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Sinful Treats and More Today in the News

Sinful Treats and More Today in the News 9/30/2015

Today's Preview:
We have reached the final day of September and on this 30th day Cody returns to the show from his 3 day weekend and no Wednesday would be complete if it wasn't for Dishin With Tina and this week's feature Mad sub. Also scheduled for today we get looks at everything from pirate ships to Sinful Treat Good Day has you covered on National Chewing Gum Day Marianne will show you 3 Myths about Chewing Gum you may or may not know. A husband and wife in Colorado have found a way to keep feet clean and protected.. How? Courtney has a new Check This Out Skindels edition. We meet Sarah from Sarah's Kitchen, She is amazing with a great story behind it. She had an idea, posted it to Facebook and it blew up from there and now she rents a kitchen to help her cook for families in need with her Kindness Campaign. Hey Fairfield you now have new place to shop. Smart n Final is having it's Grand Opening and today Good Day checks out this brand new store. From a Bar on Wheels with Sac Brew Bike to now having their own bar. We get a look at the new Sac Brew Bar. As we found out Monday Mark is going head to head against Joey Chestnut, Area firefighters and Police in a pie eating contest. Well someone has to make hundreds of pies so today we check in on Sinful Treats to see what their up to and find out what else they have to offer. The Contest goes down Sunday at Elk Grove Regional Park.. Go Cheer Mark on to Victory. Natomas Unified School District is having a Job Fair between 9-12pm today we'll find out what they are looking for and if you can still apply online after the event. Ken will end our day with his Manly Minute talking about Stay at Home Dad Insults. All this a more in today's edition of Sinful Treats and More Today in the News....

Today's Recap:
As Green Day say Wake Me Up When September ends. Today is the end and now it's time to head into October tomorrow. One thing that was unable to be covered was the Pirate Ship from Dixon Woodworking. Here is a part of what would have been covered.  It’s like a theme park on wheels: Queen Anne’s Revenge pirate ship is all handmade with marine-grade mahogany, designed to last forever. It has a slide and has three cannons that sound. The computer system is one a customer can customize with their own music. It’s very mobile. Dixon woodworking owners are there showing off their pirate ship and its features.
Dixon Woodworking

What was covered today was It's time to go shopping, Cambi was at the New Smart & Final Extra GRAND Opening in Fairfield. Cambi remained in Fairfield where she was at Rosanna's European Delight. This place is so good even the Fairfield Police Department supports it daily.

Courtney had a new Check This out, Skindels. A husband and wife in Colorado have found a way to keep feet clean and protected – even after the shoes come off. So how does it work? Tina put it to the test and later had fun with it using it for other things.

This story brought tears to my eyes that Julissa had today with Sarah from Sarah's Kitchen, Sarah is a local woman has turned her labor of love into a booming business and pays it forward at the same time by helping those in need. If we had more people like Sarah our World would be far better place. Thank you Sarah, Thank You for making your food with love.  Later Laura, Julissa, and Tina tried their hands at Pumpkin Spice Muddy Buddies. A Recipe found by Producer Bailee.

Tina was checking out Sac Brew Bar today. Yup everyone’s favorite bar on wheels now has a home base! The owners of Sac Brew Bike are gearing up for the grand opening of their new bar this Saturday. Be sure to check it out and catch a ride on the bike too.

Ken talked with the Next Generation of The Jacksons Taj TJ Taryll coming to Lifetime October 2nd. I need to check this show out for a hopeful glimpse of Ms. Jackson, (Janet). Ken was also talking with students from Sutter Middle School Media Class who stayed in studio all show and had a lot of fun with Court's Tunes and making Fish Faces with Laura.

Mark was with Michael Marks talking The Martian and Potatoes.. In the new movie Matt Damon grows potatoes on Mars so of course Mark had to ask the potato expert before he headed to Sinful Treats who are busy churning out the hundreds of pumpkin pies that are being used for this weekend’s world pumpkin pie-eating championship, Mark even took on a friendly Pie eating contest against Elk Grove PD and Fire prior to them all taking on Joey Chestnut Sunday.

For all these stories and more this is... Sinful Treats and More Today in the News...

kbcw Mon - Friday Poster

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Good Day Sacramento wants to send you to Hawaii Enter to win a trip to Aulani Resort and Spa by going to...
Contest Ends 10/4/2015 11pm PST
aulani trip aulani trip 1

Good Day Sacramento:
Show Us Yours: Sinful Treat
Good Day Sinful treat 1

Show & Tell: Cody: Raser with a Laser in the works.

