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Box Office Battle for Top / @Markatthemovies Episode 295

Box Office Battle for Top /  @Markatthemovies Episode 295 Highlights

Week of 5/23/2015 - 5/24/2015

Box Office Report:
It's a true Box Office Battle this Memorial Day Weekend with 2 movies battling for the top spot. Last weeks hold over Pitch Perfect 2 is in a dead heat with its new competitor this week Disney's Tomorrowland at the time of this writing the numbers are so close between the 2 it's going to need the extra day this weekend to sort through It. All indications are Tomorrowland will still finish ahead of Pitch Perfect after the 4 day box office battle. So check back with me for the winners on Tuesday when it all becomes official. 

Box Office Winners: Unofficial
1. Tomorrowland $40.7
2. Pitch Perfect 2 $37.9
3. Poltergeist  $27.7
4. Mad Max $30 Million
5. Avengers 20.9
Source NBC News

All totals are estimates and will be updated Tuesday. 

Now that we know how the Box Office Turned out what took place this week on Mark at The Movies? Download the App and watch the Full Length Episode plus the past shows by going to.... 

Opening Skit:
Talking about Poltergeist 

Opening Insult:
Chris Hemsworth 

Retro Reel Review: 
Mad Max Fury Road #1 Action Movie

Mark talked with the cast.

Dave Morales talked about Pitch Perfect 2

Mike's Rant:
Gone but not forgotten Mike Mechanik was back with his rant about Mad Max. Did he like it? You be the judge.

Kelly bringing some fact about Charlize Theron and her cutting of the hair for the movie

Role Call: 
Mark, Alexa, Chris, Jordyn, Kelly, Dionna 


Alexa talked with Britt Robinson, Raffey Cassidy, and Brad Bird.

General sense is everyone says to see this movie.
MATM 295 Tomorrowland 1

Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt joined via Satellite.

This movie is not a remake but a reinvention of the original.

See it in the theater not home alone. Worth seeing however. 
matm 295 poltergeist 1

New on DVD/Blu Ray:
1. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Mark talked with the cast. 

New Next Week:
1. San Andreas - Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Final Thoughts:
Speaking of winners this week Mark at the Movies Episode 295. I'm going to save the best for last because I have some strong thoughts on this weeks show that I want to really focus on and I don't want it to get lost in translation. So I am going to start with the end with new to DVD. New this week is Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Mark sat down with the cast of the 2 movies and that was the highlight of the movie. The first new movie this week but the second talked about was Poltergeist Movie This week the cast of Mark at the Movies talked with Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt Everyone said to see this movie but added don't watch it alone. This week in Retro Reel Review it was a double review Mark S. Allen started out talking about Mad Max when he sat down with Charlize Theron Then Mark brought up your man in Houston Dave Morales to talk about Pitch Perfect 2 which Dave loved then Mike Mechanick made an appearance he talked about Mad Max and without giving too much away about Mike's Rant I will just say Mike is a genius. Adding in some extra fact this week was Kelly Deaton. Kelly added why Charlize cut her hair for the roll. In addition to Mark and Kelly being the show the other members were Chris Emery Jordyn M. Rolling Dionna Renee and Alexa Renee I put Alexa at the end as a set up for the first movie talked about this week and that was Tomorrowland. To borrow a phrase from basketball Alexa ran point this week sitting down with 2 of it's stars Raffey Cassidy and Britt Robertson and director Brad Bird about the movie and I have to say and will say in ALL CAPS. ALEXA DID SUCH AN OUTSTANDING JOB. Her line of questioning was fantastic. So well done and so professional.

So please if you want to see how amazing Alexa did and how great everyone works together please download the Mark at the Movies App. Trust me you will not be sorry. You can also go on the YouTube Channel for extra footage.

Next week Dwayne The Rock Johnson stars in San Andreas until then I will see you at the movies...


Dave Morales: 


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