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California Wildfires #ValleyFire / #ButteFire Today in the News

California Wildfires #ValleyFire / #ButteFire Today in the News 9/14/2015:

Today's Recap:
Monday September 14th California Wildfires continue to burn and Good Day had Special Coverage all morning long. 

As the Monday Crews took over for the weekend that didn't stop Good Day from their continuous coverage of 2 of the 12 fires burning in the state. The Valley Fire now at 61,000 acres 5% contained continues to burn anything in its path. Cal Fire PIO Daniel Berlant was back in studio talking with Ken and Cody who would normally have the day off but came in to help with the coverage. Daniel said out of the 12 fires 11,000 firefighters are battling the blazes. Daniel also pointed out DO NOT Touch Power lines they may or may not be live wires laying in the ground. 

Sadly it was confirmed that one has lost his/her life in the fire and Melissa talked with a man at the Napa County Fairgrounds acting as an evacuation center that said he may know the person who passed away. In fact Melissa talked with other locals at the Fairgrounds that have been evacuated and each story just broke your heart hearing how fast the fire came and how little time they had to get out. 

Yesterday Kristin showed some of the destruction in Middletown and today Cambi and Dave took Rover to show even more. It is hard to see. It was really hard to see the homes and cars that just got destroyed by the fire. At one point of Cambi's reports it seemed like she was choking back tears. They came up on one Apartment Complex that was just completely gone. All that was left was burnt and 1 door standing as well as one play structure completely unharmed. 

Cody and Ken also talked with Leo Grover from Pinnacle Emergency who gave some tips on returning to your home after the fires and how not to fall into traps. Leo also stated that renters insurance for not only homes but apartments are very important. They only cost about an additional $7-$12 a month on your regular insurance. 

Lori was also back today and she headed to the Butte Fire in Amador County. Daniel stated that fire is not 30% contained however grew in size to 71,063 and later Daniel phoned in to talk with Lori and Julissa and said the winds picked up on the fire of the Butte Fire. 

Photographer Terry Hagz is from Jackson and showed signs posted along the way thanking the Firefighters. In Addition Terry shared places for those who need respiratory masks in the area. Terry also pointed out several Fire Engines passed him along the road as they headed to the fire. 
butte respirator mask distribuations Terry Hagz shows smoke advisorys for Butte Fire 1 Butte SignsThank you firefighters

Several Evacuations centers are available for the 2 fires. Cody said Jackson Rancheria located at 12222 New York Ranch Road, Jackson, CA has spot available for those of the Butte Fire.

Melissa was at the Napa Valley Fairgrounds where they are also taking people in. In addition to a local viewer letting me know that both churches in Burson. The Vet Hall in Valley Springs and also the church at Hwy 26 and Baldwin, Valley Springs. Plus Brad Miracle from R. Ranch at the Lake phoned once again to say he too has space available and room for horses. For more info on R. Ranch call Brad at 7073374927 or go to... 

One thing Melissa said is the Fairgrounds are also seeking donations of Liquids, clothing, nonperishable food and utensils. 

In times of tragedy people always want to help. Yesterday CBS 13's Steve Large caught volunteers doing just that. 
Valley Volunteers 1 Valley Volunteers 2 Valley Volunteers 3 Valley Volunteers 4

Important information to Red Cross, and other agencies
Be Wildfire Ready

If you're looking to help those of the Butte Fire Call...
The Red Cross at 9255886675
For Pets or Large animals needing a place to stay.the Amador/Calaveras County Fairgrounds 5305035233
For all this and more this is California Wildfires #ValleyFire / #ButteFire Today in the News.... 
Valley Fire Photo Gallery:
 Valley Fire Aftermath 1 Valley Fire Aftermath 2 Valley Fire Aftermath 4 Valley Fire Aftermath 3 Valley Fire Aftermath 5 Valley Fire Aftermath 8 Valley Fire Aftermath 7 Valley Fire Aftermath 6 Valley Fire Aftermath 9
Butte Fire Photo Gallery:
 butte fire crews

kbcw Mon - Friday Poster

Good Day Sacramento:
Melissa on the Phone from Napa County Fairgrounds reported on how many people have taken up residence after being forced from home. They (The Fairgrounds) are looking for Soda's, Coffee, Water, Utensils, Paper plates, napkins etc. if you would like to donate.

If you're looking to help those of the Butte Fire Call...
The Red Cross at 9255886675
For Pets or Large animals needing a place to stay.the Amador/Calaveras County Fairgrounds 5305035233

Butte Fire has burned 218 structures

Valley Fire has burned 400 structures.

