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Fire Victim Relief and More Today in the News

Fire Victim Relief and More Today in the News 9/16/2015

Today's Recap:
When tragedy strikes people come together as 1 to help. Whether it be Food Donations, Clothes, Time, Places to stay or Money people are always there to help.

Today's Good Day was one of those special days. From 6am-10am Good Day, CBS13 CBS Sacramento KBCWtv 44 in the Bay Area, Now 100.5 fm 105.1 KNCI Sports 1140 KHTK Mix 96 KSFM 1025 Sacramento Kings and more teamed up with The American Red Cross for Fire Victims Relief Fund. Proceeds donated today will be distributed by the Red Cross to those directly affected by the #ValleyFire #ButteFire and #RoughFire. Today's show was such a big deal that the CBS Radio stations took their shows out of the studio and into the Good Day studio.

Carmichael Dave and Dave Deuce Mason joined from KHTK Sports 1140 to broadcast their show while Nate Goodyear and Jason Ross answered phones taking donations from those able to donate. However they are not the only ones that come into studio Dan and Michelle from Mix 96, Todd and Erica from Now 100.5, Cody Brianna from Now also answered phones along with countless American Red Cross volunteers and Nationwide Insurance volunteers. Sac City Fire came in to answer phones as well.

We saw many large donations come in from $5,000 to $1,000 all the way down to pennies on the dollar but EVERYTHING HELPS According to Tony Lopez at the time of this writing over $202,190 (UPDATED) was donated in a 4 hour period with over 700 calls. If you would still like to donate you can by Fire Victims Relief Fund Send check payable to The American Red Cross CBS13/CW31 Telethon 1565 Exposition Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95815 or call (916) 993-7080.

Some of the most heart wrenching stories came from CBS13's own Tony Lopez, Christina, Anderson, Adrienne Moore who have been on the fires. Christina had a more personal story because she helped evacuate her family members around the #ButteFire. Tony and Adrienne shared what they saw as well as stories residents shared with them.

Daniel Berlant was back providing updates to the fires and said at 7am hour the #ValleyFire in Lake, Napa & Sonoma counties is now 70,000 acres & 30% contained and The #ButteFire in Amador & Calaveras counties is now 71,780 acres and 45% contained.

Good Day also had reporters out on the fires. Kristin was at the Napa Valley Fairgrounds providing updates and Heather was back at the Butte Fire Evacuation Center at Jackson Rancheria providing updates. In fact over the course of a 4 day period Good Day had reporters and photographers on the scene. From Shawn Halvorson, Terry Hagz, Dave Grashoff, Scott Holcombe and more. They have also had several reporters reporting from the scene at the #ButteFire Base camp and throughout Middletown and Anderson Springs, and Cobb. On Sunday Heather Brent was at the #ButteFire where the air was thick of smoke as crews battled the blaze. On Monday Lori Wallace was at that same location reporting on updates and sharing the weather conditions as well as talking to firefighters from all over California here to help. At the #ValleyFire Kristin Marshall was the first Good Day Reporter to report on the scene in the town of Middleton where homes, cars, and businesses just got completely wiped out by the fire. As we moved into Monday and Good Day sent more crews to the #ValleyFire Sean reported on the fire fight as well as some of the destruction however it was Cambi Brown going through the town of Middletown where she saw 2 goats just standing in a burned out field in addition to an entire apartment complex gone, home's gone, cars gone. Melissa was at the Napa County Fairgrounds reporting on the volunteers helping with the evacuees. Melissa also talked with some of the evacuees getting their stories of having to evacuate with minutes to spare most with only the clothes on their backs, no food for their children, no food for their pets. no homes to go back to. Not only did Good Day have reporters on scene but both Sunday and Monday Cody Stark and Lori and then Kenneth Rudulph and Cody talked with Cal Fire PIO Daniel Berlant getting tips to be Wildfire Ready as well as updates on both fires buring plus the other 10 burning throughout the State with over 11,000 firefighters on hand battling each blaze.

Good Day also had some of their normal daily topics though the telethon was the lead story of the day. Cambi was at Flaming Grill Cafe who offer different types of burgers. Scott Zentner tried a Yak, Kangaroo, and Llama burger. Flaming Grill is new to Elk Grove. Lori was with Ellen Martin a local blogger learning more about healthy Squeezable drinks. Tina was Dishin With Tina at El Papagayo and Courtney was checking out Fashion Week Hair Trends at Dreamgirl Hair Imports in Elk Grove.

For all of today's show this is Fire Victim Relief and More Today in the News.

