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Totally Awesome 80's... Today in the News

Totally Awesome 80's... Today in the News 4/24/2015

Favorite Story / Story of the Day:
In the decade that brought some of the best music made some classic TV shows and introduced us to america's sweetheart Molly Ringwald the 80's will always be one decade I personally will never forget and will always love. Today on Good Day they are Flashing back to the decade that brought us The Cosby Show, Night Court, Cheers, A Different World, Hills Street Blues and that was just Thursday night. We also learned to wake me up before you go go, How to Relax, and You don't need Nothin' But A Good Time when you're Tommy and Gina Living on Prayer because it's a Pyromania because How did you know I never told I had a Crush on You. For all these great memories and the rest of today's show this is the 4/24/2015 edition of Totally Awesome 80's... Today in the News....

Part of the fun today is going to be Trivia. In the first challenge Melissa took on Ken and Ken was for sure the winner.
80's Trivia Part 2 
This hours challenge brought Courtney and Mark together
80's Trivia Time Audrey vs Jason
80's Trivia Tina Vs Marianne
80's Trivia Fight to the Death Mark Vs Laura, Vs Ken Part 1
80's Trivia Final Round between Mark Ken, Laura

The Show also brought us some pretty awesome totally cool segments in edition to all the awesome 80's stuff they brought. Starting With Nha, Ken/Mark, Melissa, Kristin, Tina, and ending with Courtney.

Nha started her day at Cal Fit talking about a great cause. They are inviting the Sacramento community to #sweatlocal for a great cause.On Saturday, April 25 and Saturday May 2, hosting two “totally rad” 80s themed Rid-a-Thons to help Jesuit and St. Francis High School students, Maverick Kuhn and Abby Fitzgerald, raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).  Nha then headed to Folsom to meet a local man who builds his own Kayak's 

Ken was talking with 2 members from Active 20/30 Club who brought out a Delorean. Ken was also joined by Mark to talk to Colin Hanks and Sean Stuart about their documentary  All Things Must Pass about the Rise and Fall of Tower Records. Such an amazing store back in the day. Later in the show the founder of Tower Russ Solomon joined to talk about the store and movie.

Melissa was at Glen Edwards Middle School where 2 dads will run 24 hours to raise money for the school in their 5th Annual Run. Her first live shot was interrupted by 2 other stations when they hijacked the live shot. 

Kristin was checking out the Foals we met last month that where rescued at All About Equine. They are having an open house this Sunday

Tina was in the Kitchen with Debbi Kennedy aka Ditch the Drive Thru Mom today making Beef Stroganoff and Breakfast Sandwiches.

Courtney was in Sacramento with One Shot Talent looking for the newest coolest voice in the area From Country to Hip Hop to rock if you got the sound you got the deal

All the 80's Photos from Today:
cody 80s cody Nha 80s 1 cody Tracy 80s 1 Courtney 80s 1 Courtney Cody Mel Ken 80s 1 Dave Tracy 80s 1 Good Day 80s 2 Good Day Producers 80s 1 Ken 80s 1 ken Courtney mark tracy cody 80s 1 ken tina laura courtney mark marianne 80s 1 laura 80s 2laura Tracy 80s 1running man 3

It was totally tubular and no Gag me with a spoon moments today on Good Day. For all these GREAT Moments and more of what took place today this is Totally Awesome 80's... Today in the News.... 

Bryan Stow: 
Former #GoodDay Producer Eric Shackelford has set up a GoFundMe Page for Bryan Stow and his Family. Bryan was badly beaten while attending a baseball game 4 years ago and has gone through many hours of Physical Therapy and surgeries to find his way back. Bryan gets around now with help of a walker and crutches but still has a long way to go. Eric has stepped in and is trying to raise money for his family because the settlement given was clearly not enough. If you can't donate please share this link on your Social Media sites

Good Day Sacramento:
Show Us Yours: 80's Pics 
Mark 80's 3 Mark 80's 2 Mark 80's 1 laura 80s 1