Ken/Cody: Daniel Berlant Part 1
Cal Fire PIO Daniel Berlant was in giving updates on the fire fight as well as the resources from all over California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and other states helping. Daniel said the report of 1 death is still not confirmed and they hope to have more on that later today.
cal fire pio 1

430/5am Recap:
As the devastating fires continue to burn Good Day has you covered. 50,000 acres has burned and 0% contained for the Valley Fire, The Butte Fire has burned 65,300 with it 25% contained. Sean is at the Valley Fire providing updates and Lori is at Butte Fire Providing updates. Cody and Ken are at the desk providing updates while Julissa has your weather covered and because it's Monday Courtney had all your traffic news so people can get into work. Cody stated a total of 12 fires are burning throughout California with Butte Fire and Valley Fire the largest and most devastating. 

430/5am News Block:

Daniel Berlant Part 2
Cooler Temps overnight to see if progress was made. 25 Air missions were flown yesterday.
cal fie pio 2

Melissa reports on Napa Valley Fairground Donations
napa fairground 1

Butte Fire of the 218 structures 135 are homes. 

Updated numbers from Butte Fire 71,063 acres burned now 30% contained. 

Daniel Berlant Part 3
Daniel provided updated numbers Valley Fire 61,000 acres 5% contained. 

Cambi: Came across 2 Goats standing in a burnt field. 

6am Recap:
Continuing with the Fire coverage. Lori said some Evacuations half been lifted by use caution. Some 6,400 homes are still threatened at the Butte Fire in Amador County. Melissa from Napa Valley Fairgrounds stated yesterday they served over 700 people as part of the Valley Fire. If you want to help and donate to the fairgrounds call 7072534900 for more info. Daniel Berlant was back updating the fire numbers. Valley Fire now 61,000 acres 5% contained. Butte fire grew in size but so to did the containment 71,063 30% Contained.

6am News Block:
630 Valley Fire 1napa fairground 6am 1

Daniel Berlant 
11,000 Firefighters are battling blazes throughout the state and still being covered locally. 

Cambi: Damage at Middletown
Cambi checking out the damage from the Valley Fire in Middletown. 

Melissa: Talked with local residents who are helping out others from Valley Fire. 

Cambi: Damage at Middletown Part 2
Cambi with Dave Gras traveling in Rover looking at the damage. 

Cody/Ken: Disaster Management
Today on Good Day Sacramento Leo Grover from Pinnacle Emergency Management was in to give tips on returning home after wildfire. Leo also pointed out Renters should get Renters insurance even if living in Apartments as well as homes. 
Most important things to qualify a contractor:
1. Licensed
2. Bonded
3. Insured
4. Good references
5. Key point of difference with Pinnacle – they understand how to also handle contents that can be salvaged/restored, not just how to fix the building.
Link to Nuetral Website:  
Pinnacle Disaster Management: 
Disaster 1

7am Recap:
Sean reported from Valley Fire. Lori from the Butte Fire. Melissa is talking about donations and help needed at Napa County Fairgrounds. Ken and Cody continued from the desk talking with Daniel Berlant Cal Fire PIO. Cambi was in town of Middletown looking at the destruction left behind.  Leo Grover from Pinnacle Disaster Management was in to give tips on returning home after wildfire.

7am News Block:
730 Valley Fire 1 7am Valley Fire 1 Fire Coverage Teams 7am

Melissa talked with an Anderson Springs man who said that only 7 homes remain. The town goes back to the 1800's He thinks at the time of Evacuations flames was at least 300 feet in air. Also believes he knows the victim that passed. 

Cambi: Damage at Middletown
cambi middletown 1

Melissa: Napa Evac Center
Melissa talked with more Evacuee's who lost their home.
napa fairground 2

Cambi: Damage in Middletown 
Cambi showing the damage is just amazing.
cambi middletown 2

Cody: Jackson Rancheria offering evacuees of Butte Fire a place to go. 
12222 New York Ranch Road, Jackson, CA

Melissa: Evac Center
Melisa continued to talk with local Valley Fire residence forced out of their homes. 

8am Recap:
As team coverage continued the Good Day crews had the fires covered. One person has died and that is now confirmed. 

8am News Block: 
8am Valley Fire

Brad Miracle From R Ranch at the Lake joined to talk about he still has room for horses and some spots open for evacuees. 
1962 Capell Valley Napa, CA For more info call Brad at 7073374927 or go to...
r ranch 1

Julissa has a look at how the fires are being covered via Social Media. 

Melissa Evac Center
Melissa continued from Evac Center talking with evacuees. 

From a local Viewer 
Other Evacuation Centers are being offered at both churches in Burson. The Vet Hall in Valley Springs and also the church at Hwy 26 and Baldwin, Valley Springs.

Daniel Berlant:
Butte Fire winds have picked up at the fire and so too have the flames. 

Raw Video of Anderson Lake Resident escaping Valley Fire Courtesy Mullet Five

Julissa: Social Media impact of fires. 

Melissa: Evac Center
Looking at the Pet food donations 

9am Recap:
Coverage of the Fires Continues this hour. 

9am News Block:
9am valley fire 930 Butte

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV 
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

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