Hot Headlines that included the Kim K Wedding taking place today. Comedy Warriors talked about performing at Tommy T's tonight with musical tribute

Final Thoughts:
Today was a jammed packed, fast pace to the weekend show. With Amy off this weekend Cody was teamed up with one of his former Co-hosts Melissa giving it a feel of years gone by.

On the show today Tina was checking out the 41st Annual Sacramento Music Festival and danced to the drum beats from one local High School Band. While in Old Sacramento she took the Old Sac Underground tour that is rich in Sacramento history. If you are from here or just visiting you MUST take this 60-90 minute tour.

Cambi headed to Rio Linda to chat with ballplayers who are up and coming for Good Day at your Game. These 5 year olds will soon be making millions and Cambi got their first interview on camera before the money goes to their heads and before they have people.

Before Cambi headed to the game she got a little workout in at Alternative Fitness. Today Cambi learned Pole tricks just in case she wants to double her income or really work on her core. Then she learn Silk Aerial yoga. I was so impressed with her and how well she did with this exercise.

Michael Marks was in studio today showing how to properly pick a watermelon and then how to cut. But it was the first hour Michael gave the history of the seedless watermelon that had my attention most.

Today Cow Camp Grill and Seasoning was on the Good Day Patio with BBQ that looked so good I could almost smell how great it tasted. Cody had to take one for the team and give it a try but did not overdue it, plus Cody will add that to his food records and adjust accordingly throughout the day. But man it sure looked good.

Lori was cruising midtown with Velocab. Velocab works on tips only when they shuttle customers to and from however if you want to take a tour of the city via Velocab you can go on Groupon for special deals. This bike with covered seat is a pretty cool idea plus Daniel, Lori's driver like Maroon 5.

Cody talked to Tommy Hall from Rio Linda. Tommy has had some issues in the past but has learned from those mistakes and allows others to do the same. Tommy started his own line of clothing and hires only ex-cons to get them back into the workforce. This is a pretty cool idea because they can trust Tommy who has gone through much of the same as they have. Nice job by Konnected Apparel.

Yesterday we met 2 from Comedy Warriors who are performing at Tommy T's this weekend. They came back today at brought friends with them to perform a very cool musical tribute to our BRAVE MEN AND WOMAN! The #GDSJustCurious Question was When was the last time you had a good happy cry.... I said Wednesday after talking to Mark and Cody about something going on but changed it at 1055am with this very special performance to end the show today.

Tomorrow's Today in the News Blog will be late. I don't know how late but late. So much is in store for tomorrows show. in the 7am Ask Eleanor, 8am Dishin With Tina, 9am Jenn Brian Queen of Dating plus....

Looking Ahead To Good Day Sacramento:
Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Lori (Amy Off)
Ask Eleanor
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Jenn Brian. will be appearing in the 9AM hour discussing upcoming The Queen of Dating events and all things dating related so tune in and/or set your DVR NOW!!!
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