Photos from today:
KHTK 1 fire relief 2 fire relief 3 Fire relief 4 Fire relief 5 Fire relief 6 Julissa Ken Fire Relief 1 courtney on radio row

kbcw Mon - Friday Poster

Good Day Sacramento:
Show & Tell: Ken: Studio gets ready for today's Special Show
sept 16 show and tell 1 sept 16 show and tell 2

5am Club Member of the Day: Zeni

#QuestionOfTheDay: Favorite article of clothing in High School

Mark: KNCI
As today's special show gets underway Mark stops by to talk with Pat and Tom at KNCI

430/5am Recap:
Ken showed the studio getting ready for today's special show. 5am Club Member was introduced. Mark talked with Pat and Tom at KNCI. Question of the Day was Favorite article of clothing in high school.

430/5am News Block:
Sept 16 430a update 1

The Fire Relief Telethon is underway and donations are pouring in from several donations of $100 - $500
Julissa Ken Fire Relief 2

Mark: KNCI Part 2
Mark continued from KNCI as they teamed up with the rest of CBS to raise money for the victims of #ValleyFire #ButteFire #RoughFire
Mark at KNCI 1

Donations are pouring in
telethon 6am 2

Cambi: Gaming Grill
Today on Good Day Cambi was at Flaming Grill located at 2513 West Taron Court Elk Grove 9162269918
flaming grill

Mark talked with Todd and Erica at NOW 100.5FM
Mark now 1005 1

Telethon Update Part 3
telethon 6am 1

6am Recap:
Donations continued to pour in for fire victims. Cambi was checking out Flaming Grill

6am News Block:
Valley Fire 70,000 acres 30% contained.

Ken talked with Daniel Berlant, Cal Fire PIO about the fires
Cal fire pio 1

Mark tours CBS Radio Mix 96 and Now 100.5
mark mix 96 2

Cambi:  Flaming Grill
Today on Good Cambi was checking out exotic Meat at Flaming Grill. Scott tried Kangaroo, Yak, Llama Burgers.
flaming gril 2

E&J Gallo presented a Check for $100,000 / Donations Now over $118,000 in just 90 minutes
e j gallo check 1

Lori: Squeezable Drinks
Today on Good Day Lori talked with Ellen from High Heels and Honey Bees about Squeezable Drinks

Julissa/Ken: Daniel Berlant
Daniel was back with more fire updates.

7am Recap:
As donations continued to come in Cambi was at Flaming Grill Cafe new to Elk Grove. Cal Fire PIO Daniel Berlant was back providing updates of the 2 fires. Lori talked with Local Blogger Ellen Martin about Healthy Squeezable drinks. E&J Gallo presented a beautiful check to help those in the fires.

7am News Block:

Ken: Telethon update including a $5000 donation / Total $138,496

Mark: Mama Ann's
Mark is with Mama Ann's providing food for the volunteers.
Mama Ann’s Deli 4359 Town Center Blvd. El Dorado Hills, CA 9169391700
Hours: Mon-Sat 9 am - 8 pm Sun 10 am - 5 pm
mama anns 1

CBS 13 Tony Lopez reflects on what he's seen at the fires
Tony lopez 1

Ken: Telethon update:
$142,711 is the new total.

Christina Anderson
Christina shares her personal story of having to evacuate family members from Butte Fire
christina anderson 1 Julissa Ken Christina

Daniel Berlant:
Daniel is back with more updates
Cal fire pio 2

8am Recap:
As donations continue to come in both Tony Lopez and Christina Anderson from CBS13 shared their stories. Mark introduced Mama Ann's Deli who is providing food for the volunteers. Final update for the hour $153,904

8am News Block:
butte fire 8am 1

Adrienne Moore
CBS13's Adrienne Moore shares her stories of the fires.
Adrienne Moore 1

Mark: Sean O'Donnell
Mark talked with Actor Sean O'Donnell filming a movie in El Dorado Hills
sean odonnell 1

Dishin With Tina at....
El Papagayo
5804 Marconi Avenue
Carmichael, CA
Hours Wed-Sun 10 am - 9 pm
el papa dishin

Daniel Berlant
Cal fire pio 3

New total $165,207

Thunder Valley Casino with a $10,000 donation

Ken: Dave Mason and Carmichael Dave from KHTK

Courtney: Fashion Week Hair Trends
Today on Good Day Courtney was at DreamGirl Fine Hair Imports checking out Hair Trends from New York Fashion Week.
DreamGirl Fine Hair Imports 9090 Elk Grove Blvd Elk Grove, CA 9166865030
fashion hair 1

American Red Cross
Fire Victims Relief Fund Send check payable to The American Red Cross CBS13/CW31 Telethon 1565 Exposition Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95815 or call (916) 993-7080.

Ken: Final Update:
Final donation total 1

9am Recap:
Donations poured in this hour as the final hour of the Good Day / CBS Sacramento / CBS Radio telethon continued. Daniel Berlant provided the latest updates on the fires. Tina was Dishin. Courtney was checking out Fashion Hair Week Trends. The final number at show end of $192,697 will most likely change with all the phones ringing as show ended but that is GREAT job by all.

9am News Block:

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

Please tune into tomorrow's Good Day 430-10a Cody Returns, Melissa Returns and it's a #ThrowBackThursday

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