Show & Tell: Ken: Picture of himself from 1986
ken 86

80's Trivia: Ken Vs Melissa
In the first installment of 80's Trivia Ken and Melissa
80s trivia 1 mel vs ken

MC HAMMER aka Mark S Allen is in the Building
MC Hammer enters

Cody: Producer Row How old were you in the 80's
Producer row 1

#QuestionOfTheDay: What significant thing were you doing in the 80's

5am Club Member of the Day: Bo Griffin

Marianne's Daily List: 3 Things You're Doing Wrong in the Shower
You'd think that something as simple as taking a shower is a task we could handle — but no! Who knew — after all of these years of taking showers in the morning, it turns out you've been doing it all wrong! On the daily list this morning, 3 mistakes you’re making in the shower! Scrubbing your scalp with finger nails. Lathering with a loofah. Waiting to apply lotion
daily list

Mark: Infotainment Fifty Shades of Grey Part 2 set to release

430/5am Recap:
80's day has kicked off and it couldn't be more awesome. Mark had infotainment. 5am Club member was introduced. Ken showed a pic of himself from 86. Marianne had the Daily List. Show us yours was 80's Question of the Day was what were you doing in the 80's Ken and Melissa played round 1 of 80's trivia. 

430/5am News Block:

Nha: Cal Fit 80s Cycle Class
Good Day wasn't the only one in the 80's today Nha was at California Family Fitness (CFF) who is inviting the Sacramento community to #sweatlocal for a great cause.On Saturday, April 25 and Saturday May 2, the local health and fitness club will host two “totally rad” 80s themed Rid-a-Thons to help Jesuit and St. Francis High School students, Maverick Kuhn and Abby Fitzgerald, raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).
California Family Fitness 9169872030
spin class

80's Trivia Part 2 
This hours challenge brought Courtney and Mark together
80s trivia 2 court vs mark

Jason: Young and the Restless Recap
yandr 1

Ken: Active 20/30 Club
Today on Good Day Ken was out back with the Active 20/30 Club that brought out a real Delorean They talked about their event taking place
Good Day crew delorean ken delorean 1 ken delorean 2

Joey Mixin Muzz Providing the music 
DJ Joey Mixin Muzz

6am Recap:
80's trivia part 2 was played. Active 20/30 Club brought a Delorean. Nha was spinning a Cal Fit for a cause. Jason recapped his trip. Joey Mixin Muzz was providing today's music

6am News Block:

Jason: Y&R Recap Part 2
yandr 2

Ken/Mark: Inside the Artist’s Studio
You've heard of “Inside the Actors Studio,” today on Good Day Ken/Mark talked with John Christianson who took us inside the ARTISTS studio!! The Stanislaus County Artist Open Studio Tour kicks off this weekend and includes 66 artists from Modesto, Turlock, Oakdale, Ripon and Escalon!
Stanislaus Artist Open Studio Tour Tomorrow & Sunday 11am-5pm
Tickets $10 (Kids 18 & Under FREE w/ Paid Adult)
Maps on Sale Now at Various Locations
More Info Online: 
Weekly paintings by Nicole Slater
inside art

Mark/Ken: Rise & Fall Of Tower Records
Today on Good Day Mark/Ken talked with Colin Hanks and Sean Stuart from All Things Must Pass. Established in 1960, Tower Records was once a retail powerhouse with two hundred stores, in thirty countries, on five continents. From humble beginnings in a small-town drugstore, Tower Records eventually became the heart and soul of the music world, and a powerful force in the music industry.
All Things Must Pass Screening
Tomorrow (April 25) 7pm
***Encore Screening: Sunday (April 26) Noon
Tower Theater 2508 Land Park Drive, Sacramento, CA 9164420985
rise fall 1

Ken: Russ Solomon joine to talk about Tower Records and the movie
rise fall 2

80's Trivia Time Audrey vs Jason
80s trivia 3 Audrey Jason 1

7am Recap:
80's Trivia continued with Courtney taking on Mark. Ken was with Russ Solomon, Colin Hanks and Sean Stuart about their documentary about Tower Records. Mark and Ken talked with John Christianson from Inside the Art Studio. Jason had part 2 of Y&R Recap.

