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Honor Home Fashion Fun.... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1

Home Fashion Fun.... Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1 12/14/2013:

Opening Statement:
Before we get into all the fun we must stop and pay tribute to those 26 killed in Newtown, CT 1 year ago today. They will always remain in our hearts and our minds. newtown

Today's show is going to be filled with 4 hours of GREATNESS. Good Day Sacramemto has a lot planned. So get your tissues, and laugh and cry as Cody and Amy guide us through Good Day Sacramento and then read and watch all the clips from the show today  in Today in the News....

Show us your.... Santa Pics.

#JustCurious: Family Tradition.

Neda: Million Dollar Makeover! (Sort Of) From Amy's home getting a $2000 makeover. Marvin from Inform Design goes over what some of their plan is.
4141 N Freeway Blvd,
Sacramento, CA
9169255775 / house

Charity: Shop With A Cop
Today some lucky kids get to shop with a cop!! Students ages 5-18 are selected based on financial need and their positive accomplishments-improving their performance and behavior in school, acts of kindness and service, and other positive changes in their lives.
To donate or to nominate a Roseville-Area student go to..... /

Cody/Amy: The Monkey incident from the Folsom Zoo yesterday.

Cody/Amy: Talked via Skype to author Patricia Cardello of Santa Dust Book / santa dust

Neda: More from Amy home makeover with CAL MANTEL
4141 North Freeway Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95834        Phone:        9169255775 Fax:        916925579 Email:

Charity: More from Shop with a Cop.

Kevin: Snowball Children’s Shopping Spree
Snowball Children’s Shopping Spree, with the help of generous sponsors, will help 150 children from the El Dorado County Big Brothers Big Sisters get a shopping spree at Target in El Dorado Hills for appropriate winter clothing.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of El Dorado County /

Kevin: Nurses Facials
Massage Heights-Arden opened in April of 2013 and promises to give people the best experience ever when they walk in their doors! They also do a special once a month where they give hardworking nurses spa treatments that they’ll never forget!
Massage Heights-Arden
2936 Fulton Avenue
Sacramento, CA
Open 7 Days a week /

Cody: Bonnie From Triad Fabric Decoration and scarf ideas.
Triad Fabric.
8801 Washington Blvd, Roseville, CA 95678
9167884350 /

Cody/Amy: Fit for Men.
He has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook for his creative cooking videos. FIT MEN COOK creator Kevin Curry Skyped in to talk about his new found fame, his cooking videos and why he always says BOOM!  
FitMenCook (Kevin)  fit men

Cody/Amy: Alan Silva talked about Sandy Hook Tribute.
Today is the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. Alan, a local artist has painted a tribute to those who lost their lives and their families, and is even sending his personal paintings over to the families. /

Neda: Amy's home makeover continues.  amy house 2

Charity: Sacramento Santa Parade from Downtown Sacramento, CA. (I think this is Sac the graphic say sac but on Show info and video it says Woodland)

Amy: Carabba on the Catwalk: Phoebe from The Dress Fiend Blog! /
Glamour on a budget.
Roxy Holiday Fashion Night December 18 630pm 9154892000

Cody: The J Band With Coconut Mornings / / /

Cody/Amy: Breaking Bad Photographer
He is a very well known photographer in the Bay Area and is also a HUGE fan of the TV show Breaking Bad! He is such a big fan that he traveled all the way to New Mexico and took along a FLAT Walter White head, even dressed as him, and took some famous photos at the TV show’s most famous sites.

Producer Tessa posted this yesterday. Good Day Sacramento played it today now you be the judge.... Elvis?

Neda: Continues from Amy's home makeover.  The Reveal.  amy house 3

Charity: Continues from Santa Parade.

Lori: Hot Headlines: Bruce Jenner ditching his Adams Apple. Taylor Danes without makeup. Family on Santa lap through the year.

Kevin: Lucha Xtreme Wrestling
Today Kevin is bowling with some pro wrestlers! Yes, you heard it right, Kevin was at Pins N Strikes bowling with the wrestlers from Lucha Xtreme Wrestling!
Lucha Xtreme Wrestling
Pins N Strikes Entertainment Center
3443 Laguna Blvd.
Elk Grove, CA
Doors open @ 6:30pm /

Amy: J-Band Performs another song and they take the Soft Kitty Challenge.

Cody: George from Percy's Pies and Vets & Vines team up together to help vets. Pie Vets / / /

Cody: Mason’s Cure
At 6 months old Mason Riley Duran was diagnosed with a rare condition called Chiari 1 Malformation. Unfortunately there is no cure for this disease and over time ones condition only gets worse. Mason has already had over a dozen surgeries. But his mother Michelle Duran decided to turn a negative situation into a positive outcome by raising awareness of this disease that is affecting her son
Mason’s Cure Benefit Concert
1320 Del Paso Blvd.
Sacramento, CA
Sunday: 1pm-5pm

Cody/Amy: Actor/Comedian Michael Yo!
Punch Line Comedy Club
2100 Arden Way Ste. 225
Sacramento, CA
Tonight: 8pm & 10pm / / http:// /  (Note this is Michael Yo as well)

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV / / / Photos: Good Day Sacramento. Neda. Charity. Alan Silva

Final Thoughts:
Today was a fun show. It featured Neda, Charity, and Kevin in the field with Amy, Cody, and Lori holding down the fort at the studio.
Charity covered the shopping with Cops event in Roseville before heading to Downtown Sacramento for the Santa Parade.
Kevin went shopping with a local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters before going to get a massage for nurses including his beautiful mother who is a nurse. After getting his massage he traveled to Elk Grove to CRUSH wrestlers at bowling. Okay maybe not crushed them but he held his own against those big guys.
Before talking about Neda let's talk about what went on in the studios and Skype's. At 7 Cody and Amy talked to an author about her new book. Santa Dust Book will become a tradition in my houses for years to come with the story being told and the meaning behind it. I say go ahead and add it the the reading list with such books as Polar Express. In the 8 our favorite Roseville, Triad Fabric came into the studio and Bonnie hooked us up with some great gift making ideas. Also we met Kevin Curry. This man is awesome I want to start following him for his food ideas. Good Day Sacramento also paid tribute to The Sandy Hook 26 with artist Alan Silva showing his amazing tribute art. In the 9 J-Band performed on the Good Day Sacramento stage for 3 total songs throughout the show. Never hearing this band before today they sound really good. They also did a good job on the Soft Kitty Challenge. We saw work of a Breaking Bad photographer that had Cody and Amy pretty excited. Also in the 9 was our favorite Fashion Blogger Phoebe from the Dress Fiend. What else can I say about her. She might be one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. By far one of my favorite recurring guest on Good Day Sacramento. At 10 Michael Yo CW back to visit before he performs at the Punchline tonight. Cody introduced a project of Percy's Pies and Vets and Vine coming together.
We also met an outstanding young man, Mason having a rare illness is spreading the word and looking for a cure. Please like his Facebook.
Finally back to Neda, Neda hung out at home watching two business give it a million dollar make over for about $2000. No thus was not hers but it was Amy's home. She has a beautiful home and the people from Inform Designs and Cal Mantel did a masterful job. y
Now to keep hope alive we or me am still holding out hope Cody goes to Pasadena but with each passing day it looks like the fight to get #CodytoPasadena becomes more and more difficult as we burn daylight on this dream but that's not going to stop me from trying.
Tomorrow we should be Dishin with Tina and so much more fun on Good Day Sacramento until then have a great day and a safe night.


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