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Cody and The Thrill Seekers.... Today in the News

Cody and The Thrill Seekers.... Today in the News 5/22/2015

Today's Recap:
Disney turns 60 and Good Day celebrates in true style. Melissa heads to Six Flags to ride a new ride no one has yet. Plus we get a 30 Day Vegan Challenge. How is Sean doing? Like Alpaca? We see some today, It's Memorial Day Weekend and Debbi Kennedy aka Ditch The Drive Thru is in showing us her recipes. Courtney checks out a Pool you can Drool Over and so much more in today's May 22nd edition of Cody and The Thrill Seekers.... Today in the News

Mark is in Disneyland today as the park will stay open 24 hours in part of their 60th Anniversary. 

Melissa started her day at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on the new ride that opens tomorrow. The Dare Devil Chaos has now been christened Good Day Style. Melissa then headed to Vacaville checking out Buddha Thai Bistro ranked 20th on Yelp. It's day 22 of the 30 Day Vegan Challenge and this week Colleen showed Melissa how to order when eating out. 

Cody left the weather center to head to Elk Grove where Seniors in the Elk Grove School District try to win a car or $20,000 toward a car. Only one senior can win and that was Veronica from Monterey Trail. 

Kristin was in Manteca checking out Superior Goods. A Local Leather Maker and gifts perfect for Fathers Day

Nha was in Granite Bay checking out Baby Alpacas at Granite Bay Alpacas. Nha found out what Alpacas can be used for such as fleece. 

Memorial Day is Monday and today Tina was out back with Debbi Kennedy aka Ditch The Drive Thru giving you some grilling tips. Plus she showed how to make Watermelon Lollipops. 

Courtney was in Orangevale for a Pool to Drool Over we first saw this pool last July when it was being built 

Quick Thought:
It was a thrilling day today with Mark in a sea of people as Disneyland opened the gates to kick off their 60th Diamond Celebration. But it was just Mark at an Amusement park. Melissa was at Discovery Kingdom where she was riding the new ride opening tomorrow called Dare Devil Chaos. Melissa is so crazy in a good way she even hung upside down for over a minute. Cody was with a group of Elk Grove students trying to win a car but only one could win. Nha was having a blast with the Alpacas. It was a pretty great show today and for all the stories of the day this is Cody and The Thrill Seekers.... Today in the News...

Today's Highlighted Stories
Mark was live from Disneyland who turns 60 and will stay open 24 hours.

Mel: New Ride At Six Flags
Six Flags is debuting its brand new ride tomorrow! So today on Good Day Melissa was the first to ride The Dare Devil. Chaos
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Open Daily at 10:30 a.m.,

And You Get A Car
Today on Good Day Cody was in Elk Grove where Graduating Seniors with Perfect Attendance try to win a New car or $20,000 for a car. One lucky senior will have the lucky key to start the car.
Now that the 10 students have their keys one will start and the winner is....... Veronica from Monterey Trail

Grub Run is back for May and this month a Lucky Winner can win Breakfast from McDonald's and delivered to you by Tina and Dave in Rover. Enter your chance to win now by 5/25/2015 at 10am at...

Good Day Sacramento:
Show Us Yours: Disney
disney 60th 1

Show & Tell: Cody: Adrian Bennett loved Mad Max so much he built a Mad Max Museum. Cody contacted him and hopes to Skype with him next weekend.

5am Club Member of the Day: Little General (Dog)

#QuestionOfTheDay: What is your pet peeve.
may 22 question

Marianne's Daily List: 3 Disneyland Secrets!
Disneyland turns 60 this summer! You've no doubt heard there are all kinds of secrets about the place, ranging from Walt’s apartment above the fire station, to a basketball court in the Matterhorn. Real bones in Pirates of the Caribbean. Indy's Secret Code.Tower of Terror Corpse.

Mark: Disney:
Mark was live from Disneyland who turns 60 and will stay open 24 hours.
mark disney 1

430/5am Recap:
Cody found a man who build a Mad Max Museum. 5am Club Member was introduced. Marianne had her Daily List. Today's Show us yours was Disney. Today's Question of the Day was What is your Pet Peeve. Mark is in Disney as they celebrate 60 years.

430/5am News Block: 

Mark: Disney Part 2
Mark continued from Disney talking about the Diamond Celebration
mark disney 2

Mel: New Ride At Six Flags
Six Flags is debuting its brand new ride tomorrow! So today on Good Day Melissa was the first to ride The Dare Devil. Chaos
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Open Daily at 10:30 a.m.,
mel dare devil 1 mel dare devil 2

Marianne's Daily Joe:
Elephant takes a selfie. Dog attacks tree. Google shows we are a Nation of Pasta Salad Lovers

Mark: Disney Part 3
mark disney 3

6am Recap:
Melissa got on Dare Devil Chaos in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Mark continued from Disney. Marianne had her Daily Joe. 

