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Mockingjay Part 2 Eats Up Box Office / @Markatthemovies Episode 321

Mockingjay Part 2 Eats Up Box Office / @Markatthemovies Episode 321 Highlights

Box Office Report:
In the weekend prior to Thanksgiving we have a new #1 at the Box Office and this was a sure fire hit from the word Go. Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 the final in it's series opened to a $46 million opening on Friday and is expected to reach $101,025,000. With the $46 Million opening it's less than the $55 million that Mockingjay Part 1 got on it's opening day but still impressive enough to take this week's top spot that was held by this week's #2 Spectra for 2 weeks. With it dropping one spot it's expected to bring in $14,600,000 this week. The Peanuts Movie is also dropping 1 spot to #3 with an estimated $12,800,000 and rounding out the top 5 at #4 The Night Before with $10,100,000 and at #5 Secret In Their Eyes with an estimated $6,633,000

Box Office Winners:
1. Mockingjay Part 2 $101,025,000
2. Spectra $14,600,000
3. The Peanuts Movie $12,800,000
4. The Night Before $10,100,000
5. Secret In Their Eyes $6,633,000

All totals are estimates and will be updated Monday.

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Opening Skit:
Entering through the elevator Brian keeps saying The Odds be ever in your Favor.

Opening Insult:
Liam Hemsworth

Retro Reel Review: 

Mark talked with Daniel Criag

Mark talked with Sean Evans from Back to the Movies

Role Call: 
Mark, Alicia, Brian, Short-E, Dionna, Kelly

Movie 1:
Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 2

Dionna hated the ending

Mark talked with Julianne Moore and Elizabeth Banks. 
Matm 322 Mockingjay 2

Kelly thought the movie was Epic.

Mark talked with Liam, Jennifer and Josh
Matm 322 Mockingjay 1

Mark took a look back at old Jennifer interviews. 

Harmony Reilly Contest Winner stopped by to talk about the movie and the red carpet premier. 
Harmony 1

Mark talked with Jena Sam and Natalie from the movie.

New on DVD/Blu Ray:
1. Terminator Genisys - One of the better of the films. 

New Next Week:
1. Creed
2. The Good Dinosaur
3. Victor Frankenstein 

Final Thoughts:
This week's Mark at the Movies Show was dedicated to the final chapter of Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 and based on it's opening weekend this movie will be #1 for at least a couple of weeks if not more. Only Dionna wasn't a fan of the ending but she had a valid point saying it could have ended in a different spot. 

Contest winner Harmony Reilly joined the show to talk about her time at the premier on the Red Carpet and the fun she and her friend that got to go with her had. 

In the retro reel review Mark did talk with Sean Evans from Back to the Movies about Spectra which was #1 for the last 2 weeks until Mockingjay took over.

This week Creed takes the lead for new movies next week which start on Wednesday ahead of Thanksgiving. So until next week I will see you at the movies.


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