Mark's News of the Weird: The Walk Movie getting great reviews but making people sick. New app for dogs and cats to play with. Man hurt by an Elk.
sept 30 weird

5am Club Member of the Day: 916 Texter

#QuestionOfTheDay: What major accomplishment did you achieve

Marianne's Daily List: Happy Chewing Gum Day!
It’s National Chewing Gum Day. Did you know humans have been using chewing gum for about 3,000 years? Many cultures had something chewy to gnaw on — from tree bark, to tree resin, to paraffin wax. On The Daily List this morning, we show you three myths about chewing gum that persist to this day! Takes 7 years to Digest - False. No Gum After midnight - Bad Luck - False. Bad for teeth - It's Good
sept 30 daily list

430/5am Recap:
Cody had a new Razor with a laser. Mark had News of the Weird. Marianne had her Daily List. 5am Club Member was introduced. Today's Show Us Yours was Sinful Treat. Today's Question was What Major Accomplishment have you had.

430/5am News Block:
cadat run News block 530

Mark: Billboard Magazine names Lady Gaga Woman of the Year. Christopher Lloyd will appear in a Back to the Future Short, Kim K and Kanye will have 2nd child on Christmas.
sept 30 info 1

Courtney: Check This Out!
Today on Good Day Courtney had a new Check This out, Skindels. A husband and wife in Colorado have found a way to keep feet clean and protected – even after the shoes come off!! Blake Ishmael and his wife Brittany created Skindels, and today we’re trying them out live! Skindels, also known as the skin-sandal, is a 100 percent synthetic, antimicrobial foot protective tape that keeps feet clean when barefoot or with sockless footwear.
check this out skindelsTina fun 1Tina fun 2

Julissa: Sarah’s Kitchen
Today on Good Day Julissa was with Sarah from Sarah's Kitchen, a local woman has turned her labor of love into a booming business and pays it forward at the same time – Sarah’s kitchen, great food made with love! Sarah lost her job after 12 years as a manager for a clinic. The next day, she went to Facebook, posted she enjoys cooking and wondered if anyone was interested in some healthy and delicious homemade meals. She was overwhelmed by the responses! She now rents a kitchen space for her business, cooks for several families on a regular basis and created the Kindness Campaign which cooks for needy families in the area.
sarahs kitchen 2 sarahs kitchen 1

Marianne's Daily Joe:
Greek Design Studio NL designed a Nap Desk Bed. Kid rolls out of bed. Beer Bottle Song from Lion King

6am Recap:
Marianne had her Daily Joe. Mark had Infotainment. Courtney had a Check This Out - Skindels Edition. Julissa was learning more about Sarah's Kithcen and how she helps those in need.

6am News Block:

Mark: The Martian
Today on Good Day Sacramento Mark S. Allen and Michael Marks ‪#‎YourProduceMan‬ talked The Martian & Potatoes ‪#‎MattDamon‬ The Martian is in theaters Friday October 2nd

Ken: The Jacksons - Next Generation
Today on Good Day Sacramento Kenneth Rudulph talked with TJ Jackson Taj Jackson and Taryll Jackson about their new show coming to Lifetime October 2nd The Jacksons: Next Generation
jacksons 1

7am Recap:
Mark and Micheal Marks talked the Martian and Potatoes. Ken talked with the Next Generation of the Jackson.

7am News Block:

Tina: Sac Brew Bar
Today on Good Day Tina was checking out Sac Brew Bar. Everyone’s favorite bar on wheels now has a home base! The owners of Sac Brew Bike are gearing up for the grand opening of their new bar, which features some of the area’s best local brews! We get a sneak peek at the new digs to see what beer aficionados can expect.
Grand Opening Saturday, Oct. 3
1519 19th Street Sacramento, CA
sac brew 1

Cambi: Smart & Final Extra!
Today on Good Day Cambi was at the New Smart & Final Extra GRAND Opening
2525 N. Texas St., Fairfield, CA
smart final 1 smart final 2

Mark: Sinful Treats
Today on Good Day Mark was at Sinful Treats who are busy churning out the hundreds of pumpkin pies that are being used for this weekend’s world pumpkin pie-eating championship. The event is one of the many highlights of the Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival and features local boy and master muncher Joey “Jaws” Chestnut. Cosumnes firefighters and Elk Grove police officers will also battle it out against our own Mark S. Allen in a hometown-hero bout.
Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival Oct. 3 & 4 10am-5pm
Elk Grove Regional Park
9950 Elk Grove-Florin Rd. Elk Grove, CA
Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival
Sinful Treats 5640 Whitelock Parkway, Suite 140 Elk Grove, CA (888) 994-6385
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8am-4pm
sinful 1

#9amtopic: Does a no show for a wedding call for a bill.