6am News Block: 

Mark: Disney Part 4
Mark continued from Disneyland.
mark disney 4

Mel: Dare Devil Chaos Part 2
Melissa got on the Dare Devil Chaos for Round 2.
mel dare devil 3

Happy Birthday Pac Man (35)
pac man

Cody: And You Get A Car
Today on Good Day Cody was in Elk Grove where Graduating Seniors with Perfect Attendance try to win a New car or $20,000 for a car. One lucky senior will have the lucky key to start the car.
You get a car 1

Mark: Disney Part 5
Mark talked with Goofy.
mark disney 5

7am Recap:
Mark continued from Disneyland. Melissa did round 2 of the Dare Devil Chaos at Discovery Kingdom. Cody was in Elk Grove where a lucky senior will win a car. 

7am News Block: 

Mark Disney Part 6
Mark started this live shot using the first camera used by Walt Disney looking at memorabilia.
mark disney 6

Cody: And You Get a Car
Now that the 10 students have their keys one will start and the winner is....... Veronica from Monterey Trail
You get a car 2

Kristin: Superior Leather
Looking for some Great Father's Day Gifts? Today on Good Day Kristin was with Mike from Superior Goods. Mike makes handcrafted leather aprons, belts and other manly goods out of his Manteca garage.
Superior Goods Co. 2333 West Yosemite Ave Manteca , California 95337 2092758677
leather 1

#9amtopic: What are your holiday weekend plans 

Nha: Baby Alpacas
Today on Good Day Nha was with a Sacramento U.S. HealthWorks doctor, Dr. Friend and his wife Michelle who have been raising and breeding alpacas for about 14 years, they have been treating alpacas exclusively as a veterinarian for more than 18 years. Michelle is an expert in her field and has given many talks at UCD vet school.
Granite Bay Alpacas
alpaca 1

Teens Tunes - Country

Mark: Disney Part 7
Tomorrowland in Theaters Now
mark disney 7

8am Recap:
Mark continued from Disney. Cody witnessed the car giveaway at Elk Grove Auto Mall to one lucky Senior. Kristin was checking out Leather from Superior Goods. Nha was checking out Baby Alpacas. #9amtopic was introduced. Teens Tunes was played. 

8am News Block: 

Mark: Disney Part 8
Mark continued from Disney
mark disney 8

Mel: Top Yelp Restaurant
It could be what’s for dinner! Today on Good Day Melissa was checking out a Vacaville restaurant Buddha Thai Bistro has been ranked 20 out of Yelp’s top 100 restaurants to eat IN THE COUNTRY for 2015!
Buddha Thai Bistro 2060 Harbison Dr. Vacaville, CA
yelp 1

Nha: Alpacas Part 2
Now that we met the Alpacas What can they be used for? Nha find out in Part 2
alpaca 3 alpaca 2

Tina: Ditch The Drive-Thru
Today on Good Day Ditch the Drive Thru mom Debbi Kennedy was “grillin’ and chillin'” in the backyard!
ditch 1

Mel: Vegan Challenge
It’s the final stretch of Sean and Mel’s 30 day Vegan Challenge! Colleen Patrick-Goudreau was back showing Melissa how to order when eating out. This has been hardest part they both confess while eating out! (and let’s be honest anyone who knows Sean knows he LOVES to go out to eat!) 
The 30-Day Vegan Challenge

Ditch The Drive Thru Part 2
Checking on the BBQ Debbi showed how to make Watermelon Lollipops and other tools you can use to BBQ.
ditch 2

Courtney: Pool To Drool Over
Today on Good Day Courtney showed a Pool to Drool Over from Poseidon Custom Pools. Courtney first came to visit this Orangevale pool last July when it was just a hole in the ground, but she’s all grown up now!
pool 1

Ken's Manly Minute: 4 Complaints About Marriage
Even after all of these years of matrimony men still have the same complaints about marriage and how their wives are making them crazy. Here are the top 4 complaints to this day that men have about being married. Shopping. Awards Season. The Royal Family Reality TV.

Dance Party Friday: Taylor Swift Bad Blood

9am Recap:
Mark continued from Disney. Melissa was first checking out a Vacaville Top 100 Buddha Thai Bistro ranked 20th. Then she got eating out tips for the 30 Day Vegan Challenge. Tina was learning BBQ tips from Ditch the Drive Thru Debbi Kennedy. Nha continued with Alpacas. Courtney had us all drooling over an Orangevale Pool. Ken had his Manly Minute. We danced into the weekend

9am News Block:

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV 
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

Final Thought on today's show 
We made it to Friday and now it's a 3 day weekend for most. What a thrill today's show was. Some could say it was a head rush especially Melissa which is one of my favorite parts of the show today when she not only took a ride on Dare Devil Chaos once but twice and hung upside down. Mark's coverage from Disneyland was pretty awesome especially the Disney Camera first use my Walt Disney. It's always fun to see young people doing good in school and being recognised for it like the 10 students in Elk Grove one who won a car with Cody on hand. Nha with the Alpacas was pretty cool as well. You can never go wrong with Courtney and Pools to Drool Over and I love when Tina is with Debbi Kennedy aka Ditch the Drive Thru. The Leather items Kristin showed were pretty awesome but most of all my favorite part of the show was all of Good Day. 
Please tune into tomorrow's Good Day 7-11 with Cody Melissa and the Weeknd crew featuring #CouponCorner and more

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