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Spy Takes Top Spot / @Markatthemovies Episode 297 Entourage Special

Spy Takes Top Spot / @Markatthemovies Episode 297 Entourage Special Highlights

Week of 6/6/2015 - 6/7/2015

Box Office Report:
Is a Spy Movie really beating an Earthquake San Andreas and Entourage - The Movie as of Sunday it is not only beating both but it is taking them to the cleaners. This new Melissa McCarthy movie is bringing in an estimated $30,000,000 make it the #1 movie this week. Falling to #2 is San Andreas with $26,440,000. Coming in at #3 this week Insidious Chapter 3 with $23,000,000 This is kind of bad I really thought the #4 Entourage would do better than $10,420,000 and rounding out the top 5 Mad Max Fury Road $7,970,000. 

Box Office Winners:
1. Spy $30,000,000
2. San Andreas $26,440,000
3. Insidious Chapter 3 $23,000,000
4. Entourage $10,420,000
5. Mad Max Fury Road $7,970,000

All totals are estimates and will be updated Monday.

Now that we know how the Box Office Turned out what took place this week on Mark at The Movies? Download the App and watch the Full Length Episode plus the past shows by going to.... 

Opening Skit:
Like a Club everyone gets in but Mark

Opening Insult:
Ronda Rousey

Role Call: 
Heather Brent Alexa Renee Dionna Renee Jordyn Rolling Kelly Deaton and Crystal Donohoe Brian Crall Short-E
matm 297 entourage Ladies roll call 1 matm 297 entourage group 1

Entourage Movie Special:

Julian talked with the stars as they walked the Red Carpet

Mark and crew Talked with Jeremy Piven via Satellite

Crystal her favorite cameo was Ronda Rousey setting up Mark's sit down with Haley Joel Osment 

Continuing with cameo's Mark talked with Ronda Rousey 

Shawn Edwards and Theresa O'Leary joined via Skype to talk about Entourage / Theresa has a show that takes people on tour of favorite movie sights and she featured Entourage this week.

Mark talked with Mark Wahlberg via Satellite 

Mark S Allen, Marc Woodfork, Jonathan Meris talked with the cast of Entourage

matm 297 entourage 1 matm 297 entourage 2 MATM 297 entourage Quotes

New Next Week:
1. Jurassic World

Final Thoughts:
Despite the numbers for Entourage that did not stop Mark S. Allen and his Movie entourage at Mark at the Movies from having a full 30 minute special with interviews, discussions, old and new friends this week on Episode 297.
This week Mark talked with a lot of the cast including Jeremy Piven and Mark Wahlberg via Satellite Mark also sat down with the amazing Ronda Rousey who appears in the film. One of my favorite parts of the show came when Mark along with Marc Woodfork and Jonathan Meris sat down to talk with some of the stars from the show and movie.
As I said we got to see an old friend who has been a part of Mark At The Movies for a very long time Shawn Edwards who introduced us to a new friend and I absolutely love her Theresa O'Leary from Movie Trip TV who took us to some of the famous sights from the movie including the World Famous Pink's Hot Dogs and more cool spots.
Mark wasn't just with his boys he also had his normal cast of characters with him this week to talk about the movie and in true Mark at the Movies form Julian Soto did a great job on the Red Carpet, Brian Crall added to the discussion and of course the amazingly beautiful and ever so stunning girls of the show Heather Brent Alexa Renee Dionna Renee Jordyn Rolling Kelly Deaton and Crystal Donohoe did an outstanding job in the discussion this week.
As always please be sure to download the Mark at the Movie app so that you can watch the entire show Monday afternoon plus past shows as we inch ever so close to Episode 300.
Have a great rest of your weekend. I will have Monday's official results for this weeks Box Office Monday. Until then I will see you at the movies.... 

Theresa O'Leary Movie Trip TV


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