Ken: Sutter Middle School
Today on Good Day Ken talked with Sutter Middle School Media Class
sutter 1

Court's Tunes: Top 40 Hits
sept 30 courts tunes 1

Mark: Sinful Treat Part 2
Mark took on Local Police and Fire in a Pie eating contest as a warm up to Sunday's contest.
sinful 2

8am Recap:
Mark was at Sinful Treat eating Pie. Cambi was at Smart and Final Grand Opening in Fairfield. Court's Tunes was played. Sutter Middle School Media class came to Good Day. Tina was checking out Sac Brew Bar that opens October 3rd.

8am News Block:

Dishin With Tina at....
Mad Subs
5133 Madison Ave. #2
Sacramento, CA
Mon-Fri 10 am - 6 pm Sat 11 am - 5 pm
mad sub 2 dishin

Mark: Sinful Treats Part 3
Mark continued from Sinful Treats previewing the Giant Pumpkin Fest this weekend in Elk Grove
sinful 3

Julissa/Laura/Tina: Pumpkin Spice Muddy Buddies Part 1 and 2
Today on Good Day Laura, Julissa, and Tina tried their hands at Pumpkin Spice Muddy Buddies. A Recipe found by Producer Bailee.
Pumpkin spice treat 1 Pumpkin spice treat 2

Today on Good Day Cambi was at Rosanna's European Delight in Fairfield. This local bakery is a must for Fairfield residents and the Fairfield Police Department approves
1119 Texas Street Fairfield, CA 707.422.CAKE (2253)
rosannas 1

Julissa Trending Topics
In today's Trending Topics 7 Vehicles destroyed filming the new Bond Movie. Man thinks he started Selfie craze taking one a day for 8 years. Fish Face Craze?
sept 30 trending 1

Ken's Manly Minute: Stay-at-Home-Dad Insults. It must be nice not to work. Are you looking for a job. Is your wife ticked off that your the at home parent. Wow your Superman. What do you do all day.
sept 30 manly

#FinalQuestionoftheDay: What do you remember about being in 8th grade

9am Recap:
Mark continued from Sinful Treats. Laura, Tina, Julissa made a Treat. Tina was Dishin With Mad Subs. Ken had his Manly Minute. Cambi was checking out Rosanna's European Bakery in Fairfield. Julissa had Trending Topics. Tina's Final Question was What do you remember about being in 8th Grade.

9am News Block:
Audrey: Natomas Unified School District
The Natomas Unified School District will hold a job fair Wednesday morning in Natomas. The recruitment event will be held 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Sept. 30 at 1901 Arena Boulevard, in Sacramento. The Natomas school district seeks to hire workers to fill permanent, classified – or non-teaching – positions including playground assistants, bus attendants, special education instructional assistant, kindergarten aides, food service assistants, carpenters, grounds workers and plumbers.

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

Final Thought on today's show
September is now closed for Good Day and today they ended it with filling our bellies full of treats, entertainment and fun. Some of my favorite things from today's show Mark at Sinful Treats in Elk Grove, Cambi at Smart and Final Grand Opening in Fairfield and at Rosanna's European Bakery in Fairfield. Ken talking with the new generation of the Jackson and their show coming to Lifetime. Julissa with Sarah from Sarah's Kitchen. If we had more people like her we'd be in a better place. Courtney with her Skindels Check This Out.Tina Dishin With Mad Subs. The Kids from Sutter Middle School playing Court's Tunes. Tina with Sac Brew Bar and of course everyone at Good Day for their Hard Work and support they give me. Tomorrow we have a new edition of Throwback Thursday all starting at 430a on #CW31 and 7-10a on KBCW. Until then have a great rest of your day.

Please tune into tomorrow's Good Day 430-10a on #CW31 and 7-10a on KBCW for a new edition of #Throwback Thursday fun.

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