7am News Block:

Colin Hanks Photobomb
Marianne Colin Hanks

Courtney: Check This Out
Today on Good Day Courtney wants you to Check out these gift ideas for mom: hard candy cosmetics and Henkaa dresses!
check this out 1

Mel: Guy Runs For 24 Hours
Today on Good Day Melissa was at the 5th Annual Glen Edwards Middle School where a couple of dads will be running 24 hours straight to help their son’s school by preventing budget cuts to sports programs! This is the 5th annual event that now centers around a festival, 5k and big fundraiser.
5th annual Glen Edwards Middle School
running man 1

Mark/Marianne: Inside the Studio Part 2
Continuing with Inside the Studio Mark and Marianne talked with Nicole Slater
inside art 1

Kristin: Rescued Foals Update
Today on Good Day Kristin was checking in on the 3 orphaned foals rescued from a range in Nevada – it’s been about a month since they've arrived at all about equine and we are previewing the center’s big weekends event – they are inviting the public out to meet the foals.
ll About Equine Animal Rescue 1900 Rocky Spring Rd., El Dorado Hills, CA 9165204223
foal 1

#9amtopic: Throwback Phrase used today

Nha: Custom Kayak Builder
Today on Good Day Nha was with a Sacramento man with a passion for woodwork discovers a new love when digging into his family history — boats.
boat 1

80's Trivia Tina Vs Marianne
80s trivia 4 Tina Marianne

Teens Tunes 80's
80s teens tunes 1

8am Recap:
Teens Tunes was played. Kristin was visiting with the 3 foals from last month. Nha was with a local man who builds his own kayak's Courtney had a check this out. Marianne and Mark talked with Nicole Slater. Melissa was with 2 dads running for a cause. Trivia continued. Colin Hanks photobombed Marianne. #9amtopic was introduced. 

8am News Block:

Kristin: Foals Part 2
Kristin continued with the Foals in El Dorado
foal 2

Mel: 24 Hour Run Part 2
Melissa continued with the 2 dads running for 24 hours after rudely being interrupted by 2 other stations earlier
running man 2

Tina: Ditch The Drive-Thru
Ditch the Drive Thru Mom Debbi Kennedy was back and in honor of the 80’s! she went “old school” with a healthy twist!
ditch 1

80's Trivia Fight to the Death Mark Vs Laura, Vs Ken Part 1
80s trivia 5 Mark Laura Ken 1

Nha Build A Boat Part 2
Nha goes for a Boat Ride in the Build a Boat. 
nha on boat 2

80's Trivia Final Round between Mark Ken, Laura
80s trivia 6

Tina: Ditch The Drive Thru Part 2 Beef Stroganoff
ditch 2

Courtney: One Shot Talent Search
Today on Good Day with Courtney The “One Shot” talent search today & tomorrow features a professional panel ranging from current record label owners and producers to radio and television executives looking for the next big talent. 

#FinalQuestionoftheDay: I fit best in which decade. 

Dance Party Friday Song / Artist Wake Me up / Wham

9am Recap:
80's Trivia continued with the 3 Heavyweights going head to head Mark, Laura, Ken. Tina was in the Kitchen with Ditch The Drive Thru mom Debbi Kennedy. Courtney was looking for new talent. Nha was on a boat. Melissa was with the Running Men. #9amtopic was discussed. Tina's Question was Decade you fit best in. Danced into the Weekend with Wham. 

9am News Block:

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV 
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

Final Recap/Good Day Nutshell: 
Daily List: 
You're Doing it Wrong? Today on the Daily List Marianne Tells 3 things your doing wrong when showering.... Scrubbing your scalp with finger nails. Lathering with a loofah. Waiting to apply lotion

Please tune into Good Day tomorrow 7-11a with Cody, Melissa and the Weekend crew featuring #CouponCorner and much more

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